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Allow refund of crystals spent on cards

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I wish to make a suggestion for the option to be added for players to refund their crystals on cards that they are not using for perhaps 1 - 5 gems cost.

This will help new players who are in the process of deck building so that they don't have to resort to crystalising the card for crystals to use on new cards that they want to try out.

Crystalising a card works for before it is used in fusion. After fusion, crystallising causes the player to lose the card while he/she might just be wanting to try a new strategy and uncertain if the stratgey will work out. 

So adding refund and crystalising options for the player to chose will allow him/her to consider keeping the card and just get the crystals that were spent on the fused card (crystals used for the card before fusion will not be refunded). 

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