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Tavern Talk - A collection of short stories

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Tavern talk are generally short stories: AKA SoG Lore  Bars, taverns, inns, salon's throughout Askian are a buzz with gossip.  The rumor, mill is working overtime, something big is always about to happen. 

 A collection of short stories:

  Carniath Franchise - by Ian Hus.

  Ian Jane's, Contes et Légendes d'Askian


Raise the Bar

Peasants, travelers, wanderers and adventure teams are all coming back to the inns and taverns of the land.  They bring stories that are too fantastic to be believed.  Word on the street is that there are organized groups attacking small hamlets, unprotected homesteads and remote cabins in the deep woods.   That is unheard of ... poppycock ... I say.

 "Bar maid! Another round of new beer."  Signals a very well dressed gentleman.  His cape is Ermine fur trimmed.  Hints of metal armor peek out at the cuff and collar.  The stranger sparkles too, belt buckle, broach, a ring when the light is right.  Well off indeed.  He is returning to his company, so you look casually away.  A longer stare might arouse suspicion and bring unwanted attention. 

Humming absently, you go back to your musing about the little things in life, that make one wonder.  Flipping through the chain of talismans, over and over again, as if they were prayer beads.  Makes you pretty sure that I am not as "bat shit crazy.' As some say.  Naturally, the patron next to you, not being one to mind there own business, innocently asks, "Is Everything Okay? You seem puzzled."

"Well ..." speaking slowly.  "I am ..." sorting the chain, back and fourth trying to confirm something. 

"Go ahead, spit it out or chew raw and swallow."  Your neighbor, gives unsolicited advice and shrugs. "or not."  Everyone in these taverns seem a little bit peculiar.    

"OK, Ok, ok", internal conflicts resolved. 

"It is like this."  Have you ever seen a Knight of Spring?  Knight of Summer?  Knight of Autumn? 

If not then look over your shoulder. 





Pretty awesome to see them together.  Yes!  My question for you is ...

Where is the Knight of Winter?  Could it be the stranger?

"Hey, dummy."  He nudges you.  "Don't stare."



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Come one, come all!  Join the Writer's Guild

Dissertations, poems, short stories or "For a good time call, xxx on the bathroom wall."

It's all good.

Welcome to the writers pool, come on in, the water is fine.




Vocabulary: Use case - Guilds affinity for a particular crypto currency.  They may overlap.  It is all about ways to implement blockchain technology. 

Posting a story entitles you to become a proxy member of the Writer's Guild no matter your primary guild affiliation. 

A good story has one or more SoG related pictures, screen capture or card. 

There should be some, what the French call "raison d'être"  loosely translated as 'reason to be', giving a moral to the story or sharing in-game related information in a creative way.  The 'why' may be elusive and requires setting up characters for future stories so think ahead.  Read some of the work that has already been done and add your own flair, style, imagination.  A good place to start is with a pip on the map. Capture an image from the map, card or in game combat and write about it.   Who, what, when, where, why?  or Why not? 

Have fun.


Ian Hus, Two Face Master of the Writer's Guild

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