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Found 6 results

  1. I knovv, nobody dies on the first vvave, of the first level, of the tutorial. But I tried it, cause I like to go vvhere others don't. So once you're dead, and the screen shovvs the "end of game", you still can see the hand moving (left-right, right-left) and the message asking you to aim at ennemies, in front of it. Ok, so I believe not so many people come through this screen (I had to miss 10 skillshots, vvhile this is asked to aim at the only enemy), at the very first vvave of the tutorial to get there. But here you are, some more vvork You're vvelcome!
  2. KingSlamma

    Tutorial Bug

    Going through the tutorial and it gives me the wrong card.
  3. invisible

    Skip tutorial

    Hi Would be good if there is a button to skip the tutorial. Because when I install the app on an other device, I have to play the tutorial every time before I'm able to login and sync.
  4. KingSlamma


    Is there a reason for having the tutorial before you login. It's a real pain to hop on a new device and have to go through the tutorial over and over again. Maybe show the tutorial after you create or login with a new account.
  5. KingSlamma

    Stamina and Web Turtorial

    On the web browser my stamina got stuck not accumulating, had 3 stamina and the timer got stuck at --:--. I refreshed and now I am having to do the ENTIRE tutorial before I can log in and play. I can't click the "adventurer name and log in.