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I just received 490 gold as a reward for replaying 3 Star Sia Battle

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On 28.04.2017 at 11:11 AM, BenRPG said:

I have just received 490 gold for finishing the Sia battle once more. This is double the amount I normally receive which is 245 (used to be 140 or so untill yesterday). Here is the screenshot. Before I got the gold, I noticed that my dragon was kind of getting active to fire, although all enemies were beaten already. Maybe one of the enemies go pushed into the spikes or something. Anyway, if anyone finds a way to exploit the glitch, let me know.


Between, yesterday I managed for the first time to beat Sia flawless (All cards on full life total). I have a screenshot of that too but it's on my home computer.


Hi. I had it couples times. How? You only get it (how You Ben noticed) when last enemy (usually Sia) is killed by hole and yours turn is over and enemy is preparing to fire.  

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I experienced the same situation in Purple Dragon. The counter indicated 316 (2x158), but I only received the 158 gold expected. I'd be surprised if you really receive the amount indicated.

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