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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to make Bitcrystals playing SoG. One way is to set up your computer to mine bitcoin (article on this later) convert to bitcrystal and buy cards offered for sale at the market in the Book of Orbs. These can be later sold at a profit as the price of bitcristal increases over time or of course the demand rises because more people know about and play SoG. It will happen! Now we can also become a player or partner if someone wants to sell their spot. This gives access to new cards and the ability to set up an on line store, if you buy the cards too. There is a note about this in the forum but I don't have the link at my fingertips. (see below) It is a good write up from @Seb_degraff I understood that we could work in game to build, craft, fuse in game cards into Blockchain cards which can be posted on the Book of Orbs for sale. OMG - this is a lot of work. Now I know why cards are so expensive. I think this is correct and reasonable because it takes a lot of cpu cycles and hours of game play to make a blockchain card. From what I can tell not all cards can be quad fused. I was working on this one (for fun and to learn) He started as a ship builder but changed professions, never mind that for now. The message on the card is: "Card is at maximum level and evolution." Aww spent a lot of time and crystals building this guy. So maybe not all cards can be quad fused. Is there a rule? We see from research that it can be done. I have been working on a 'Life Fruits Grower', great card to have on the team, but it is a lot of work. Right now I am saving to level +120 then I will need to do the same for three more of these if and when I get them. Help me with the math (5+15+30+60+120) * 4 = 920 plus more once we get to the top (I presume like another 230) Say it becomes blockchainized at the 920. Today BCY is .4 USD so we are looking at a $368 USD card. Wow. Presuming someone is willing to buy this card. and Provided we could get four of these to fuse (rare? Epic? Legendary?) not going to happen any time soon. We need to be able to buy/trade regular in game cards too. Lets just say for example that my level 17 is 27 stamina. I get to play against 'The Prince of Ice' (6) or 'The Purple Dragon' (7) four times. Maybe I pick up a little over 100 each game. One new random card per game. If we are lucky we get a rare (that we already have duplicates of can crystalize 1/5 so lets estimate 4 regular and 1 rare or about 11 crystals per stamina fillup. I think the clock allows refresh about 1 in ten minutes or maybe 6 an hour (not got this quite figured out yet) I can get full up maybe 4-6 times a day. Being optimistic lets say 5 * 11 or 55 crystals a day. Okay there are opportunities to watch videos and pick up 5 more stamina once in a while. Lets say +11 crystals for watching the advertisements (some of which are kind of interesting actually.) Back to the numbers 920 crystals for a quad fused card / (55 crystals per day + bonus 11) = 13.939393939393... Call it two weeks. Yes this is guess work and estimation on my part. Two weeks of solid play not wasting any stamina for a blockchainized card. Humm, $184 a week $26 USD a day. Take in to consideration that we are not playing 24/7 but maybe 5-10 minutes every three or four hours that is not bad something like $3 an hour while playing. Hey, what can you say about being paid to play? Which cards are eligible to become blockchain cards? Is there a way to tell in advance? Or is that part of the fun of playing SoG? To put it another way, which cards can be quad fused? I know the numbers are messy and I may just be confused about how this works. Please don't quote me on any of this, I've just been thinking and wondering. Okay I am going back in game. At least having to wait for stamina to rebuild gives us a chance to do other things, chores, eat, sleep, etc. I say if you do your work you get to play. I use SoG as a reward for getting other things done. Now? Git back to work. Peace
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