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  2. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    The rarity hasnt changed. Only the time required to earn gold. If you are playing challenge mode instead of grinding boss leveles it is taking you more time to earn gold than killing orc or sia repeatedly right? This makes legendaries harder to obtain right?
  3. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    Not when you play Challenge game, now its harder to get lvl and gather gold in one time. What about increases of rarity of legendary card? There was not such info
  4. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    Less gold = harder to obtain legendaries
  5. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    To be honest. I dont like idea when every enemy After 7 star is completed gives you epic card. Ok, its better to collect cards, new players have so much easier than we had. In some. Way it was good to farm 1 boss and have Depend on luck to get epic or legendary card. Now game be more balanced on new and older players. Do You know this from devs, seen it or you just think its Increase without any proofs?
  6. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    Meh, I get those reasons, but still do not like how the gold rewards have dropped, especially because its too much of a drop imo.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    Effectivly yes the gold reward is lower... This is somewhat offset by the card rewards.... This has two major effects. 1. Virtually increases the pay outs of challenge and raid modes 2. Virtually increases the rarity of legendary cards while increasing acces to epixs.
  9. Why has the gold reward dropped to like nothing. Played bottom up through campaigns and got like 10 gold for a 5 stamina level. Is that normal now?
  10. Dear fellows. If anyone would like to buy a Satoshi, please contact me. I am willing to sell for BTC or BCC. Price will be negotiated through PM. I will then create a swap bot which only accepts funds from your address. Not sure about BCC, we might have to use escrow there. Will tend to that when it comes to it. I would probably ask an SoG Admin to be the escrower.
  11. I have DC 4 as well. Coming close on 5 but just failing. Will get it soon. 6 and 7 will be annoying. Not sure what cards would help, if any are even good enough.
  12. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    3 stars remaining. All dark creator levels....
  13. Can't link XCP wallet with SoG account

    I have problem. I can't link my XCP wallet adress with my Spells of Genesis profile. I am playing with pc because I can't download app for android in my country. I click on Link XCP adress here http://prntscr.com/gagrk6 After that I fill this here http://prntscr.com/gags8g and clik on link xcp wallet. And nothing happen on my profile page. There is no XCP adress linked. http://prntscr.com/gagspj My username is: Pancho95 My XCP adress is: 13sWrajwhpXkfepvwABoJe4pmPBgSquTv5
  14. PC version doesn't let you buy cards in store

    I am surprised noone reported that earlier. Luckily early stages give little of Gold so there is not much to summon with
  15. lol I have 6 campaighns finished and 24 to go. so loooots of work for me still
  16. You need to own full card. There are only few cards that you can buy parts of liek 5-10. Those are one of earliest cards, latter issued cards cant be traded in piecess.
  17. Raid rules

    It is harder to me. i lost most of my Raids, basicly won only few. So allready lost one level and wil most likely another. But is same for all, so we wil all meet at lower ranks
  18. Last week
  19. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    Make that 5 stars remaining.
  20. Anyone got 7 stars on all levels yet?

    6 stars remaining. Not looking forward to Dark creator. Already did the fourth star of dark creator but I'm worried how hard star 7 will be....
  21. If I own let’s say 0.5 of a card, can I use it in SoG, or do I need to own the 100% of the card in order to be able to use it in the game ? If I need the 100%, (in case of an expensive card), can I buy different portions of the card over time, and only when I finally reach 100% to be able to use it? (I was not sure if I should post this to general or newbie section. Apologies in advance if I choose the wrong section)
  22. Contes et Légendes d'Askian

    Hé, les francophones! Il n'y a personne pour rebondir sur ces histoires?
  23. PC version doesn't let you buy cards in store

    Hey cdex, I will relay your feedback to our support team or dev team asap. They'll need a couple of days (over this weekend) to replay. I hope this is ok with you. Regards, Nick
  24. 1.2.5 Trying to buy cards on PC version. It pops up the screen saying Gems can only be bought on mobile. I click the Cards button, but the screen remains and there is no way to buy cards.
  25. Of course not. I dont know is it my Phone fault or what
  26. Big Increase in 5 Stamina Reward Offerings

    are you playing on pc? ads only available on mobile APP
  27. Non mais j'ai essayé sur 3 configs différentes dont une en windows 7 Je viens d'essayer sur les navigateurs Opéra et Edge : Ca fonctionne
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