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BoO 2 cards not recognized

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I imported my old collection address as "watch only"  into BoO. It should contain all of the first 101 issued  SoG Cards. But it only shows 99 cards 😞

After digging a bit:  XULNOCCARD and MERCHANTCARD are not recognized in BoO.

www.sogassets.com show them correctly (see screenshots)

Could someone check if XULNOCCARD and MERCHANTCARD are also not recognized in SoG game? I can't test... collection is on paper wallet..





BoO only shows the ingame card CARDMERCHANT which can be blockchainized from the game. And the label is wrong. Should be "North and South" not "West and East":Screenshot_2018-12-12-13-51-22.thumb.png.8edf1d0ecb02c8a37023721bb40e0f9b.png


There is also a bit mess here:


"Card Merchant: West and East" is shown as ingame card, but it's the blockchain card MERCHANTCARD from 2016

There should be a "North and Soth" which evolves from "South" not "1459"



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To sum up:

XULNOCCARD  (Blockchaincard from 2016)


MERCHANTCARD "Card Merchant: West and East" (Blockchaincard from 2016)

should show up at BoO!


CARDMERCHANT (ingame card, shown at BoO)  has wrong label. It should be"North and South"   

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Another BoO bug on Android (V6.0):

Selecting a card from the "Collection" and then hitting the "back" button from Android closes the whole app instead of getting back to "Collection"

I know there is a "close" button upper left which is working but the back button is working fine with all other views.

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Hi there,

This issue is known on our side, the team is already working on it, but it will take few time before fixing it. 

These two cards exist on the blockchain and in game, they are just not visible into Book of Orbs, which is the issue.

Thanks for your understanding, I will get back to your as soon as I have more information on my side.

Have a nice game and weekend :) 


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