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Found 2 results

  1. So I was thinking about what I would want to see in the multiplayer. Or what is missing in other mobile games. Created a google doc via the slack channels and here's the content so far (Thanks Daniel Brown(YMB)) (The original doc) Feature requests: Must haves: Search functionality Name (So I can search for friend and invite him to play against me) Level (or experience points) Push notification when someone wants to “challenge me” Dedicated ranking for multiplayer players Daily Weekly Monthly All time Decide on which “level” you are going to battle on Should haves: Lose experience or ranking if you lose a battle Wish Haves: 2 v 2 battles, whereby you and a friend can battle 2 other players Possible Flow of Real-Time (Turn-Based) Multiplayer Play: Player A is selected to start as the attacker (bottom of the screen, they can aim their shots) Player D is the defender (the same as the AI in the current game, their moves will be taken automatically, just like the computer does now) Player D gets to choose X cards to defend the field. X can be determined based on the current turn number, power-ups, or other factors Optional: Player D can choose where to place his cards in the field? Maybe they can also place obstacles? Player A chooses his 4 attacker cards and play begins. NOTE: Steps 3-5 could either happen privately (at the same time) or publicly (in sequence). If card selection and/or obstacles are public, the second person to choose cards can use some strategy. Maybe players could alternate selecting one card at a time, so both sides can use strategy? 6. BATTLE: Player A attacks player D with the current gameplay mechanics. 7. Players swap sides and the steps repeat. 8. WINNING: Both players are eligible to win each turn, so maybe there are X rounds and each win is just a point? Players could learn about the opposing deck throughout the rounds and rethink their card selection if they’re losing. Or play could just continue to X points. Or there could be sideout scoring (like in volleyball) where only the attacking team can get a point. Feel free to add more ideas. maybe interesting for you: @Jasper Damman
  2. KingSlamma

    Multiplayer Timing

    I know in previous versions you could play a new multiplayer(MP) match every 15 minutes, and when you left the game and came back after 30 minutes you would have two matches waiting for you. How about making a gauge or nodes that refill. You can play 4 matches an hour, and each node fills up 15 minutes at a time. This would allow you to monetize it. So if I use up all 4 nodes real fast I could spend a gem or two to refill my nodes so I could payer more multiplayer matches. Image attached as example.