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"fire button

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It would be nice on the mobile version if there was an "advanced aiming" option

I have found shots are much more accurate o the PC because on mobile just picking your finger up off the screen can cause the laser sight to move a little bit.

Without this PC users have a very real advantage over mobile users.

In advanced aiming mode i you would aim as normal but to actually fire the beam/ball you would click a special button on the screen.

does that make sense?

Keep up the good work!

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I also noticed that I am better when playing on PC. However, I also learned how to remove my finger so the aim stays more or less where I was.


Would for sure be a good option to choose.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Aiming with a finger (especially in a phone) is indeed more difficult than with a mouse. What already might help you, is to put your finger higher on the screen. In your suggestion, you mean you want, after you're done with aiming, a button to confirm the shot?

What is very important in SoG is the pace of the gameplay. Adding a button like that means another action for the player. So we're not too keen on implementing something like it.

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I see your point about pace of gameplay  but adding an "advanced setting" in the options wouldn't force slower gameplay onto the player. it would merely provide a little more control precision to your "advanced" players.  (there are essentially zero options now. only music and SFX volumes)

Of course if you ever implement realtime multiplayer pacing of shots could be an issue.

even something as simple as putting your second finger on the active character could "lock" the beam's current position,

idk just a thought

Thanks for your time


Future 7 star Genesiser

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