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CASA Tookan wallet link with SOG?

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Hi Team,

I got this bitcrystal email about the new CASA Tookan wallet.

Just got a few questions for using it with SOG cards.

1. Can we load/link our Book of Obs wallet with the CASA Tookan wallet? load the Card/Assets into the new CASA wallet?

2. Can we link SOG game with the CASA Tookan wallet?

3. If answer is NO to both above. Then is the new CASA Tookan wallet just a browser? So we just visiting webapp book of Obs within the CASA Tookan wallet?

Some more explanation on how to use this new CASA Tookan wallet would be good.




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Hi @Bigfishhead  

If you login to CT using the same passphrase as for your BoO wallet, then you'll see your SoG assets in the CT balances and you can open BoO in the Casa Tookan browser

And if you've already linked BoO to SoG, you can login to Casa Tookan using the same passphrase. An ETH address is automatically associated to each of yours BTC addresses (casa=ETH+BTC addresses).

For new players we're planning on allowing SoG to be linked directly to Casa Tookan (estimated by the end of November)

Thanks :) 

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I used BoO passphrase to log in to CT and it work like a charm! 

Looking forward for SoG linked directly to CT.

BTW, during use BoO passphrase on CT. I noticed the log in screen is a little confusing where you enter the passphrase on top section then you have a "next" button below it, on the same screen at the bottom you have a big green "Sign In" button. I click on the next button first and get an error message.. Thats where I gave up the first time and posting here to ask the question. But after your reply I use the same passphrase and click on the sign in button at the bottom it work like a charm! It linked my BoO cards into CT just fine.

But I have to say the graphic within CT on the BoO web app Market place in particular needs improvement. The cards are flashing and moved around during use when you click on "View All" on top right... Also it shows trending rather than recent trade which is not useful and I end up click on "View All"



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