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Found 97 results

  1. Game version number: 1.2.18 Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) and WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  and Firefox 62.0.3 / MS Windows 10 I tried to blockchaine my card ("Aodh the Dark"). It was first blockchainization in this month. I received message about error. Card is not blockchaned, but counter got status 1/3. Now I must pay 35 diamonds instead 200 crystals. (200 crystals have not been withdrawn).
  2. Game version number (v 1.2.18) Channel WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Windows 7, browser yandex , Opera 56.0 blockchain, the map is not improving an error occurred in the system. We're investigating.
  3. Hi all, Just got the new Google Pixel 3 XL. Installed the game and immediately log in. It shows my blockchain cards but everything else is as if I'm a brand new user. No levels completed, all non-blockchain cards are gone, no experience, and no name or other stats shown. The attached screenshot shows my cards with the generic Adventurer name in the upper left. The state continues to be fine on my old phone.
  4. Hi Team, As says in the title, Raid showso 1/3 or 2/3 on the map, you enter the Raid page and it only shows the count down time but no opponent that you can battle! Not exactly sure what causes this. It could be related to blockchain card 1&4 position issue. It happens to me pretty frequently. But I do have a work around which is if you enter and finish a campaign it sort of refreshed the Raid. Then if you enter the Raid again it will show opponent.... Cheers
  5. Axon 7. Latest release of game. The minion slayer kill count doesn't increase. However once 40 is hit, the reward is still received.
  6. Only played it once. Gave me 28 kills.
  7. Dear users, Our blockchain server is temporarily down. Our developers are investigating the problem but for the time being, no blockchainization & no coupon redeem are possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Latest version on Android 7 Pretty sure it worked before, but not today.
  9. Tested on galaxy s8. Android 7.0. Game version 1.2.18 - Campaigns includes boss levels and challenge. NONE of the reward gold calculate towards the leader board total. Game version 1.2.17 - tested on another phone where still run old game version everything works fine. I upgraded my game yesterday and whole day gold is not counted on leader board...hopefully this will get sorted soon.
  10. Hello everyone, Did anything change in the way leaderboard scoring works? I’ve tried a few fights on the map (giant of the mountains 7stars, sia 7stars), including PVP and it seems my score is the same on the leaderboard. I’ve also been overtaken by a few other so the leaderboard itself is not stuck. It’s somethig about me or my account :) Now: is this a bug or an error40 ? :) Cheers!!!
  11. Hi Team, I got two accounts (jckingjc and bigfishhead) both end up top 50 in July monthly Leader board campaign. But only one received reward.(jckingjc) Both accounts are link to the same book of Orbs with address below. 17iCZJt4CLuW3pzQZCEFGsSqXi5bqKSMbM I can only see one darkstatue in my wallet. Would you please have a look? Cheers
  12. Ulizai

    Leaderboard stuck

    Here's a not that serious bug but nevertheless a bug with 100% repro chance - I take one iPhone 7 - Take the game - Go to the menu tab - Click on the Leaderboard - Click on any of the 3 tab buttons at the bottom of the screen (Play, Team, Shop) before the WebView gets populated - Result : WebView is over the rest of the UI displaying the leaderboard. Can't really navigate to pop it up again and close it normally so the easier way to close it is to kill the app and restart. Lemme know if something's not clear and i can look into recording a movie...if needed... Cheers,
  13. ranked 36, I did not get the darkstatue blockchain card. my game account is associated with the digital wallet. thank you for keeping me informed.
  14. One of my blockchain cards has been missing for about a day now. I have had my account unable to access all blockchain cards in the past, but never only one. It is also no longer showing up on Book of Orbs. Please advise... Edit: After 2 days, the card has returned...
  15. broKerage

