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The Lore of SoG

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There are lots of stories going around especially in the Forum taverns, inns and guilds.  SoG  lore is meant to teach, entertain and as is true with most stories, get bigger over time.  If you have heard or know of such stories and want to add to, Orb of Knowledge (OK Project) put them here.  No doubt the these stories need work,  Editing and approval for content and format by the wizards guild. For now, spelling errors and all, lets run with this.  Have fun, document a battle with your battalion or game trivia.  Join me on the road, less traveled.

--- Warning Warning Warning, Danger Will Robinson ---

Don't believe everything you hear or read.  Parts of the stories are no doubt based in fact and are true SoG lore, other parts may be fictitious and not part of the official SoG approved history.  Still, stories are fun to read, fun to share and if nothing else should be entertaining. Who knows, you might even learn something.

The Spells of Genesis Lore page has a history.  The project was to be christened The Book of Knowledge (BoK).  But books are, how do we say, passé.  We thought to rename this thread either: Book of Stories (BoS) or Book of Short Stories (BoSS)  working within game parameters and nomenclature.  Yet once again the storage vehicle is anathema.  Many of the lost ones view the story telling effort as just plain BS ...   Each to their own.

Lore of SoG by way of Google Doc's

For fun lets run Ian Jan's story in French, through Google Translate

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