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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I recently achieved pvp level 9, which entitles you to three common cards. I was very surprised that one of the three cards was a Viscula Ladybug, that is the four-leveled Ladybug, which is an in-game blockchain card. Can somebody confirm me whether in-game blockchain cards can now be randomly attained or whether we deal here with a bug (pun intended). By the way, so far no Viscula Ladybug was sent to my account.... Cheers.
  2. Hi! After facing this issue several times, I managed to take some screenshots: Starting with 82 Points: Game over: 20 points subtracted for loss, OK: But half hour later I logged in again and another 20 points are missing :-((( So total -40 points for one loss 😞 Shouldn't it be only -20 points??? Cheers!
  3. Web version, Chrome, Win 10, High End Gaming Rig (BYOB) This has happened several times during Raids and it has always caused me to lose the raid. Sometimes when a character hits a spike and then a fireball (or vice versa) the fireball just disappears without firing off. I just confirmed that my Fireballer was still alive so it cannot be the improvement players suggested about removing spells by characters that die. Thanks.