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Extra stamina for watching Ad doesn't always work

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When the pop-up box displays and asks if you want to watch an ad for an extra 5 stamina, I'll click the 'ok' button and then nothing happens - no ad plays and no extra stamina is given. This probably happens like half the time I tap the ok button.


This is in version 1.0.5 using the Android apk

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Fact is not Static, we asked them to correct this already.

Beside this, yes, there is bugs, in any project there is, especially on beta version or soft launch, and then yes they will be corrected. All the devs (that the team is growing up) correct bugs and add new features as usual every working days and the other ones sometime.


Feel free to ask  for visiting us in switzerland and check how hard we try to manage every problems for all players and community for the best of our *sake*.



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