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German translation improvement

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Some suggestions for improving the German translation:


* Translation for Level Up: "Stufenaufstieg" - it's a German translation but I haven’t heard that word before as native German speaker and would never use it :-)

„Stufe erhöhen“, "Karte aufbessern" or „Karte aufwerten“ would fit better.





* "Schergenschlächter" ... never heard before :-)

Would look better if divided:




* "Brennen" doesn’t fit.

Suggest "Verbraucht:" or "Einlösen:"



* Correct to "Karte ist auf höchster Stufe und Entwicklung"




* "STAMINA TOO LOW" is not translated. I suggest to use "Ausdauer zu gering".

Also a description of the "heart 10" symbol like "Benötigte Ausdauer:" would be good.



* "Karte(n)":

first 2 options: remove the (n) 3x

3.: 10 zufällige Karten

4.: ok



* "anvisieren" means something like "to focus on".

I think "verwundbar machen" fits better.

And change to "... 2 more damage" "... 2 Schaden zusätzlich"



Screenshot_2017-04-26-10-03-25.png.87969608df4bffdf73447a37a6bcde2b.pngtext is missing



Someone German-speaking here? What do you think about my suggestions?

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I sometimes also play in German ans am a German speaker. I have seen that not all translations are ideal. Without checking all your suggestions in detail, I think they are all valid.

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More suggestions:


Something is missing here - maybe the German text is too long. Suggestion: "Sammle X Elementarkristalle durch Kristallisierung". That would fit.




Change to: "Verschmelze Karten X mal."

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Thanks for all the feedback. I've checked them and all except one should be fixed. 

The one that is missed is the one below. Please let us know if you find more translation issues. 

* "anvisieren" means something like "to focus on".

I think "verwundbar machen" fits better.

And change to "... 2 more damage" "... 2 Schaden zusätzlich"" 



Edited by Paul

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Hi all, 

Been a while, but currently I'm working on some language issue and this one was still on our list. 

"Verwundbar machen" is sadly a bit to long. Especially when it needs to "Alle Verwundbar machen". Any suggestions on how to solve /shorten this? 

Same with "zusatchzlich".

Edited by Paul

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