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  1. No worries. It happens. The messages are sometimes kind of cryptic on this end. Good luck with the backup and restore. The adventure continues. Hey, 9 hours? I lose some work from last night. Boo hoo. Too bad, so sad. I remember the days when I was on that end. Tried not to do to many weekend or late nights. Fixing other peoples mistakes is a pia. They say they didn't change anything, yea sure. Except for ... virus checking yuck! Delayed the load 45 to a couple of minutes each time the questionnaire was loaded. The user community had fits, as they are want to to. This is good practice for disaster recovery. Be sure to write it down in your Lessons Learned document. I had better quit teasing you. But it is so much fun to be here instead of there, right now. Maybe I will take a nap or write a story. Dad always said: "Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful."
  2. @eKyNoX Good Morning, Looks like you all were busy last night. Maybe you still are and the server is down. idk I tried to login on the PC and got t new screen, put in user name, email and password and it warned me that the progress would be lost so I went to the registration instead. It seemed like the thing to do. I received an error message. I have seen these before, when working with Stat Netherlands in Blaise 5, server based questionnaires. I've been away from it for a year so don't recall if this is one of those generic messages that we get when the application gets lost. It feels like something is mis matched or missing. Maybe a version from the web page pointing to an instance that does not exist. Just thought I should report it. Will check again later. ---- Android goes to the intro screen (the guy on the horse) plays music for about 30 seconds then quits. Screen goes blank. update: Android gives the error message: Login Error! Invalid User Name.
  3. Congrats on the beginning of global launch Standing by. Players are a GO! This is going to be fun. btw, thank you for the reward.
  4. Kojisan, Thank you for the reply. You made me chuckle. @Kojisan wrote: " Bitcoin rituals are not very user friendly yet ." To me that is really funny. I like it a lot when we use 'game speak' I would like to see more imagination in these posts, stories about our adventures in the SoG realm, etc. Back to the topic at hand. Ritual is great way to put it. We do the dance, go through all the movements, with spell components (QR's for example) and cast, just like spells. If we do the working the way our wizard teachers showed us correctly, we get the expected results. Magic happens! Both SoG and BoO are well crafted on lots of levels. Game play, design, interface, reliability (sometimes transactions take a while) and lore show how hard the team at EverdreamSoft (EDS) have worked. I want to have more stamina to be able to play more, even cashed in gems I was hording the other night to get an achievement, but can see how this is designed to get players to invest. I wish the cards in BoO for sale were not quite so expensive or that there are ways to make crystals so that I can buy from working in game. I don't see the crystals that we earn in game reflected in the BitCrystals (BCY) that are in my wallet. (Oh, btw in SoG maybe the BoO should be called a purse.) Just as in real life my purse is empty. I know, cry me a river. Is there a way to play and put crystals in the purse? Does it come later with new content, not yet released? Give me a hint and I will see about writing up an article in the forum. SoG is fun, entertaining, challenging and more, I am just getting started. I look forward to updates, the next release, when the leader board opens back up (season) and completion of my next quest. Spoiler alert for new players: Thus far, I certainly will give SoG three stars *** working on it anyhow... My game play is definitely improving. Now, I am learning how to manage resources too. Crystallization and team building is, how do you say, puzzling sometimes. One has to think, plan, stratigize and adapt. There is so much more here that meets the eye. I enjoy the forum too, thanks. I have been thinking about writing up one of my BS or book of Stories adventures about Everlasting Snow, the next stop on the quest. My stories may not be true to SoG lore but I think creative people, writers and artists can contribute here as well. Each battle with my team of 4, each new town along the road is a tale ripe for the telling. Each player sees the adventure in different ways with 4 different cards, it sure will be fun to read other peoples stories as they play and experience the realm in Spells of Genesis. The Lore of SoG Tall Tails Ask Ian the Blacksmith A Talisman of Color
  5. @Shaban @Alexis @Yzia @Ekynox @Jasper @Makosch @MrNatchos @Nicolas Sierro @Seb_degraff @Kojisan @Whitelite @Simon @Cryptobubble @Erestor @Joanna @SoGJapan Hello, It is your local neighborhood pest here. When I needed something at work I could go stand by someone's desk until they answered my question or at least pointed me toward another resource. Yes, I can be persistent but I got the job done. I think this is kind of important. If I was a reporter writing an article about SoG and the upcoming release and wanted to include credits for the team. A "Who's who" at SoG what would you say? I know you don't want to be pestered directly with questions or be hounded by the players but it sure would know what you do and who to thank. I feel like the paparazzi trying to get pictures of you all. Not like I get paid for it but you might want to get use to being 'in the light.' Spells of Genesis is okay in my book. It is fun to play, there is a lot to learn and new challenges await. I am going back in game, to battle! Like they say on the radio, "Love your show babe." Peace
