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Missing In-Game Cards.. Does Anyone Have These?

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So I've been perusing through Sogassets.com and notice some in-game cards that I've never seen before, never pulled since I've been playing and never seen anyone else have them in their deck. I'm curious if anyone has pulled any of the following cards:

  • Bear Spirit
  • White Dragon
  • Wild Horse
  • The Orc
  • Werewolf

I realize these are Epic and Legendary cards so they won't come that often but surely someone has gotten them right, otherwise there seems to be a bug where they're not included or are simply not available for whatever reason.






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I just went through the entire Book of Orbs listing and did not see any of these cards, in addition their listing in SogAssets have 3 levels of cards suggesting they are in-game cards that can be fused together, something that blockchain cards don't do. These seem to be fantom cards that no one has access to.

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Hi there,

These are in-game cards, but currently not present in the normal summon-pool ;)  You can see that these cards are bosses into the game. 

That's why you are able to see them into SoG-Assets but not in the game. 

Have a nice evening and game !

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