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Blockchain Community Support for SoG

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I just found out about Blockchain and Bitcoin not long ago.  I am using a couple of PC's RAM and GPU to support authentication for Blockchain and getting paid for it.  Of course when SoG hits the street and everyone wants to play there an opportunity for us to help support and profit from the game.  Can we discuss the currency and hashing that SoG will use?  Bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.  There are evidently different setting for the mining algorithms.  NeoScrypt, Lyra2REv2, CryptoNight, Lbry, Equihash, X11Gost.  

I am new to this blockchain business, but I think what is happening is that by running my CPU and GPU (video card) the Bitcoin or pool (can I mention the name of my pool? and give my wallet for reference to those who also want to participate?) I am supporting transactions around the globe.  For the use of my equipment and electricity I get paid in cryptocurrency cool!  Actually I was looking at setting up a solo site with an antminer (ant farm) and that is how I found out about SoG.  I really love the game, the concept and so far SoG game play and community.  Thanks for all the help in the forum.

Can or will you tell us how to set our computers and ASIC devices to benefit from and support the launch of SoG?  One of the issues we have on the phone when playing other games, pokee something for example, is the lack of connectivity and lag.  Everyone hates lag.  I suspect we only need the blockchain when authenticating trades and for those really special blockchain cards. (true or false?)  This is why the game runs so well on our mobile devices.  That and I read that you shrunk the size to make it more playable.  Thanks again.

How can we participate outside the game?  (other than playing) (telling our friends) (and adding quality content to the forum)

Can we help? (hints about resources required to field SoG)

What does SoG need in the way of community support?

I suspect merchant and coin sellers are another good topic of discussion.

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Hey Eddy, you looks like very active and this is cool.

Unfortunately, the alt-coin we launched is not a *mining* currency as it uses a small part of the bitcoin code that have been let empty for alt-coins & assets creation and by encoding this data in ordinary bitcoins transactions.

All of this is possible because of Counterparty. We built our currency and assets throught this system and did a crowd-funding campaign at the very beginning to investors.

Please read about BitCrystals here : http://bitcrystals.com/

You can find details on how the assets are managed on Counterparty here : http://counterparty.io/docs/

About the help proposal, there is many ways to accomplish this. We could talk about that with more details in this thread and I'm sure other involved peoples from EDS will react also in this topic.

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eKyNoX ty.

I did run across the crowd funding campaign information a couple of times.  I wish I had known about SoG at that point, I could have put in some coin :)

What is involved in becoming a merchant? Tester or monitor? ... I was going to ask If I could not find any info.  I think bitmining for BTC or Litecoin is fine.  It might interest some of the SoG players as the cryptocurrancy can be used to buy bitcrystals BCY.  I have been working this avenue too.

I have an account with Coinbase and bought a fraction of  BTC. They let you buy BTC with VISA  Of course I am earning some mining but have yet to see my first payout. .

I have an account with Poloniex which as you know will exchange BTC for BCY.  Thing is I can not figure out how to get the Poloniex account funded.

Today I chased down the Book of Orbs.  That was interesting.  I think it is registered now.  Next is to figure out how do I populate it with BCY from the exchange?

I have another bitcoin wallet but I think that one is a dead end.  It seems like the product or service is tightly coupled with the crypto currancy wallet/provider.

It was during this thrashing that I saw Counterparty go by.  Maybe it was on the forum or in the bitcrystals writeup IDK it all starts to run together.

At any rate my goal was to get $$ into BTC into BCY buy a card (coin guy 30 BCY) and get it into the Book of Orbs.

I could not get a regular card into the Book of Orbs today but have the feeling I am missing something or it is not yet available.

Then I would like to see about outlining and documenting the process.  I am learning quite a bit about a lot of things I find very interesting.

I have been playing and testing and waiting for stamina to go again.  During the interim I read and write posts.  I am fascinated by the work you are doing.  I have the unity manual link so will take a look at that when I get time.  If you don't like the posts, let them go.

At work my editors were my best friends.  It is great to have a fresh set of eyes.  We use to have what we call a sanity test.  Does it make sense? Does it work? Can it be done twice? Is it documented well enough that a monkey or disinterested juior high student do it?  ha You know what I mean.

Counterparty and Unity should keep me busy for a while.


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Hey Eddy,

Welcome to our forum :) Glad to have you here.

To answer your question as soon as you have BTC it's relatively easy to get BCY.

On poloniex you need to go to the menu on deposit and withdrawal. You chose a currency in your case bitcoin and select deposit. It gives you an address and you can send your bitcoin there. It takes several hours but as soon as you get your BTC in you can buy bit crystal on the exchange.
Alternatively the simplest way is to use shapeshift.io

https://shapeshift.io you just chose convert bitcoin to BitCrystals and there you go.

Since you asked yes since you are new if you can put up some easy way for new player on how to get their first BCY.




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Yes, Sir.

Dear Mr. Shaban,

   Thank you so (ty) much for the reply.  I laughed out loud (lol) when I received a note from you this morning.  I think it is quite an honor when a person of importance within the company gets into the trenches and interacts with the community.  Us newbies or noobs have to stick together.  Look at the troll chat, troll bridge, trollbox (yup that's it) http://forum.everdreamsoft.com/index.php?/forum/12-trollbox/ to see where your co-workers were making fun of you as a newbie too. 

SoG is interesting, difficult and challenging sometimes and at other times really easy.  It has something to do with the luck of the draw and skill, of which I have little.  I am however getting better and starting to understand game play. There is a whole lot of content here.  I look forward to the new additions the developers and tester's have in the pipeline.  I just want to mention that SoG looks like a really wonderful environment for parents and children to bond and compete (playing cards together is a time honored tradition.)  I understand multi-player, tournament, guilds and other features are being developed and implemented.  The application and PC version are always being improved and I can hardly wait to see what is next. 

Funding the bitcrystals (BCY) can be just as challenging, for people new to the Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrancy/blockchain environment, as it is to play SoG.  I made some headway yesterday and managed to get bitcoins into my Book of Orbs (BoO).  I need to take some pictures and document the steps for new users.  I put in a offer to buy bitcrystals with Poloniex but  I may have been too thrifty in my bid.  The process is not really that difficult if you know a couple of little important steps and places to click on the applications.  It will get better and easier.  There, as they say, is more than one way to skin a cat.  I will document the steps I used successfully and hope that it will facilitate rapid integration of new users to the SoG experience.  Once I have it fleshed out I will edit this post and add a link.  I would like this forum topic to be about how to mine bitcoin or make money outside the game to fund our game play. Really it is about how we can support SoG by adding to the forum, supporting the network, telling our parents and friends about SoG and participating in events.  It should also be about the concept of blockchain and what counterparty is.  A discussion of infrastructure and how to fund our accounts versus how to steps for buying bitcoin and converting it to bitcrystals.  I had better quit pestering you and get back to gaming and working on the a fore mentioned document.




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