  6. Wow! @bjoorn the discussion between Nick and George was excellent. They didn't speak over my head, too much. That was really interesting and worth watching. I see how this ties in with the concept SoG has and what I was experiencing as a new player, the learning curve. So true. Thank you for sharing this. I have to think that Nixon did not do us any favors back in 1972 when he took us off the gold standard. --- So let me ask another question (or two), now that we know time is an important measure. Regarding playing SoG, investing time and money in cards and leveling. As you know I got my first card The Coin Maker, from the market on the Book of Orbs (BoO) application. It is the only one I have so of course it gets a lot of attention. I learned to level this card and it has turned out to be quite helpful in game play. I didn't even realize that we could do this or what the stats were, until you shared that information with me. Look at it now. Yes, this took some doing. He is not really powerful but sure helps, if I can keep him alive. I just learned a whole new part of game play. The learning curve really does kick in with SoG. "Fascinating", as Mr. Spock would say. Can I offer this card The Coin Maker - MAX for sale on the BoO? Will he retain the attributes that we gain by playing and investing crystals? Is this one way that players can benefit (get paid) by actually playing SoG? WOW! --- I have another card that I fused up all the way. Does this card also become eligible for sale on the BoO? When the reset happens, I understand that I lose the card I worked hard to improve, boo hoo. Do you suppose we could ask the game developers, keepers, masters, creators (what ever you call the people in charge) if we could have the option of cashing out crystals or keeping these for our collection? I understand catch and release but I sure get attached to cards I play with and build up. Some times I sort of would like to have another card storage vault for my personal collection, Play cards (SoG), sale cards (BoO) and keepers not for sale (NFS).
  7. I keep thinking someone is trying to scare or startle me. Boo! It's really BoO. One suggestion to improve the Book of Orbs application, in my humble opinion, is to change the color and size of the font in the BoO | Market sell Red does not have much contrast and is very hard to see. Can you change this to black? I know red debit, green credit but the cards and fonts are tiny. It looks better in this picture than it does on my Samsung galaxy s7 phone. Can you say fuzzy? Perhaps change the buy to forest green (dark green) and sell to crimson (dark red). A very deep dark color might help. How about a little bit bigger font? It looks like there is room. Thanks for considering this suggestion. I guess, this is another of the forum entries that could go into the forum topic 'Old Folks Boogie.' It is all about improving game play and usability for the, dare I say, physically and visually challenged. Check it out. Thanks
  8. For fun I ran this through the Google translate just to see what it comes up with. Sometimes it is not quite right and makes funny translations. You tell me. 楽しみのために、私はGoogleの翻訳を通してこれを見て、それがどうなっているのか見てみましょう。 時にはそれはかなり正しくなく、面白い翻訳をします。教えてください Forum | Japanese | A collection of memorial tokens for bit girls on top! Earlier, Book of Orbs It was announced that it will be able to newly create collection of tokens of bit girls on above. I think that there are announcements from the Zaif side at a later date on how to receive tokens, but please use this forum if there is a question about this effort, or as a new user. If you have questions about Book of Orbs etc, please use this forum as well. Unfortunately the program itself of Bit Girls has ended at the end of March, but I think that it is very interesting that there is a possibility that it will continue to be used in such a form as a token on the block chain. ----- The Japanese players are so lucky. I would like to know more about bit girls on top! How do I create a collection of tokens of bit girls? Back translate turns out interesting sometimes too. 日本の選手はとても幸運です。一番上の少女たちについてもっと知りたい!ビットガールのトークンのコレクションを作成するにはどうすればよいですか? 逆翻訳は時には面白いことが分かります。 私はあなたに会い、創世記の呪文をプレイすることを光栄に思っています。 エディ
  9. Just to let you all know, it does get better. How long does one stay a newbie? Just asking. As you progress through SoG there may be times where you feel stuck. It gets better, keep trying. Then it gets challenging all over again. -- note I found that the stamina does not help being max when playing. (my bad in a previous post) I use to play a game and let it recharge to full. You can play/battle until your stamina runs out then you have to go back and recharge. Guess learning is part of the game. Still trying to manage the limited resources, I find that speed helps . Careful with the spiky walls though. -- Gold fountains appear more frequently (win) as you and your deck improve. Go back and play previous battles. It is possible to grind. I find that trying different things, over and over, has helped me figure out some of the complexity of the game. A healer helps but has to be managed. Still working on the marching order for my team. -- Gold and Crystals are like doritos, we will make more. I was being kind of stingy when I first started playing SoG. Sometimes you just have to crystallize the cards in your box. Game play improves as the cards you are working with improve. I am still not sure which ones to level up and in which order to give the best bang for the buck, or charge from the crystal as it were. I am convinced that the luck of the draw does come into play. Don't get stuck playing your favorite in situations where there are better choices. -- Be smart, play more, stratigize, adapt to new challenges, read the hints and post on the forum, make friends and communicate with them, maximize the gathering and use of stamina throughout the day/evening, build a solid team ... You will get better.
