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Global Launch - hold it!

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9 hours ago, bjoorn said:

I was talking about the trend and the link also included this gem: https://coin.dance/blocks/historical

The trend is meaningless if"

1) you don't have enough history

2) it is based on too few miners.  One miner switches to the other side and it messes up the whole trend chart.  It is kind of like doing technical analysis for an altcoin with only $1000 in marketcap.

9 hours ago, bjoorn said:

The minority chain is dead in the water if we fork with 75-80 % of the hashrate as intended. Bitcoin isn't Ethereum you know? Ethereum has difficulty re-target every block - Bitcoin every 2016 blocks. Time between blocks on the minority chain is going to be around one hour X 2016 blocks = probably not going to happen due to the immense cost

It is generally agreed by the professional developers that 75% is not enough to successfully hardfork (meaning not ending up with an altcoin).  Generally it is agreed that 95% should be the minimum.  But in truth all this doesn't matter.  The users are the ultimate decision makers.  See the following excellent article:


9 hours ago, bjoorn said:

Segwit could be something for another crypto to adopt first but it's so controversial that no other crypto seem willing to implement it.

True that Segwit could be adopted by another crypto, but not true that this is not going to happen because of its controversy.  First of all, Segwit is not controversial.  Those against Segwit don't criticize Segwit as such, but believe that Bitcoin Unlimited should be implemented first as, what they claim, the scalability issue is of prime importance (note that they already said that 3 years ago when BitcoinXT was introduced :D ). What is controversial is Bitcoin Unlimited for the simple reason that it is filled with bugs and ran by incompetent developers in addition to increased centralization which in my book is the coup de grace for Bitcoin.  As a matter of fact, Litecoin might be the first crypto to adopt Segwit. http://litecoinblockhalf.com/segwit.php

I've been discretely loading myself with Litecoin because of that, and as you can see, LTC price has increased in the last few weeks.  Actually I believe that Charlie Lee will hardfork his coin without waiting for miner's adoption.  This in itself could save Bitcoin from a deadly hard fork as people will see1) how well Segwit works and 2) that a hard fork should be avoided.  LTC can do a harfork as it is an altcoin in itself.


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On 3/22/2017 at 9:22 AM, wachtwoord said:

Serious question: why dont you guys create an altcoin with your new ruleset? Just use the current coin distribution for initial coin distribution. Would be an interesting experiment. Why do you want to kill Bitcoin in its current form? (MY Bitcoin). That's just malice in my opinion. There's no reason to fight.

Your voice has been heard.  The Blocksize debate is now officially over.  A new debate has emerged however: "Open Source" vs "Closed Source". I think it is obvious which one Satoshi Nakamoto would choose.  And all the BU supporters are now vacating the bitcoin community to join the scamcoins.xD


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