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What is blockchainization?

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In EverdreamSoft's *Spells of Genesis*, Blockchainization (previously named “tokenisation”) is the process of converting an in-game (off-chain) card verified, owned, tradeable blockchain assets. By blockchainizing an in-game card, a player transfers his digital asset from the game to his personal digital wallet (i.e. IndieSquare or Book of Orbs.) He now has full ownership of his digital asset. He is  free to use it in the game or trade it outside of the game.

Any of your fully levelled-up, quad-fused in-game cards can be transformed into a blockchain asset which is stored in your digital wallet, independent to the game database.

Once converted to the blockchain, these cards can be moved into another wallet, sold, or exchanged with other players. Some SoG blockchain cards can also be used in other games.

Blockchainization is a liberation from the confines of the game, a sort of Declaration of Independence for game items.

Blockchainization is a feature introduced in Spells of Genesis on December 6, 2017, after a period of beta testing. Spells of Genesis was the first game to integrate digital assets into the blockchain. It is also the first company to introduce this revolutionary feature to the gaming world.


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