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So, have been playing this game for months. I really love it and i feel that i have to give my contribution. I always been playing other games for ages and its a awesome idea how achievements can contribute to the game in both sides (players and developers). So, here is some ideas:

- Win badges for some Boss that was defeated for example.

- "Combos kills" should give also badges and also gold or cards :)

- The badges must be visible to other players :)

Thats all for now. Thanks in advance.


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Hi @daimlercs. Thanks for the positive feedback! On our Trello roadmap you can see what was already suggested. Your suggestions mix a bit with the following ones, hope it will help you. Also I invite you to vote and comment on them in Trello, so we know what the community wants us to prioritize on.

Combo shots:

View other players' achievements:

Funny/goofy achievements/quests (I added your boss one here)

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