    TEAM page vveird link

    VVindovvs 7, 32bits, Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 So here it is, some more "bug", if vve can call it like this. Once on the TEAM Page, I try to click and hold (for like 1sec, vvithout moving my mouse at the time, like no sliding) on one of those boxes I crossed in red : Then I'm linked to this "card update" that I don't have, AND the tvvo boxes ("Fusionner" and "Réaliser un...") seem to be one on the other (check on the bottom of the screen) : Once I try to click on "Fuse" I got some error message (completely logical at this point I suppose), the system trying to call some FuseCard function on a card I don't have : It's not really an issue. Actually if you inspected some card that you ovvn before trying to hold on a redcross box, this trick vvill lead you to the card you just inspected. You can "reset" the pointer of the redcross box by going to the log screen (click on your name in the upleft corner, click on the avatar on the left of your experience and PvP bars), then back to TEAM page. No need to dc-rc. It doesnt impact the gameplay at all, I'm just not sure if this is an intentional shortcut to inspect the last card you inspected (if, for example, you are on another tab). But the Viscula Ladybug golden link vvith no image is clearly not here by the vvill of devs, or it is some cool hidden vvink that is included for people like me vvho like debugging things! huh! Able to reproduce 100% of the time. If you vvant some more infos, just ask, I'm here for you! broKerage
  16. According to the blog post, statutes and ship of Amarantha are not supposed to cause damage unless buffed by Spring's Dawn (https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/mays-dawn-monthly-campaign/). This is NOT the case, they both do damage. Ship does 1 and the statutes quite a bit more. This is VERY frustrating. I started playing again in April because of the campaigns and was thrilled to be able to work towards more legendary cards. April was difficult at times but very doable for someone that has cleared Dark Creator. 2 days in and I haven't defeated the second battle on the first star in the new campaign. If you want to keep players, don't do crap like this.
  17. I managed to connect once I don't knovv hovv I haven't done anything more or less than other times. I vvas able to connect to the game, launch a campaign mode (against archer) and my game froze after first vvave. Can't connect anymore.
  18. I got my 4th Culigas, but it won’t let me fuse the last two together. They are leveled up. It appears to work, and then last second the error “nullPointerException” pops up and the fuse does not happen. Screenshots attached. Username in game: Math23music
  19. Hello, I have tried to exchange bitcoins to bitcrystals via the officially cited channel on SoG website. This is Bitcrystals swapbot: swapbot.tokenly.com/bot/spellsofgenesis/bitcrystals#choose It looks like the bot is inactive and my transaction is stuck. Is there anybody which can help with this issue? At least I would like to refund the bitcoins if transaction is inposible.
  20. Windblaze

    Blockchainazed card gone

    Hello! Yesterday i quad fused "Carniath Wanderer" card and then blockchainized it. Today its gone. Its the only one blockchainized card that has gone. Book of orbs is not working. Problem solved. Card has Appeared
  21. Unotdog25

    Gameplay bug

    I'm getting a bug where I will hit an ice spell and enemies will still fire the next shot. I've had this 15+ times now and it's killing me on the may challenge. Wasted so many lives and gems at 20 per attempt on the final game. This is really frustrating. Also when an enemy is close to a black hole it will move (ie the hot made contact) but register no damage. Also why do the enemies all stay the same size now even after damage? Android galaxy not 8 latest software V1.2.14
  22. This is more a request than a bug report. Please add an operation confirmation to the ingame card store. The diamonds are removed immediately after pressing the button. One day I accidentally hooked the button. Because of this, I lost some of the diamonds that I planned to spend on blockchainization. It's not deadly, but unpleasant.
  23. I've been a tester for this game for over 4 months. Most of the bugs I've encountered are problems with quest progress updating (20+ times) in version 1.2.12 and earlier. I've run into the unequipped party bug around 4 times, so this seems like a rarer bug. Normally, I would quit and reopen the app to fix my party. This time, I was able to test the bug during a battle. Upon inspecting my team in team view, all of my cards were gone, and my party only had one card in it (Dark card). Upon entering battle, the party still registered only one card. This seems to be yet another problem with inconsistent state between the client and server, and should be fixed ASAP. This bug is triggered by changing cards in your active party. It seems unpredictable, and doesn't happen all the time. The incorrect party state persisted into battle (see screenshot), which seems to be the result of bad server logic involving party switching. Why you need to fix the bug: People can pay money for your game. People do not want their cards to disappear. Purchased goods should not be able to disappear. The bug causes people to enter battles without a fully equipped party. The bug forces a loss on the user where a loss would have been unlikely. Bug causes user to lose hearts. Community relations: I suggest using a script to see where this bug has occurred, and then award affected users with compensation in hearts, gold, gems, or some combination of these. Without taking these steps, it is hard to know if the development team actually cares about the userbase. I suggest a full audit on the server code that handles party-switching functionality; there seems to be inconsistent logic. Other traceable bugs have occurred with resulted upon loss of hearts, progress or gold, and there has been no action taken by the team to compensate the affected users. This is concerning! Client information: Android 8.1.0, Spells of Genesis build 1.2.14, installed from Google Play Store.
  24. Account Lexenn01 The first time froze and didn't go through so I did it again (35 gems) the second time went through but was double charged. I would like one back please. Thanks!