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Found 6 results

  1. Pixel 3 xl Latest Android, latest game release I always keep sound off. Any time I start the game, the sound stays off. However if I'm using bluetooth headphones and start the game, the fx sounds stays on. When I open sound settings, it shows both music and fx at zero. When i exit the settings, sound stops playing even though I never changed it.
  2. I knovv, nobody dies on the first vvave, of the first level, of the tutorial. But I tried it, cause I like to go vvhere others don't. So once you're dead, and the screen shovvs the "end of game", you still can see the hand moving (left-right, right-left) and the message asking you to aim at ennemies, in front of it. Ok, so I believe not so many people come through this screen (I had to miss 10 skillshots, vvhile this is asked to aim at the only enemy), at the very first vvave of the tutorial to get there. But here you are, some more vvork You're vvelcome!
  3. Game version is 1.2.16. I have no any problem in Windows 10 and Android. But in Windows 7 game upload about 50% of progress bar. This problem exists in Firefox (60.0), Chrome ( 65.0.3325.181 ), Vivaldi ( 1.15.1147.42 ). What could be the reason?
  4. Android 1.2.13 Got this ad a few times. There's no way to exit it and get a reward. You need to hit spin 3 times to play the game. But after the game there is no exit.
  5. Windblaze

    Spell disapear

    It occures when spell lie near spikes and at this same time i catch spell and die. I dont get shield, heal, etc.
  6. WirelessKFC

    New Spells suggestions

    One spell per element and one spell per card limits card variety and as the number of cards increase it is difficult to come up with different cards rather than just power-creep so suggest your spells here Haste x - Fire spell - increase speed by x Revive x - Water spell - if card is killed, revive with x hp Weaken x - Ice spell - reduce enemy atk by x Avalanche x - Earth spell - each additional bounce does x more damage Split x - Light spell - split shot into x separate shots following different paths Mind-control x - Dark spell - make an enemy attack other enemies for x turns