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Found 1 result

  1. Eddy

    Market Sell Font

    I keep thinking someone is trying to scare or startle me. Boo! It's really BoO. One suggestion to improve the Book of Orbs application, in my humble opinion, is to change the color and size of the font in the BoO | Market sell Red does not have much contrast and is very hard to see. Can you change this to black? I know red debit, green credit but the cards and fonts are tiny. It looks better in this picture than it does on my Samsung galaxy s7 phone. Can you say fuzzy? Perhaps change the buy to forest green (dark green) and sell to crimson (dark red). A very deep dark color might help. How about a little bit bigger font? It looks like there is room. Thanks for considering this suggestion. I guess, this is another of the forum entries that could go into the forum topic 'Old Folks Boogie.' It is all about improving game play and usability for the, dare I say, physically and visually challenged. Check it out. Thanks