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Blockchainized Cards and Other Issues

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Dear SOG,

I’ve been involved in SOG from day 1, premium level crowd sale participant and long term active user of the game but the issues are piling up with no resolution, please help!

1. I blockchainized two cards last year, sent emails to support multiple times and still do not have the cards!

2. I completed the end of year survey and mentioned the blockchainization bugs, never received any feedback or the promised rewards for completing the survey

3. Finished in the top 25 for December and got the gold reward but never received the Mother Bird reward card

Is anyone else experiencing these same issues??? Please help!

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Hi @EverydayEarth

We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

About the blockchainization, it's still underwork on our side, unfortunately this issue is not so easy to fix. But this is a priority for our development team. I invite your to follow this post into our forum, as soon as we will have more, we will post more news.

About the leaderboard rewards, you have to know that golds are automatically sent by our system. The blockchain cards are sent manually and like all blockchain transactions, it could take few times. All cards have been already sent, so you should received your into few days.

About the survey, like written into the email you received : "The survey will be active until January 3rd. The rewards will be distributed afterwards."

Thanks for your understanding, have a nice day and game.

The best for 2018!

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