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Help needed for translations?

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By using a public service like https://www.transifex.com/ we in the community could help the project with translations of webpages, in-game texts and game assets, into as many languages as possible to help spread adoption. I, for one, could help with translations into Swedish. 

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Hello, thanks for interest on this particular task.

I can answer for the SOG Wesbite part. There's no need at all of an external tool for translations as currently it's serialized php array files (but we could upgrade that system to use gettext combined with a central place for translators like poeditor).

Japanese lang have been added and reviewed.

French lang have been added but some more review is needed (WIP).

Discussion is open.


Best Regards.


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Hi eKyNoX.

Thanks for your reply.

I've never used poeditor but I guess it's quite similar to transifex which I've used to translate similar bitcoin projects. Anyway, a central place for translators is a really great tool to help things get going and get community involvement into the project.




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