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  2. Well the "Lightning Layer" of BTC is almost live now, they did their "pizza purchase". Is that an option at all or is this still all on counterparty's head? EDS could always have a one time fee either in cash, crystals, gems, or BitCrystals to pay for the setup of a "channel" between each player that wants to blockchainize cards and EDS. Eventually all players would be on the Lightning Network, which would make all SoG transactions (even player to player) much, much quicker. Or EDS could just eat the channel fee (200 crystals is actually quite a big investment of time for new players and they are most likely going to stick around for a while. They also probably have watched countless ads by then!) BUT the BTC fees are supposedly down to $1 now so it could already be a non-issue. (I don't know, I've switched to BitCoin Cash for most of my crypto transactions now.) EDS could also set up their own mining operation (or pay someone too, hint hint) and have it set up to preferentially process SoG transactions first, transactions with at least one confirmation seem to go through MUCH quicker. Still, the MOST important thing I'd like to see is for EDS to work with Google and Apple to have them accept BitCrystals as payment just for SoG (yah right lol!)
  3. Drop Rates

    I know what you mean. I once got 3 of the same epics right after each other (ladybug) and I had to beat a campaign to get the fourth. I've never gotten any ladybugs ever, other than today, I pulled 2 in a row. It also seems like the rarity of the cards change or they release a bunch of the same cards at once, a friend of mine pulled 3 legendaries on his first ever 10 pack! (all the same card) I also pulled 6 or 7 energy thralls right in a row today (rares). It totally seems like they use the "bucket" system.
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  5. Drop Rates

    I just got 1 legendary and 2 epics from 12K, I've also gotten 2 legendaries and 4 epics from around the same amount of gold before. It seems like the draw system uses probability "buckets" like most games do, as in there's a preset amount of certain cards (or rarities) that everyone draws from that gets refreshed every day or so (maybe even every server refresh like most games do). Hence you get better draws right after the refresh. My experiments seem to suggest that its better to draw early morning (EST). Keep it up!
  6. Blockchain Card Price History

    @hikergirl1234 If you open up any counterparty address you will see the exchange. It is not used very much. The trading currency is XCP and you need a little BTC ( Now quite alot since the Fee and scalability problems) to transact. Nevertherless the information is there. One thought is that if the lightning channels can be used than it is is possible that SOG card transactions can be very low cost. Not too sure about this as these transactions are not broadcast on the main chain until you close it (your channel) out. But the XCP DEX is there. It was the whole idea of Counterparty in the first place. To create assets and have a decentralised marketplace to trade it (DEX). The BOO seems to be a better DEX and it uses bitcrystals as the base currency but also crippled by high BTC fees.
  7. Blockchain Card Price History

    In-game legendary blockchain cards are now listed on the site: CARNIATHCREA, HEAVENLYSHEP, TRANSCENDEN, TRIDENTQUEEN, DARKAODH, SLASHINGCRIR. Enjoy
  8. Blockchain Card Price History

    @phanpp Thank you! I am not sure what you mean by that, could you give me an example maybe? The website gets all its data from a counterparty server -- I am only displaying trades within the last 90 days though.
  9. Blockchain Card Price History

    @hikergirl1234 Great work. Would you be able to add the Decentralised exchange. Maybe the XCP DEX.
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  11. Blockchain Card Price History

    @joeychipsI did some snooping and found you blockchainized guardian of the source of life I did the same card and wondered what you traded it for?
  12. Quest prize

    Thank You
  13. Quest prize

  14. Drop Rates

    That is randomness for you. 400~ is a small data set
  15. Drop Rates

    I think not only rarity has drop rate but also individual cards. Eg. Leviathan i draw 10 times, luminatis x13. And more and more. But onocha only once.
  16. Quest prize

  17. Drop Rates

    Rarity is as follows iirc Rare 1/5 Epic 1/100 Legendary 1/1000 There is another thread on forum where devs confirm but i think thats right
  18. I have an alternate solution then ETH UBQ... go check it out!
  19. Drop Rates

    You were unlucky. But these rates are almost correct. When I had 60k i took one epic.
  20. Does anyone have the drop rate numbers? I have accumulated 40,000 gold which took me about 3 weeks After 400 cards, this is what i got! Common 332 83.00% Rare 68 17.00% Epic 0 0.00% Legendary 0 0.00% How am i supposed to play this game if after 3 weeks of constant playing I do not get any Epics, let alone Legendary Cards. I may have just gotten really unlucky. But after playing for so long trying to maximize my gold/day. And still no Epics, im getting a little bit tired of constantly grinding for no reward.
  21. Your Opinion Counts!

    Hi^^ We are pleased to show you the results here: https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/opinion-counts-satisfaction-survey-results/ Have a nice day
  22. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi @joeychips, right now the site only lists cards created on the blockchain, not in-game cards that can be blockchainized -- I will have to take a look and see how frequently those are being traded (e.g. Heavenly Shepherd), I agree that they should be included as well. Thank you for your kind words!
  23. Hi everyone, We have good news, all blockchainization since few days are all correctly working. Thanks a lot for all your helpful reports! If you are facing an new issue with a new blockchainization, please let us know, we will dig further ! About the past blockchainizations that did not correctly work, we are still working on them, and you should correctly get your blockchainized cards soon. Thanks again for all your help, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further issues.
  24. Hello there, A small reminder, the rewards for January are posted on our blog here : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ Have a nice day and game!
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  26. Ok merci pour les infos je pensais que comme lorsque le jeu était en développement on pouvait gagner des points avec les fusions et crystalisation À bientôt et merci encore
  27. Bonjour @padbol55 Pour gagner des points tu dois gagner des parties. Le leaderboard mensuel comptabilise les points récoltés lors des batailles normales et ceux gagnés en mode Raid (PvP). Les cristallisations te font gagner des cristaux que tu peux utiliser pour améliorer et fusionner tes cartes, ce qui te permet de progresser dans les niveaux plus élevés du jeu. Patience et bonne continuation!
  28. C'est qui... qui domine ?!!!

    Salut, bah moi ma carte favorite c’est Amber dragonling Et voilà le deck que j’aime bien jouer:
  29. Bonjour à tous, je voulais savoir qu'elles sont les actions qui font gagner des points pour le classement ?? Parties gagnées, cristallisation, fusion ? Quelqu'un peut il m'éclairer ??? Merci et bonne année à tous 😉
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