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Found 109 results

  1. Hi there, Counterparty released a big update today : https://counterparty.io/news/counterparty-lib-9-56-0/ Lot of updates need to be done too for all system using it. So it could take a few moment, we are working on it. During this time, please note that you could face issue with the app : - Book of Orbs - Spells of Genesis (blockchainization feature only) - Casa Tookan (coupon claim only) - December Leaderboard rewards sending Many thanks for your patience, we will keep you updated.
  2. For some reason, it seems like when playing water cards on levels with spikes, they don't get the same kind of protection from the shield spell as other cards. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Pixel 3. Latest game release. It worked fine before, but now on December level I finish it unscathed, get the 50% bonus screen for 1020 total gold, but the game only credits me with 680 gold.
  4. Trysty

    Another upgrade

    I tried to play and was confronted with a notice saying that an upgrade has appeared and that I should download the new version from the store. I play on my desk-top computer and new versions auto-loaded. This one just sits there. Does this mean I can no longer play? Shame really.
  5. trebormag

    shield spell bug

    Hi! It's really annoying if you hit your shield spell and it's not applied immediately :-( If the shield animation hasn't finished you still get damage from spikes you hit! It's even more annoying if you have e.g. +10 shields and this animation takes some seconds and your shot pounds between spikes until you are dead before the spell applied :-) Please apply it immediately like e.g. the strengthen spell does. Cheers
  6. I have installed the Casa Tookan wallet but it does not really work that well on my phone because the screen size is all screwed up. I tried to enter my book of orbs seed to restore the wallet but that does not work so I created a new wallet and tried to link my account/bookoforbs wallet somehow but I cannot get it to work. When I use the Tookan browser to get to open the bookoforbs symbol this opens the web version. Is that supposed to be where I enter my seed? How can I make sure my account is linked to receive the ETHERMAGE card?
  7. Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  I am trying to get ETHERMAGE card. I received the email with coupon code. In this email button "Send me my gift" disabled. I copied the coupon code to form in Casa Tookan. But then I click "Claim your gift!' I see message "Coupon not found". Could I get ETHERMAGE card?
  8. Latest version on Android 7 Pretty sure it worked before, but not today.
  9. Hi! Since several weeks there are no "Sell High" orders viewed any more in BoO, but there are sell orders at DEX!
  10. Bigfishhead

    Gold piles in game

    Gold amount: Something changed in gold piles in game today? The amount of gold increased a lot and it looks like are more than 300 each time in the monthly campaign? Is this intended? Good for us Speed change after shot through gold pile: I actually noticed when the gold pile feature released. When your team speed is slow or you get slow effect by opponent ICE effect you can see this more obvious. Basically when you shot through the gold pile your shot is more powerful/speedy than it should be... Feel free to test it out. Is this intended? Actually pretty cool !
  11. Hello, I know that there have been some blockchainization issues that were recently resolved, but it appears that there are still some outlying issues. I was playing SOG today and opened an asset to see that it said it could be blockchainized for 33 crystals. However, upon Blockchainizing the asset, 35 gems were deducted. I know after the first Blockchainization it typically requires crystals, but as you can see in the pictures, that is clearly not what was indicated. Post-Blockchainization I tried opening a different asset and received an error, however this asset also showed 33 crystals.
  12. Hi Everyone, We are really sorry, we currently encounter a technical issue with the blockchainization. Sorry again for the inconvenience, our team is doing its best to solve this as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any further questions. Thanks for your understanding and patience, have a nice game !
  13. Game version number: 1.2.18 Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) and WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  and Firefox 62.0.3 / MS Windows 10 I tried to blockchaine my card ("Aodh the Dark"). It was first blockchainization in this month. I received message about error. Card is not blockchaned, but counter got status 1/3. Now I must pay 35 diamonds instead 200 crystals. (200 crystals have not been withdrawn).
  14. Game version number (v 1.2.18) Channel WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Windows 7, browser yandex , Opera 56.0 blockchain, the map is not improving an error occurred in the system. We're investigating.
  15. Latest release Android 7.1.1
  16. Hi all, Just got the new Google Pixel 3 XL. Installed the game and immediately log in. It shows my blockchain cards but everything else is as if I'm a brand new user. No levels completed, all non-blockchain cards are gone, no experience, and no name or other stats shown. The attached screenshot shows my cards with the generic Adventurer name in the upper left. The state continues to be fine on my old phone.
  17. Hi Team, As says in the title, Raid showso 1/3 or 2/3 on the map, you enter the Raid page and it only shows the count down time but no opponent that you can battle! Not exactly sure what causes this. It could be related to blockchain card 1&4 position issue. It happens to me pretty frequently. But I do have a work around which is if you enter and finish a campaign it sort of refreshed the Raid. Then if you enter the Raid again it will show opponent.... Cheers
  18. Axon 7. Latest release of game. The minion slayer kill count doesn't increase. However once 40 is hit, the reward is still received.
  19. Only played it once. Gave me 28 kills.
  20. Dear users, Our blockchain server is temporarily down. Our developers are investigating the problem but for the time being, no blockchainization & no coupon redeem are possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  21. Tested on galaxy s8. Android 7.0. Game version 1.2.18 - Campaigns includes boss levels and challenge. NONE of the reward gold calculate towards the leader board total. Game version 1.2.17 - tested on another phone where still run old game version everything works fine. I upgraded my game yesterday and whole day gold is not counted on leader board...hopefully this will get sorted soon.
  22. Hello everyone, Did anything change in the way leaderboard scoring works? I’ve tried a few fights on the map (giant of the mountains 7stars, sia 7stars), including PVP and it seems my score is the same on the leaderboard. I’ve also been overtaken by a few other so the leaderboard itself is not stuck. It’s somethig about me or my account :) Now: is this a bug or an error40 ? :) Cheers!!!
  23. Hi Team, I got two accounts (jckingjc and bigfishhead) both end up top 50 in July monthly Leader board campaign. But only one received reward.(jckingjc) Both accounts are link to the same book of Orbs with address below. 17iCZJt4CLuW3pzQZCEFGsSqXi5bqKSMbM I can only see one darkstatue in my wallet. Would you please have a look? Cheers
  24. Ulizai

    Leaderboard stuck

    Here's a not that serious bug but nevertheless a bug with 100% repro chance - I take one iPhone 7 - Take the game - Go to the menu tab - Click on the Leaderboard - Click on any of the 3 tab buttons at the bottom of the screen (Play, Team, Shop) before the WebView gets populated - Result : WebView is over the rest of the UI displaying the leaderboard. Can't really navigate to pop it up again and close it normally so the easier way to close it is to kill the app and restart. Lemme know if something's not clear and i can look into recording a movie...if needed... Cheers,