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Found 5 results

  1. Tutorial Bug

    Going through the tutorial and it gives me the wrong card.
  2. Skip tutorial

    Hi Would be good if there is a button to skip the tutorial. Because when I install the app on an other device, I have to play the tutorial every time before I'm able to login and sync.
  3. Tutorial

    Is there a reason for having the tutorial before you login. It's a real pain to hop on a new device and have to go through the tutorial over and over again. Maybe show the tutorial after you create or login with a new account.
  4. Stamina and Web Turtorial

    On the web browser my stamina got stuck not accumulating, had 3 stamina and the timer got stuck at --:--. I refreshed and now I am having to do the ENTIRE tutorial before I can log in and play. I can't click the "adventurer name and log in.