  10. @makosch When does the next season begin? What do we have to look forward to? SoG Thank you for the reward. It is nice to receive something even if not in the top ten. Congratulations to all the players, especially to those ton the top, I applaud you. idk - Maybe we should bow and throw money. ... "How do you know he is a king? " "eeez not all covered in shite." <--- MP
  11. Here is another walk through for noobs on how to buy bitcrystal. This takes us through the process of using the ShapeShift app on the phone to turn bitcoins BCT into bitcrystals BCY. This was quite a bit easier than using the other method described in a previous article . I am not sure if it is better to write these directly into the forum or add an attachment as a .rtf file. I like the forum because it helps me with spell checking and should be available to all platforms. If someone knows if it is better one way or the other let me know. It is much easier to do off line in wordpad, cut and paste, type and edit, save frequently, save often but I have a feeling not having to open the file is the way to go. Let me know your feelings on this topic and if you like the shapeshift write-up or not. Shapeshift BCT into BCY v1.rtf Shapeshift_BCT_into_BCY_v1.rtf
  12. Maybe this should read WIN 7 battles with a light card in your team. I have had a centipede in my team for many battles only one of which I have won. Yea, having another loosing streak what's new? It worked for the first Affinity - water but who knows maybe I was on a winning streak.
  13. Just in case you do not recognize the reference. Old Folks Boogie - Little Feet This above link will take you to you tube. I recommend: Fatman in the Bathtub, Dixie Chicken and Willin --- Update on play for phone challenged users. Bad news. I tried to run the SoG on a tablet. Of course it is not available in the play store so I rolled over to the web based version. Though the tutorial will run it is very slow to load and the game play is not as it should be. The spells bounce around unexpectedly and that could be very bad when there are walls of thorns. SoG was not crafted for the tablet. Though I expect it could be done this is not the prime audience. My hope was with a bigger screen I might get a little more control but alas, no joy. For those of us who have a hard time seeing the screen on the phone, have fat fingers and are kind of shaky stick with the PC version. -- Hints for the day. I always aim the spells beam by picking it up by the team. You do not have to do this. You can touch the orb you want and let go. Voila, instant death. Well not it is not quite that easy. You lose accuracy, perhaps run into obstacles and can not focus your rebound near as well. If you want to hurry game play, are at the end and have small orbs that you can take one at a time then it is okay to just tap and go. Better game play is economy of shots. Try to catch as many opponents as you can. Make sure you include team members with speed, max is six but as members are eliminated that can drop so take that into consideration when building a team. This can backfire on you too. If there are spiky walls you can push the opponents into them for damage but be careful because if your spell beam strikes the wall you take damage. Think about the trajectories both incoming and outbound. Sometimes you maybe better off letting a spell go or firing at a different angle. SoG is designed to be challenging and becomes more so as levels advance. Team consist is important. Read the clues before battle and try to take advantage of any bonus offered. Though that is not always the wise thing to do depending on your cards and their attributes.
  14. Oh, FYI: My daughter asked for and received the iPhone version of SoG. She used the test flight and installed just find. She plays some and has not reported any issues. I just wanted to say thank you. She has helped my game play. Kids know stuff. Of course she is an avid gamer so this all comes natural.
  15. Read: Tall Tails