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Best Blockchain Cards to Buy?

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What are the best blockchain cards to buy for this game. So far I have astera and Fire Angel. Fire Angel is extremely useful for me so far because it can do so much damage to other enemies. What cards do you guys think are the most useful?

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It really is very good your question and I assure you that you will have many possible answers, now of the fire type card, FireAngel is definitely one of the best but in my opinion Quirin the Druid is much better and if you combine them with Mushroom's Imp or Vanbex the Oracle would be a combination very harmful of blockchain cards.

Now as the main goal of this game is collect cards,  at the time of acquiring it sometimes I do not consider the fact of whether this card is strong or not, but sometimes I consider more the design of the card and a good example is Astema is not a powerful card, but it looks great.

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Hi there,

I think players could tell you more about the cards must-to-have :) but anyway, if you are looking for specific cards, please do not hesitate to let me know.

You could also put an order into book of orbs, or keep an eye on our merket here https://tokenmarkets.com/catalog/bitcrystalsofficial

Thanks :) do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions ^^

Regards !

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