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  2. I'm wondering if the leaderboard rewards for July, 2019 might be in the incorrect order. They are listed as being 11-25 SHOPKEEPERCD (shown in the SOG Assets as a RARE card) 26-50 MUSHROOMSIMP (shown in the SOG Assets as an EPIC card). Is it possible these cards are in the wrong position or are cards issued at random? If they ARE in the correct spots, then I must make sure my score doesn't go to high or I get a lesser card for a higher score! This seems rather odd to me.
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  4. eds_Yzia

    SHOPPING for cards

    Hi @Trysty Thanks for asking, for now we won't do any further offers, but we are thinking about it.
  5. Trysty

    SHOPPING for cards

    Yes, the in-game store.
  6. Hi, First I would like to welcome you to our community ! Usually the first rare/common cards are really useful for the start of the game. In the future, you will play more with epic/legendary ones, of course ^^ Please do not hesitate if you have any questions ! Have a good game
  7. Hi there, Thanks for your help @Trysty ^^ I will just add one point, the gold are automatically send by our system but not the cards. That's why cards are distributed a bit later @h3nd3r You should have now already get it ! So if not please do not hesitate to let me know. I also invite you to check our blog to see the results and the next monthly rewards July's rewards will be soon announced. Enjoy ^^ !
  8. eds_Yzia

    SHOPPING for cards

    Hi @Trysty Are you talking about the in game propotion? (To buy cards with gems) Thanks I look forward to hearing from you !
  9. eds_Yzia

    Best Blockchain Cards to Buy?

    Hi there, I think players could tell you more about the cards must-to-have but anyway, if you are looking for specific cards, please do not hesitate to let me know. You could also put an order into book of orbs, or keep an eye on our merket here : https://tokenmarkets.com/catalog/bitcrystalsofficial Thanks do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions ^^ Regards !
  10. How often do Legendary cards go on sale for crystals? I haven't seen one offered for over 6 months I think. When I didn't have nearly enough to buy one, I saw it offered twice. Now I'm ready to buy and don't see it any more.
  11. I was expecting a legendary card for reward, but its not, so check the filter for all Blockchain cards to find it in your set. You also need to have linked your BOOK of Orbs wallet to your game account for them to be able to find who's book to deposit into.
  12. Trysty

    Spells Of Genesis Achievements

    Here is a link to my own notes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1obCbzBaXYdmdJnKqxAwLLTrj92L8x1d1HKpt2aaKju0/edit?usp=sharing That should give you an idea of what to expect.
  13. I found that the only cards I needed were the Epics and Legendaries. The rest are just something to get you to where you need to go. It all depends on what you have, so you need to work with what you get unless you buy cards.
  14. JDMinero

    Where can I get BCY

    You can get Bitcrystals through Book of Orbs, you just have to change the market from Spells of Genesis to ORBexchange and you're ready even though you need to have XCP.
  15. JDMinero

    Best Blockchain Cards to Buy?

    It really is very good your question and I assure you that you will have many possible answers, now of the fire type card, FireAngel is definitely one of the best but in my opinion Quirin the Druid is much better and if you combine them with Mushroom's Imp or Vanbex the Oracle would be a combination very harmful of blockchain cards. Now as the main goal of this game is collect cards, at the time of acquiring it sometimes I do not consider the fact of whether this card is strong or not, but sometimes I consider more the design of the card and a good example is Astema is not a powerful card, but it looks great.
  16. eds_Yzia

    Server error!!

    Hi @joshuagomes Did you try to reboot the game please? Does it remain or is it ok now? Thanks for your help good weekend !
  17. joshuagomes

    Server error!!

    Any info about this? Password is correct. it occured After update apk.
  18. Bigfishhead

    blockchainization error

    Hmm error on blockchainization. Crystal used but card not blockchainized. Is this the same issue similar to the past? Should get fixed soon?
  19. I just started this game 5 days ago and I managed to quad fuse a Carniath Celebration of Summer. The Flame All really helped me with progressing the game. Like every other card collection games, the cards are usually not balanced to perfection. I would like to hear some suggestions as to what are some good common/rare cards to keep and why? Thanks!!
  20. What are the best blockchain cards to buy for this game. So far I have astera and Fire Angel. Fire Angel is extremely useful for me so far because it can do so much damage to other enemies. What cards do you guys think are the most useful?
  21. Just in case anyone is wondering if progressing the achievements is worth it given that the rewards are pretty underwhelming, so far I've found that the "good" reward comes in that fifth piece of the star, got 10 gems from crystallize, another 10 for fusion and I have an upcoming random epic card from crystallize on the second star, makes me think it is worth it to spend some crystals in progressing both.
  22. I used to be stuck at level 13 or so rank, but still winning most battles easily below that. After recent patch, it feels almost impossible to win any pvp match. I dropped down several levels. I've seen litoshi card hit me for 25 dmg each and same enemies seem to take far far longer to kill. Just my imagination? fyi my cards are maxxed out CCMCARD, 2x QUIRINCARD, TROYGRUN TROYGRUN switched for WATERANGEL or XAJIBOSS sometimes
  23. Knight

    BoO blockchain connection problem

    Thank you. I believe my issues will be gone at same times when problems are fixed overall.
  24. eds_Yzia

    BoO blockchain connection problem

    Hi @Knight Thanks a lot for your report. We already contact the API dev Team, they are working on it. For the moment the mempool is also really busy so it does not help (https://www.blockchain.com/fr/charts/mempool-size?timespan=30days). Thanks for your patience, do not hesitate to give us more details about your issue.
  25. There is something wrong with blockchain connection on Book of Orbs and Spells of Genesis Android apps. I can not see my sell orders on Book of Orbs and cards on those orders are still playable on Spells of Genesis. I can see on block explorer that those orders are actually placed.
  26. Bigfishhead

    180,000 Gold Drop

    I can feel you... I pulled 400k gold without legendary before... So yeah Very sad to see a good player leaving the game. I manage to beat Genesis level both main and minor account second time. For main account actually third times in the roll in May. But I always leave you team to the last when I see you in PVP. I have to wait for the right element enhancement to be confident to beat your team. Sometimes the waiting could be several days until I got the right team up. You got a rally strong PVP team there.πŸ‘ ☺️ I hope you stick around and just do casual playing. I can still see some good in the game and potential future. See if you can beat my main and minor in PVP πŸ˜‰ jckingjc bigfishhead
  27. I have gotten top 50 last month for the firts time... I haven't received my reward card... What should I do?
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