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A picture is worth a thousand words

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Add a card or screen shot to a this orb:

With or without explanation


Looking for Guild Master


The Artist Guild would like to separate from the Writers Guild but needs a Guild Master and altcoin affiliate.

It looks like Magicians and Mathematicians will fork into Ethereum and E Classic.

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Once upon a time the Guilds were active, respected, even admired.  Alas, since the disappearance of the Spells of Genesis, many guilds have fallen into disrepair.  They are without masters and in need of leadership.

The Writers Guild had an orb unlike any other.  It was broken and few pieces remain. 

In the garden, here at  the Guild headquarters it is on display for all to see.  Pilgrims come and pay homage to this remnant of an ancient and powerful orb.   


The opal reminds us that even though we see the colors of the rainbow they do not belong to just one group.  No faction may claim the spectrum as their own.  Individual colors have a following but for pity's sake, lets not fight about it.  There is enough politics and intrigue in Askian to the next epoch.  My advice, play nice.


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