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Druids Argue for Guild Affiliation

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Guild Structure - Org Chart, Guild Info, Master, charter, membership, bank(qr), etc.

Guild Charter - In game sphere of influence. 

Guild Affilliation - Crypto Currency centric - Some say that the orbs we seek are coin not card.

The Lost Cause - Play-yaaa  They just play SoG and not visit the Forum.


Membership Requirements:  Read charter. 


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It is unusual for Druids to argue so this is indeed an important time and turning point in the Realm of Askian, SoG.  The wind whispers, as do the patrons throughout bars and eateries, markets and workshop throughout the land, that the guilds are coming.  Multi-player (scaling) is coming to the land.  Common folk are rising up to form guilds and once unknown lost ones will become masters of their craft.  Earning themselves a name by rising through the ranks to become Guild Master.


Askian Lore, is a single orb in the library.  Our history is so much more than that but actually not bad for a start.

Do you know how the real meaning for this guild got lost in translation? It was suppose to be a paperback smut novel,  Askian Love a romantic affair.  Was misprinted Lore vs Love.  I may be the only one who finds this funny though.

My thoughts run along the line of collecting all kinds of Askian, lore, tradition, stories, weaving the game into our lives or conversely our lives into the game.

Can a thread title be changed later if a better one comes along?

Each guild should sponsor a page or chapter.  The Writers Guild will  coordinate for the time being.

Fodder for the Forum:

Genesis Math

It's kind of orb centric isn't it?  Unit circle, number systems, the whole of what I learned in school grade through college is in this game.  Explain math and relate it to the game.  Unit circle, sign numbers, tangent, geometry, statistics, and beyond time, space etc.  idk Magicians Guild?  they speak a different language.

- The Writers Guild could encompass Art, folktale, barspeak an Askian dictionary etc.

Dragon Lore

In my view there are dragons everywhere in this realm.  They look like ovens, kilns, rock crushers and many other things but in fact are a cooperation with the populous to feed them crystal.  A symbiotic relationship where some dragons work with people and other game players --  Not all dragons are nice. I am trying to beat the purple dragon into submission.

Aww Berries - The Chief's Chef

I could add a recipe link into the forum under the guise of cook book.  I would love to have a couple of home recipes from France and Japan.

Mine Mine Mine - The Miners Guild. 

Seems simple enough but I have a feeling they infiltrate all the other guilds.  Everyone in Askian mines at sometime in their travels.  This has to do with bitcoin and magic and how the economy in Askian seems to work.

"A picture is worth 1000 words"

The Artist guild. Original art, interesting we see every day or read about that remind us of life in Askian.  This could really bear fruit by perhaps by having a challenge and working the really cool art into a card or player orb.  That would be fun.

Traders, merchants, warriors and wizards - Money Matters

I suspect the Merchant Guild has interest in all things BoO, BCY and such.  How to set up a GPU Miner, make trades, buy cards or post them for sale. 

AP news - Askian Politics - Spy Guild or are these guys Hackers?

Word has it that there is something going on with the Emperor.  Somehow crystals are involved at the moment. I don't do politics but there are people who are in possession of very important storyline information.  I think the government is watching, I think the Wizard Guild is somehow involved.  Not sure but paper money is a thing of the past.  Other forms of writing are rare.  Some say that tokens and talismans are in Askian so we can have interspecies communication.  Okay, but what does the Government have against paper?  Is this a threat to the Writers Guild and should we be worried?  Perhaps they are afraid of it.



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Our Lawyer:



Not sure how to get an image into the thread.  If we have to post the image outside and use a  url then I need to know how to do that.  Where does one just put up a .jpg or .png to get a url to jump to?    Help meeeee, ....  "The Fly."

[Note Nick: import image into post, then drag and drop it where you want it.]


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Our Lawyer:


There are many ways to get the message across. 

Oh [Note to self]:, Recruit a member to become master of a guild.  

The Messenger Guild.  They had a cameo and hotspot in the a previous release. And... if I am not mistaken was mentioned prominently in the Tavern.  Ian the Blacksmith. 

[Pic of the map where we meet The Messenger]

Anyone can become a member of a guild.  They may have affiliation with many but answer to only one Master, at a time.   A person who is willing to meet the guidelines within the guild's charter and posts to that guild becomes a member. To become a Guild Master, you must apply. Details can be found in the Guild Charter.

Pending results from the judge at this hearing, the Writers Guild has purview over the Orbs of Knowledge, provisional to the statute and custom of the local authority.  Statements here in do not reflect the view of the SoG, BoK, game designers, creators, investors or staff.  This statement in lawyer speak indemnifies our hosts if any one says anything stupid. 

Honestly we are not paranoid or insane they are out to get us. Everyone in Askian has issues.  Are crystals the cause? or the cure?


Ian Hus, Bard of Ask - Two Faced, Master of the Writers Guild & Associates:  

twofaceHarlaquin.png.d79dbe268e381c14c2ea2b314d7de587.png   EdQRcode.png.d5de211c6d27a810e8201be8607df5f3.png


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