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CR #005 English Grammer?

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Here is one that has been making me wonder "What is wrong with this picture?"

Being a native English speaker I know when sentences and phrases do not look right or sound right but not being an English major or teacher I can't tell you why.  I suspect it has something to do with plurality or conversion into English.

In this case we have a card Fairy Tales Poet


I think it should read "Fairy Tale Poet"

If this were my job title I would be a "Fairy Tale Poet" though my task would be to write Fairy Tales.

As it s it just does not sound right or read correctly.  Wish I had paid attention in English class, oh so many years ago.

It may be a bit like fish and fishes.  It use to be that fish could be used for one or many, now days I think fishes is used for when there are more than one.  I expect fish is still acceptable.  Maybe fairy tails poet is like this too.  idk

I got in to a discussion the other day about the number of spaces after a period.  I try to use two, old school I guess.  Though evidently one is acceptable.

This is one of those change requests that can be denied or turned down or it can accepted as a valid change but I would make it low priority.



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Yes there are a few points in the game where the translation has gone awry.  I think SoG should employ a native English speaker to proof read the grammar and general tone of writing. eg Sylvan says "The more you stay, the more it will be difficult for you to leave." which should be "The longer you stay, the harder it will be for you to escape!" Herbod the Druid says "Don't waste time, as it passes, the answers will be more difficult to get." Which is clunky and sounds like google translation. There are quite a few of these throughout.

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