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Guild Charters

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Here is the form you fill out to start a guild in the SoG forum. 

Form 01: Guild Master Application - Award Dinner Registration

You will need to know:

  • Guild Name:                          
  • Guild Master: Notice of welcome, Email, 
  • Affiliation if any: coin, card, color,
  • Manifesto:


Form 02: Guild Master Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Test - Understand your KSA's

  There are lots of ways to get information across.  To the reader and back through ideas like the suggestion box and standardized testing.  It may be that to advance in the guild, at least writers have to make their own test, their own form, their own sheet, pictures, stories and such.



Form 03: Guild page or index in the library :  OK Project -  XXX Guild Link



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The Writer's Guild submitted what amounts to a draft version of the Guild Charter.

The Askian Writer's Guild Charter and GM Resume   DRAFT



In a associated:  Askian Politics - News story.  

AP-News Reports

Wanna bee - Writer's Guild Master Ian Hus, was chastised today when his "To Do List" was stolen and published in the Centaurian Blade.


The report dated, last Wednesday was sketchy at best.  The validity of this list is in question, lacking any QR seal.

We at AP-News were able to acquire a copy of said 'To Do List' judge for yourself. 



During a later interview with the bard, he insisted that he was innocent.  Blame it on Guild politics.  August 1 is suppose to be a big day.  What will happen?  Who can say?  One faction wants to implement Segwit another increase the block size to 2MB but the core developers disagree and node operators can not reach consensus. I am certain the truth will come to light, in time. 

"I dont' know."    


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