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2018 plans BCY - SOG - MAGICFLDC and much more

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Hello everyone!

2018 has just started but it already promises to be a very exciting year. It's going to be an important turning point for EverdreamSoft.

When we started Spells of Genesis few years ago, we were the first and only game integrating the blockchain. People in the gaming industry were considering me as an alien when I attempted to explain them the benefit of true ownership. However, the whole gaming industry is now becoming more and more interested in blockchain technology, and as Erik Voorhees predicts, this year will be the year of blockchainized game assets.

2018 will therefore be transformative for games on blockchain, and we (the BitCrystals team and community) are going to exert a strong leverage on that market. To address this need for growth, we recently hired more people. Since EverdreamSoft’s team and partners are becoming more substantial, I decided to reorganize the company around 3 main poles of activities. Some people from the team might be active in several groups.


1. Spells of Genesis

The team you love stays more or less the same but I added some experienced developers to the group. The goal is to improve the software process and quality. We just signed with EGG (European Games Group), our new publisher for Spells of Genesis. They are committed to invest a good amount of time and money into game motoring and user acquisition. We are very confident this new partnership will give the push SOG deserves on mobile stores.


2. BitCrystals

The BitCrystals team is now responsible for the development of blockchain tools and it is the blockchain publishing arm of the company. This team is in charge of building and maintaining Book of Orbs, blockchain servers, and the new platform. It will facilitate, sell and promote blockchain games/art assets (ORBs), whether these assets are coming from our games (first party), other publishers' games (third party) or community-created content such as Rarepepe for example.

The BitCrystals team's mission is to "evangelize" blockchain art/game assets, build a strong user base of blockchainers-players, that is, people who own a wallet and are actively using the benefits of their assets (not for speculation only).

This segment of players is the most valuable for us because they are the ones who actually use, and benefit from, the Orbs we issued and are ready to pay for them.

Business model

The BitCrystals platform (previously known as “Project Nova”) will be free for most users.Only a small fee will be charged for new assets submissions. Additional premium services will be provided to people using the platform for professional purposes. These premium services are, for example, blockchain accounting, token promotion/advertising airdrop etc. These tools are developed from the experience we acquired in operating a blockchain game. These premium services will be payable in BCY and the team will establish BitCrystals as the currency of choice for managing game/art assets.


We will soon issue ORBs on other blockchains, the first of which will be Ethereum. Book of Orbs will soon support ERC20 tokens as well as contract tokens. Other compatible blockchains are under scrutiny as well, like Counterparty Cash. From a user/publisher point of view, users will be able to manage their orbs regardless of the blockchain technology and without the need to understand the underlying technology being used.

And with the development of atomic swap and side chains, it will soon be possible to trade ORBs across multiple blockchains.

Bitcrystals will be providing APIs to developers, along with tools to integrate token economy in their games, just like it is in Spells of Genesis. For SOG, the platform will allow to use tokens to provide in-game advantages. For example, we will use BITCRYSTALS and MAGICFLDC to allow players to buy stamina refills or specific in-game advantages.


3. The new game

We will anounce the development of a new game during Q1, 2018 but I can't say much about it yet without spoiling your pleasure to discover what we've got in our pipeline.

This game will take advantage of smart contracts so it will work on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be playable on a browser with Metamask but also with the new version of Book of Orbs.

The base currency of the game will be BCY. For this, we are going to burn some BCY on the Counterparty blockchain and issue the same amount on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our new game will extensively use previously issued ORBs as a part of the gameplay. SOG cards, but also Memorychain, Rarepe, Force of Will and other collections of ORBs, will have a direct impact in the game.

Moreover, the game is tailored to have a positive social impact. I can't say much for the time being. We will also reserve a special place for MAGICFLDC and, in the future, work with more tokens that have a positive and tangible impact in our world.

As you can see, a lot of things are going to happen, and we are all super boosted to start 2018 with these very exciting projects.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community once again for allowing this vision dream to come true. A big thank to the great partners we've had the chance to work with, like IndieSquare, Tokenly and all the people working on the protocol. And last but not least, I would also like to thank the team offering all the strength of their soul to make this happen.

More details about these great projects will come soon. Keep posted!



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