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Introducing Monthly Campaigns!

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New Monthly Campaign Challenges Starting in February!
Hi there! We’ve just released the first of our new monthly campaign challenges. Our first monthly campaign is called “The Fair February.”
– 5 unique waves per level
– Higher card rewards (3 x water Elf Rider (Common), 2x Knight of Spring (Rare), 1 x Luminatis (Epic), 1 x Merman’s Trident (Legendary!)
– High gold rewards (but higher stamina cost)
– Available only in February!
The Fair February campaign comes after “The Dark Creator” campaign (currently the last one in the game). It is therefore available for players who’ve completed at least the 1 star of that campaign.


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Cool, saw it and played them early in the month but they were bugged and quickly removed. Good to see it return as I was excited with new campaigns.

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