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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, So today after a long run playing SOG, I decided I needed to sell two of my most precious cards in possession. So I went to the marketplace in book of orbs, and even searched in https://sogbazaar.com/cards for my cards to see if they have a price or anyone have traded them before, but I see no match its like my cards that I mentioned are not even in the game?! I was hoping a trusted member in here can guide me on the price I should set for these cards, and instruct me on how to find a reference and why did these cards not show up in the cards list or in the market. Appreciate your support in advance and looking forward for your swift reply!
  2. These are the in-game cards I used to complete Challenge Mode. Note they are all fully fused, so you will need four(4) of each card. Slots: First: Firefly fused up to Viscula Firefly Second: Spectre of Swamps fused up to Yellow Shaman Third: Tick fused up to Viscula Tick Fourth: Water Spear Black Smith fused to Water Spear Fighter to heal any early damage I used Firefly first to get the extra attack to everyone so the other cards would have it in time for Shaman target all Shaman is second so I can get it out relatively early. Tick third to get to all the cards that with a 3 timer or higher. Spear to heal any early damage, later damage will almost always kill one of your cards. I would purposefully not immediately kill an enemy so I could setup firefly or shaman for the next round.
  3. I've taken note of over 2000 cards pulled and will probably be able to pull another 1000 in the next few days. From my live stream I pulled about 185 rares and around 10 epics out of about 1100 cards pulls/purchase. So about a 16.8% rate for rares and 1% for epics. I've pulled together my notes from other pulls I've done and rares also added up to almost 16.8% pull rate as well and epics were slightly under 1%. Out of all of these purchases I've only gotten 1 legendary. So I'm thinking the odds of pulling a legendary card are at .1% or less. I just may be unlucky when it comes to legendary. Where it stands now, it would be a .05% drop rate for legendaries. How many epics and legendaries have you pulled? What sort of rates are you getting?
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