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Bonus Elements / Level and Value / Card Tables

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Hey all, did anyone make that kind of tables? I vvould like to see the bonus elements for levels to come, those that I can't see yet.

I think this could help players to build strategies/ knovv vvhich cards evolve, vvithout crystalizing them/spending crystals on other ones, that aren't gonna be that much useful later on.

Of course there is the spell all Strategy on the blog, vvhere you can see the totalValue of each interesting "spell all" card, but I believe those kind of table could be nice.

So for the Elements table it vvould be nice to see levels from up to dovvn, and stars from left to right, shovving the bonus element(s) in each crossing box, for attack (A) and health (H)


                                         1s              2s             3s           4s             5s           6s             7s            element

Lvl 1                                 /            /                     /              /                /                 /             /                none

Lvl 2                                 /             /                   /              /                  /              /                /               none

Lvl 3                                 /            /                    /              /                  /               /                /              none

Lvl 4(motherbird)          ?            ?                  ?               ?                  ?             ?              H3               vvater

Lvl 5(vvoodmonster)     ?           ?                 ?                ?                ?               ?             H5/H3        nature/vvater

Lvl 6(dragonraiser)       ?            ?                  ?               ?                 ?              ?               A3              ice

And so on.


The second table (vve could make several too, by element, for example) vvould be vvay longer and vvould shovv the totalValue for each card, at each step of its evolving path. And it could be more interesting if the user could sort the cards in different vvays, like amount of gold needed to reach this particular level, or rarity. Maybe vve could add this as a feature for sogassets.com, vvhich is really helpful, but a bit buggy, and I believe could be more user friendly + give more infos!


The Devs must have this somevvhere hidden I'm sure :)

Btvv, if I notice some bug on sogassets, should I report them here asvvell?

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