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  2. Un deck orienté reptiles blockchain, j'aime bien
  3. Leaderboard wrong page

    Confirmed fixt.
  4. Ya fusions was annoying. I wish there was a way to quickly quad-fuse for the same price rather than having to click buttons so many times. I did it on the plane the other week when I had wifi and nothing else to do. At 5/60 daily quests now. Looking to finishing this.
  5. Leaderboard wrong page

    Could you do another check @Overtime ? It should be good now.
  6. Leaderboard wrong page

    Thanks for review, I'll dig a little more in this problem ASAP
  7. Leaderboard wrong page

    Corroborating data yo. April fools is right? Rank zero yo!
  8. Leaderboard wrong page

    Also unrelated[related?] leaderboard bug. If your username begins with a numeral it causes a display bug in the in game l3aderboard. Just the top rank display number. The username field is bleeding data....
  9. Leaderboard wrong page

    Related leaderboard issue... Rank says 51 and 52 shows on list.
  10. Leaderboard wrong page

    Hello, It is now resolved :=)
  11. Earlier
  12. Leaderboard wrong page

    Hi @trebormag Many thanks for your report ! It's really helpful. I forward your message to the dev team, they will have a look into it. Thanks, have a nice day
  13. Hello, I was about to ask the same question. We use an external wallet checking service to *load* blockchain cards. If that service is down at this moment (which could occur rarely like @eds_Yzia said), this could explain unavailibility of these cards both in deck / card list of a player.
  14. Google Play Store - Game Details

    Helo thanks for noticing this. We normally updated everything regarding publisher changes but obviously it's still on previous app details content. I'm making a follow-up to my colleague that managing that. @cheers
  15. Leaderboard wrong page

    Hi! There is a "n+1" bug: If you are exactly at rank 50 or multiple, the wrong(next) page is shown. E.g. I was at rank 200 and it showed the page with ranks 201-250 (Android 6.0, SoG V1.2.14 from Google Play Store)
  16. The game details shown at Google Play Store still contain the All4Games stuff :-(
  17. Hi @jjjj, are your 3 missing cards "blockchain" cards and not "in-game" cards like the one remaining on your deck? If that's the case it's a known problem that sometimes the blockchain cards from your registered bitcoin/counterparty address are not loaded. It happens about once a week with my account and I have to restart the game or log off/in again. I don't think this bug is triggered by changing cards, but the server having troubles/timeout to get the blockchain information for your address. @eds_Yzia does EDS operate a own BTC/Counterparty node/database or do you depend on 3rd party api? cheers
  18. Hi @jjjj Many thanks for your report. It was been forward to our Dev Team. I also send you a PM. Thank you again, have a nice day, and do not hesitate to let me know if you have further issue.
  19. Non shooting character shows shot

    Hi again ^^ Good news, this issue should be fixed into the next release ! Thank you for the report and your patience Have a nice day and game!
  20. Non shooting character shows shot

    Hi @cdex Many thanks, I see what you mean. I report your issue to the Dev Team, thanks for the report I will get back to you as soon as I have more information on my side, have a nice day!
  21. Still not done all the fusions. It's kind of stupid and also a bit boring to just wast crystals on fusing commons or so.
  22. Look at my card on the very right. It looks like it's charging up a shot. It wasn't it's turn. I'm not sure why it was 'charging'
  23. I've been a tester for this game for over 4 months. Most of the bugs I've encountered are problems with quest progress updating (20+ times) in version 1.2.12 and earlier. I've run into the unequipped party bug around 4 times, so this seems like a rarer bug. Normally, I would quit and reopen the app to fix my party. This time, I was able to test the bug during a battle. Upon inspecting my team in team view, all of my cards were gone, and my party only had one card in it (Dark card). Upon entering battle, the party still registered only one card. This seems to be yet another problem with inconsistent state between the client and server, and should be fixed ASAP. This bug is triggered by changing cards in your active party. It seems unpredictable, and doesn't happen all the time. The incorrect party state persisted into battle (see screenshot), which seems to be the result of bad server logic involving party switching. Why you need to fix the bug: People can pay money for your game. People do not want their cards to disappear. Purchased goods should not be able to disappear. The bug causes people to enter battles without a fully equipped party. The bug forces a loss on the user where a loss would have been unlikely. Bug causes user to lose hearts. Community relations: I suggest using a script to see where this bug has occurred, and then award affected users with compensation in hearts, gold, gems, or some combination of these. Without taking these steps, it is hard to know if the development team actually cares about the userbase. I suggest a full audit on the server code that handles party-switching functionality; there seems to be inconsistent logic. Other traceable bugs have occurred with resulted upon loss of hearts, progress or gold, and there has been no action taken by the team to compensate the affected users. This is concerning! Client information: Android 8.1.0, Spells of Genesis build 1.2.14, installed from Google Play Store.
  24. March blockchain card reward

    thanks for the fast response
  25. Non shooting character shows shot

    Hi @cdex I do not really understand what was your issue here. If I am right it's the monthly campaign? Could you please give me more details? Thanks a lot for all you help, I look forward to hearing from you
  26. March blockchain card reward

    Hi @blackro9 We just send it to you, sorry for the delay. Thanks for your understanding, have a nice day and game
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