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Found 2 results

  1. TeknoRapture

    100 Cards Option in the Shop

    I'm at a higher level now and usually wait for 10000 gold to buy cards and it's getting to be a pain to keep clicking on the button, so why not add a 100 cards button? It looks like there's enough room. Also there does seem to be a better chance for epics doing it this way but I think that's just a statistical fallacy...
  2. In the shop, you can buy 1 rare card for 20 gems or 2 epic cards for 45 gems. I feel like the prices are WAY off. From what I've seen and calculated it is pretty easy to get rare cards, which I think is fine. I have to the odds to about 15-18% when buying the cards 10 at a time in the shop. The odds I've seen for epics are about 1% chance and legendary about .1% or less. To me, buying a rare card for 20 gems is too expensive. I don't know how easy it will be to get gems in the game, but 10 seems to be a better price. If rare cards drop to 10 games I could see the 2 epic cards costing 45 gems, but as it is right now, 2 epics for 45 gems seems like way too good of a deal. if rare cards stay at 20 gems I would recommend raising the price of epics to 60 or more.