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Introduction to Orbs of Knowledge

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About the Orb of Knowledge project (OK hereafter):

Okay received: 5/31/2017 @Nicktalop


The Library

"The grand gallery has not always been so grand as it is now, I assure you" the old man with the gray beard says.  As he leads you to one of the many stations.  "Sit here.  Place the orb in a socket and do call if you need anything. I am happy to assist if I may."  Bowing, he retreats politely to help a pair of Lady Bugs to their station.  Clearly, in the library, "All are welcome." 

Speaking to a pair of "Three Crirawin Hunters" loud enough for all in the hall to hear.  There will be no trouble here!  You are being monitored, glancing at the orb floating overhead and back to human, oh and to an non-human guard, that instantly commands respect and obedience.

The statue

There is a large marble life size statue of a sleeping dragon, arms curled protectively about an orb, her egg perhaps? It looks like she is sleeping.  Obviously a fierce protector of her orbs and all within these walls.  If you were to make close inspection. The scales look like opal, each individually articulated, as if the purple dragon within were frozen, frozen in time. 

The story of our partnership is stuff of legend, but that was a long time ago.  When the world was young and so were we.


Artist rendition of the statue does not do it justice.

Everyone ducks back into their pod and returns to business, not wishing to tangle with the lethal Crirawin warriors.  Their howls are enough to awaken a sleeping dragon.


No Loitering

The Crirawin Hunters like it here because the lobby is air-conditioned. They act like children, they don't want to read or listen, just to howl about how hot it is outside.  Since they don't care to read the "NO Loitering" sign, it was of little use so we finally just took it down. Now, I believe, we just argue for sport. 

Attention to business

If you have your own orb already started, please follow and police that thread.  The curator explains through hand gesture, talismans on a full chain and what seemed like a series of farts, belches, teeth chattering and finger pointing.  No wonder people tend to avoid some of the more unusual creatures in the land of Ask. 

A loose translation would be: There is always access to the public record, add a topic, try to keep it in the spirit of the OK project - in game, add a picture if you have one because the Artist Guild needs your support.

Guild documents may be encrypted, in French for example, so do not be surprised at what you see.

Orb centric

If you can not manage to put an orb, or circle or dome, sphere, ring or "something round" in your report, dummy, then don't bother to post.  We reserve the right to edit as necessary to keep the peace. 

Try to keep it orb centric. Think outside the box.




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