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Mine, Mine, Mine

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Currently many players are chained in the mines.  Large blocks of prisoners, creatures of all sorts toil under the lash of Daryan's mad quest for crystal.  Mercenaries, soldiers, traders, common folk, friend and foe alike toil in the mines.  The worst of the lot is: ???  said to hold up in a tavern, "The Falcon's Nest" some distance beyond the gates of Askian.


Site Map


AP News - Askian Politics, News, Links to:

  • SoG pages online
  • Links to Bitcoin News

Guild Looking for a Master - Link to Guild Charter Application

Link to Tec Speak - Cool tools/helpful hints with out all the in game dialogue and orb intrigue.

Links to new guilds, new story lines,

Links to the outside,

Time travel?


Stay tuned ...


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