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I sent bitcrystals to get item A. In the swapbot I can see the message “Received x BITCRYSTALS from “myaddress” with 0 confirmations.Waiting for 2 confirmations to send x item A.”


Due to high bitcoin transaction fees, I set low priority fees when I broadcast the transaction. Hence it might take a couple of days since the transaction got confirmed, and the swapbot send me item A.


My question is: If let’s say tomorrow, the ventor of the specific swapbot replace item A, with item B. Will I still receive item A whenever my transaction got confirmed? Is my item reserved, since swapbot "saw" that there is an unconfirmed transaction on the way?

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Hello tweetious,

normally you should receive your item A even after the offer has been replaced (if there still is a stock of the item A in the swapbot).

The current issue is that some low fee transactions "disappear" from the mempool, they simply are not taken in account and it is like if they were cancelled. Therefore, unfortunately, no one can guarantee you'll receive your item.

Sorry for not having better news :)

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