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Book of Orbs上でビットガールズの記念トークンのコレクションが可能に!

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先ほど、Book of Orbs上で新たにビットガールズのトークンのコレクションが出来るようになることが発表されました。


トークン受け取り方法などは後日Zaif側から発表があると思いますが、こちらのスレッドで今回の取り組みに関する質問や、もしくは新しいユーザーでBook of Orbsに関する質問などがある場合もこちらのフォーラムを活用ください。


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For fun I ran this through the Google translate just to see what it comes up with.  Sometimes it is not quite right and makes funny translations.  You tell me.


Forum | Japanese | A collection of memorial tokens for bit girls on top!

Earlier, Book of Orbs It was announced that it will be able to newly create collection of tokens of bit girls on above.

I think that there are announcements from the Zaif side at a later date on how to receive tokens, but please use this forum if there is a question about this effort, or as a new user.  If you have questions about Book of Orbs etc, please use this forum as well.

Unfortunately the program itself of Bit Girls has ended at the end of March, but I think that it is very interesting that there is a possibility that it will continue to be used in such a form as a token on the block chain.


The Japanese players are so lucky.  I would like to know more about bit girls on top!  How do I create a collection of tokens of bit girls?

Back translate turns out interesting sometimes too.




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You can place buy orders on Book of Orbs or Bitgirls tokens already. I actually placed some orders myself and managed to buy one from someone else actually

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