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  2. I actually did NOT have a non-blockchain card disappear from my inventory per se...I was drawing cards and saw a certain card pop up while drawing that didn't transfer over to my inventory for some reason....I think this was isolated and probably not related to the blockchain cards disappearing. Also, I am playing on my phone fyi.
  3. All i meant was..thats a lot of gems for 1 POSSIBILITY of a Legendary draw...its actually for one epic or higher guarantee plus a random or two.
  4. Also my non blockchain card is disappeared... I hope that fix it hearly because is difficult to play.
  5. Picking a legendary for 45 gems would hardlock the value of a quad fused legendary to ~ $50ish.... not so good for the economy regardless what you think they might be worth
  6. I would hope so for 45 gems you ought to be able to pick which specific legendary you want and straight up buy it lol. Thats a little odd that there would be SUCH a disparity between players to draw epics and least legends...weird..especially bc you have about double or more the lifetime gold than me 😳 A few of my legendarys are from achievement completions though..but maybe only 1-3 at most.
  7. Yeah, my freebie blockchain card disappeared too, then I logged out, could not get back into the game for about 30 minutes, then when I did it was back in my inventory. I also drew a non blockchain today that disappeared from inventory...which isnt connected to dunno what the deal is, BUT...i have had my blockchain card do this before.
  8. You seem to be a bit more lucky with pulls than I am. I have been lucky with Legendaries in 45 gem epic packs.
  9. Also, got this Legendary yesterday or day before? Sometime recently, first one Ive ever owned..non fused of course. I have yet to obtain the earth/green Legend..its the only one left I have never found. I swear...after the last few days...I am due to draw nothing but commons for 2 months straight haha
  10. There seems to be a problem with a wallet server or so... BoO and IndieSquare also don't work.
  11. Yeah, I had ALOT of luck today...prolly THE best card draws in one day Ive ever had. Somewhere around 4-5 epics and 2 Legendaries in just around 250 or so card draws. I just need a little more elemental crystal and I will have my Heavenly Shepperd! Btw...LOVE the card art for that divine knight...beautiful. Paladin type characters are always my fav for a lead in any rpg fantasy type party....suuuch a sucker for the paladin/holy knight archetype. I also just need ONE more Merman Trident and I will be able to quad fuse it....I still HATE myself being being soooo dense as to dismantle the first one I ever found suuuper early after launch...cuz ida had it quad before the recent update even. when you say you purchased the legendary/epic card booster, are you referring to the booster that costs 45 premium white crystal er whatever? I never have purchased one or even the lesser rare booster...I couldn't help but think of all the stamina I could refill...and continued motivation to keep playing cuz I still need more epics/legends lol. I figured it up today and total since launch I have drawn somewhere right over 15-18 Legendary cards, and double or more than that in epics. Wish I would have kept every single card better than rare no matter what...oh I know..and knowing is half the battle....GIJOE
  12. Yeah, I am veeerrry disappointed with the light/str card nerf...granted...only affects challenge mode as I can still stack the 15 str during a mission/campaign...but usually I don't even NEED 15 extra str for campaign...10 is fine...and the 15 wouldn't be unless I made the effort to grab the buff on the last wave. Anyway...EVEN in challenge mode, KEEPING the extra 5 on top of more consistent 10 usually took a little planning, intentionally missing an enemy for a turn or two, AND honestly in the end its was only helping me SOMETIMES get to wave 34-36 ish...instead of my more consistent wave 30 or 31...around there somewhere...point is it was only helping challenge be maybe 50 gold or 30 gold more rewarding for me as I certainly still have never had success beyond the rare few wave 38-40 maybe. I honestly think it would not be too much to ask them to reconsider that nerf, ESPECIALLY because they added the whole "booster" mechanic to challenge mode which finally was explained that this is an inidicator as to when the ENEMY ia getting an extra boost to whatever spell they have, health, etc...they said they wanted to make challenge mode more you have niiice blockchain deck...I doubt you were finding challenge easy...I know you and maybe Cdex were being able to get upwards of 1500 gold per go, but....I wonder if anyone playing with in game only decks like me were able to knock out that many waves or even close to it. For having no blockchain cards...I have some pretty nice cards 🤓
  13. I do not know but my blockchain card is crazy! This card disappears and then reappears improvisedly, and is now again disappearing from my team right between the game and the other. What is happening??? I'm using Firefox. Now i tried on chrome and work fine... Cache problem?? Is strange... Happend also on chrome!!! Now i must play whit 3 cards... It's really boring.
  14. BCY is on poloniex. Seems cheaper than trading xcp
  15. It could be my own problem. I copied and pasted my XCP address, but at the end of the code I also copied a space. I just had to delete it and everything was fine!
  16. Im playing only mobile. I sent priv message to admin. Im waiting for replay
  17. Bittrex is a great exchange to get your Bitcrystals.
  18. This problem of missing cards is happening to me too. It has been over an hour.
  19. Cards show up in BoO fine. Missing from SoG
  20. FYI the card arrived one month later! I guess that's what we call growing pains.
  21. Have the same issue. Probably their Counterparty API or server or something. @Jasper Damman, can you comment on this?
  22. More waves would be cool. Has balancing implications to be considered. Makes blue cards much stronger I think. On a side note I am a little disappointed that they powered down light cards, but did not power up the green ones. You can see it in PvP, haven't met a single deck with a green card in it. The effect should last as long as the white one. Maybe a bit less, but for sure longer than to the next turn of the card. I mean green and white are the only colors worth wile taking an effect with you into the next wave. However, with green all effects are gone until an orb hits you the first time.
  23. Adds for stamina are only available on mobile, not browser version.
  24. I just logged in and all my blockchain cards are gone. Opened book of orbs and it keeps loading forever. What is going on?
  25. Finally seeing familiar names on a regular basis consistently now! In PvP I mean. Trebormag....ey brah....I SO killed you in the fAce earlier today. Whatcha goHn do bout it bout it?!
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