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Blockchainazed card dissapeared

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Does anyone still have issue with dissapeared blockchainazed cards?

I lost 1 warrior luminatis and 1 yellow shaman. I had 2 cards each of them but now i have only one 

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Hi @Windblaze

Thanks for reporting us this. 

You blockchainized 1 YELLOWSHAMAN and 1 WARRIORLUMIN. You received a duplicate of these blockchainized cards that were not linked to your wallet.

This was an issue linked to the first fix we did for the blockchainization, so you were not supposed to get these duplicate. When the big fix were completed, these cards disappear from your game.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is normal as you were not suppose to get them into your game account.

If you upgraded them, please send me a private message, then I could exceptionnaly refund you the crystals you spent for this.

Thank you for your understanding, have a nice day and game !

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