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Found 8 results

  1. I noticed that today a new update got pushed out that includes a new endscreen that rewards you for winning with as many cards alive as possible. If you win with 4 you get 50%, with 3 25%, with 2 10% and with only 1 you get 0% bonus. I love this change as it feels rewarding and gives incentive to play decks that are not total glass cannons. In combination with the ingame gold which is added to the calculation this will make for some outrageously large rewards. Love it! The monthly campaign for example could go from 680 to (680 + 2000 ingame gold) x 50% multiplier = 4020 gold. Unfortunately the implementation seems kind of buggy. I played a yummy challenge and received a decent ingame reward of 584. Total was 584 + 486. I managed to keep all cards alive and thus received a further 50%. So that should add up to around 15xx. After finishing I was at 1075 gold in total. So something does not check out. Maybe the bonus is not added correctly at the moment. Hope you can fix this soon because I am very much looking forward to play with the new reward in mind.
  2. Hi there, I recently achieved pvp level 9, which entitles you to three common cards. I was very surprised that one of the three cards was a Viscula Ladybug, that is the four-leveled Ladybug, which is an in-game blockchain card. Can somebody confirm me whether in-game blockchain cards can now be randomly attained or whether we deal here with a bug (pun intended). By the way, so far no Viscula Ladybug was sent to my account.... Cheers.
  3. Hi Team, I tried very hard and approaching close to rank 12 (Si) in the game. (It is pretty hard due to if you lose one game you likely need to win 4 games or more in a roll to get back to where you were.... base on the current ranking system.) Today I am pretty lucky finally passed it!!! See attached... But I did not get any card draw rewards? Normally every PVP rank you leveled up to first time it should trigger the card draw as an reward? I believe the last level I had on rank 11 (Br) given me a epic card and some other random card. So I was looking forward for the next level reward... But some how this rank 12 (Si) did not trigger any card draws for some reason? Is the rank 12 the final level? That is why it did not give card draw reward? Or there more levels.... What happens if you reach the final level? Thanks for the help. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, 1. The DEC monthly Leader board did not kick start at beginning of Dec like another months does which is first issue. So basically all of the campaign gold are not calculated into the new Dec month in the past few days. 2. Recently today on my first log into the game the Leader Board ranking/gold calculation refreshed again. I received a pop up shows that I finished in place of 281 for the month and 3500 gold reward... which clearly a mistake/bug. I was placed within 50 a few hours ago even with the past few days in gold not calculated correctly issue in above 1. Overall it looks like some bugs for Leader Board....
  5. Hi Team, First of all, this error does not prevent games playing. Just a little annoying really. Nothing major. It looks like a alert and only triggers very first time when you trying to do this in the game after you logged in and try to swap cards positions. But once you click on on and this error sort of go away and you can keep playing as normal. I found this only on game version 1.2.18 but not 1.2.17. To replicate this please try below. 1. Log into game and click on Team tab. 2. swap cards that are currently in the 4 main battle slots on your deck. 3. You can either swap those 4 cards position between them or bring new cards into the deck by select one of the 4 cards and then select one other cards in your card box. Then you should have below error.
  6. Android Latest version There's one 5 hp reward video that gives an error every time right at the start. The video closes and no stamina is given.
  7. Hi Team, I noticed this issue recently. I've been grinding the Octs eyes for more than a week never got video triggered. The reward video will never triggered on the last map - monthly campaign (Oct's eyes). I used to have it trigger most of the time when my energy is below 15. I have 39 in total at moment. It works and will trigger several times during the day on other campaign maps. But for this Octs eyes it never triggered. It does not matter how much energy left on my bar. Whether it is 0, 1,2,3 or just below 15 like 13 ,11, Basically it will not trigger the video. I did spend some crystal when I try to run through this Octs eyes campaign. After renew my energy by using crystal and I get to play the final level twice just after a short wait (10 mins) 40 energy in total and it will bring my energy to 0 again. In that situation it never trigger the video either. (which in the past it triggers most of time for me) I think this might be a bug... Just to let you know..Im on Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 7.0. Game version 1.2.18. In game user name bigfishhead Cheers
  8. When I start a match, my fourth card is changed. There is a pattern to it, but I don't know what it is, or how to "trick" it. The game/my account seems to pick a card and that's what it plays until I crystallize the card, then it uses another one. I recently started a new game so this hasn't affected my progress so far, but it will catch up to me soon. Very frustrating! SoG Version 1.2.12 on a Galaxy S8, Android version 7