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Buying Bitcoin (BCT) and converting it to BitCrystals (BCY)

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Buying Bitcoin (BCT) and converting it to BitCrystals (BCY)

Created: 3/7/2017 by @Eddy

How to get bitcoins for Spells of Genesis (SoG) trading. 

There are other ways to do this and I hope users will add their 2 cents into this forum topic on the steps they use to populate their Book of Orbs (BoO).

I, like many other people, am new to the cryptocurrancy phenomenon.  It seems overwhelming at first, but with a couple of hints and some practice I am sure it will become second nature.  This is new vocabulary for me so I will try to give some definitions as we go along to assist us in our quest for the Spells of Genesis.

Click on the blue highlighted document to read it.

What are we going to do?  

  •    Setup an account (wallet) that allows us to purchase Bitcoin (BCT) Using a VISA card.    Alternatives_v1.rtf
  •    Poloneix Exchange   poloniex_v3.rtf
    •    Get the app and set up an account with a provider to buy and sell .
    •    Put in a bid to buy BitCrystals (BCY), like the stock market.
    •    Transfer the crystals to your Book of Orbs (BoO).
    •    Use BitCrystals (BCY) to buy a SoG card.
  •    Look at alternatives.     

This seems simple enough. There are some caveat's though.  I mention a few things to consider when performing this process and make suggestions / notes about things I learned the hard way.  There is an Appendix of useful links.  These are alternatives you may consider if the stock market is not your thing.  In addition, I mention a couple of "what if" and "be careful" situations I ran into. The documents look long, but most of it is pictures.  I try to write for those who are less Internet, computer, bitcoin savvy, like me.  Missing a button or trying to find a box that needs to be clicked sometimes eludes me.  

--- Disclaimer ---

I used this method to get bitcoins and bitcrystals.  I take no responsibility and have no liability if you make a mistake or the provider, has issues.  This post is for informational purposes.  I hope to point out a couple of little things that gave me a hard time when I started.  If this helps, give me a thumbs up :D or if there is an issue and it does not work, then thumbs down ¬¬, please let me know why.

--- Vocabulary and other trivia ---

Although most of this can be done on a PC it seems the process is better suited to mobile applications.  Some images are from the PC because it is easier for me to capture and place in the document.  The app, look and feel, will be very slimier.

We use QR's and long nonsense looking address strings to identify our accounts. The QR (Quick Response code) is a method for scanning in the address.  The phone recognizes these very well.  (Be sure to enable your camera when the app asks you to do so, it makes things much easier) you can cut and paste these by holding your finger on the screen it will copy the QR definition into the cut/paste buffer.
FYI - I am using an android device and older windows PC running Mozilla Firefox.  The new PC browser has built in functions that do not require Firefox so you can use Google Chrome just fine.  I like the PC because it is a larger screen and easier to see.  SoG plays very well on PC too.


An invitation to travel together:

There are other, maybe even better ways, of doing this.  If you have discovered a good method for getting setup and populating your SoG BoO with bitcoin, let the SoG community know.

Every journey begins with a first step.

btw: My friends call me Eddy.



Edited by Eddy
successful purchase of first SoG card
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