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Found 9 results

  1. Crypto Kitty was a runaway success on Ethereum except that it bog down the Ethereum network. I have watch the EOS network and think that it is simply amazing. Terribly fast. What are the chances of putting SOG on the EOS platform? Airdrop the ingame gold (not bitcrystals) for use in game to all EOS accounts. If this is done I can see the value of SOG cards going to the moon. The immediate introduction of the game to 200k people and maybe even positive value for ingame gold which will also increase value of Bitcrystals. See this as a game on EOS - https://eosauthority.com/space/ and decentralised sports betting -
  2. Here's a chart showing the evolution in PvP players for May 2018.
  3. I have problem. I can't link my XCP wallet adress with my Spells of Genesis profile. I am playing with pc because I can't download app for android in my country. I click on Link XCP adress here http://prntscr.com/gagrk6 After that I fill this here http://prntscr.com/gags8g and clik on link xcp wallet. And nothing happen on my profile page. There is no XCP adress linked. http://prntscr.com/gagspj My username is: Pancho95 My XCP adress is: 13sWrajwhpXkfepvwABoJe4pmPBgSquTv5
  4. Context: Upon pressing backspace on the mobile on a battle scren, the user is prompted to exit the app. Imagine if every time you wanted to close your current WhatsApp conversation, you'd be prompted to leave the app and what you'd have to do is click the backspace arrow on the top-left of the screen. It's intuitive for users to click their phone's backspace to return to the last screen that they were at in-game, and having the "exit app" prompt pop up breaks the immersion and causes frustration in the long run. Suggestion: Allow the backspace to return you to the world map from the battle screen, as opposed to prompting the exit. When at the world map, then the backspace can prompt you to exit the app.
  5. Context: Levels of activity are generally a bit low, and this is amplified by the fact that there are loads of different sub-categories of discussion boards "game strategy", "general discussion", "bitcrystals economy", etc... Suggestion: Merge a lot of the forum categories together. I am not going to give specific suggestion on this, but I would say the vast majority can fall under "general discussion" for now, and then as activity picks up and it becomes difficult to manage - sub-divisions can be created. At the moment, the forum is just incredibly divided and it gives the impression that it's more inactive than it actually is.
  6. pablitos65

    A stupid question

    I think I did not understand how this game works (maybe because I do not know English well) so I would like to ask a stupid question, maybe two: 1 I have time to buyed two Reckless Rooster cards, because they can not fused? 2 In addition to the public market there are two others where I can not buy cards because my address is not in the list of enabled addresses, but they do not explain how they do.
  7. En ce qui me concerne c'est en écoutant le podcast NipCoin de la communauté NipCast Merci à eux
  8. I got to wave 155 at like 50 i started getting this: http://image.prntscr.com/image/d1accac6cf0b4806a980fcb224b38bb8.png Not sure if that si a feature or a bug At about wave 100 i could not seen lines at all.
  9. Sprint 3 “Killer Princess” Results It’s been very busy times for the whole team, let’s see the results of the latest sprint! During this sprint, our developers have been working mainly on the following topics: Infinite Infinity A new version of Infinity level is ready to be played! Now it really is infinite and it becomes progressively harder. Nevertheless, as we have a rewards season on, we are not going to implement this feature in this build, but we’ll wait for the next one. Localization In order to prepare the game for its global launch, the application needs to be adapted and translated into several languages. Working on the app localization was a big chunk of work during this sprint. Tutorial Improvements Some minor tutorial improvements and modifications have been done. Bug Fixing Several bugs, such as stamina refresh issue, have been fixed. Card Balance Changes Based on player feedback, and research to other similar games on the market, we have decided to increase the strength of epic and legendary in-game and blockchain cards. These changes are further explained here. Version 1.0.6. A new game build will be released by the beginning of the next week, stay tuned! Game Connection America and GDC Game Developer Conference, one of the most important game industry events, and Game Connection America were held last week in San Francisco and three members of the EDS team were part of it! Read more about their adventures! What’s next? “Sacred Owl”! The next sprint, “Sacred Owl”, has just started and will last until March 24th. The build resulting from it will bring you several great features! Multiplayer Mode You’ll be able to start a multiplayer match by clicking on this button. Each player will be matched with a deck of another player of the same multiplayer rank. A separate multiplayer ranking system will be set, we’ll explain you more about it the next time. Once the match is done, a random level will be generated and the waves will be filled with cards from your opponent’s deck. New Levels Several new levels will be added, some of them using our new feature - moving objects. The infinite Infinity will also be included in the “Sacred Owl” 1.0.7 build. This build will also be our candidate for the global launch, scheduled for the end of this month, stay tuned! Thank you for your great support!