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  2. Got one-time 621 Gold reward in A table
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  4. majorblunt

    no rewards from the adverts

    yes that is correct im on iOS still not receiving awards for watching the adverts even after the update i dont know where to find the game version, just got latest after update if that helps please fix ASAP i wanna try and get top 100 at least this month!!
  5. This has got me wondering as well. I initially thought that it could simply be related to the attractivity of the monthly blockchain rewards. But it does not really seem like it. Do you spend all your free gems on refills? If not that could be one explanation. Daily rewards account for about 30*680=20400 more gold per month on the leaderboard, even more with the additional gold piles.
  6. Bigfishhead

    RAID gain new rank not trigger given card anymore?

    I just got my other account able to proceed to Silver rank today first time. And sadly no reward is triggered. I can confirm for SI rank the reward system is buggy... Cheers
  7. Yesterday
  8. Bigfishhead

    no rewards from the adverts

    I havent able to trigger the video for a week or two now. Same on the new 12.20 version. Android 7.0 Sumsung S8
  9. It told me to insert my email to get a code but I haven't received an email (yet?). Also, what is the Telegram channel of sog? Spells of Genesis (cause there are only 2 subscribers).
  10. Hi, first of all big thanks to the developers for two new campaigns! I am pretty hyped to complete them! :D On the book of orbs web app there's a new card alongside Gummy Yummy and Ethermage. It's called Polymathcard and the name is Ice Minotaur. Have I missed any information as to how this card can be obtained or is that still forthcoming? I'd like to see Alrik and The Orc being addded to the book of orbs list as well as sogassets.com and xcp.cards having the new cards added.
  11. Titanium

    Satoshicard for sale

    yes. post it on the xcp dex and ill buy it for sure
  12. Last week
  13. Burning

    December Leaderboard?

    The campaign is pretty late this month but I'm sure we'll get it on Monday. I think it's due to the team being under time pressure from the presale of their new yummies game.
  14. Burning

    Water cards not protected by Shields?

    I just tested this scenario with the monthly challenge, a Heavenly Shepard and shields from Carniath Creator and Jaya. I CANNOT confirm this bug. When shielded by 6 or 10 Heavenly Shepard took no damage from hitting spikes. Could it be that you were using a weak shield like from Alrik on a very high hp watercard? In that case the shield would simply not be enough to mitigate all the damage from the spikes which scales with the total hp of the card. A hit on the spikes should take off roughly one fifth of the cards total hp. A bug that I have noticed but found difficult to reproduce is that under certain conditions on certain maps unshielded shots register hits on spikes twice losing me large chunks of hp. An example I have is hitting the right sight of a genesis raid map with my trident card. I only hit the side once but it took 4 hp off of my 8 hp card when it should have only taken off 2. Same has happened with other cards in similar situations.
  15. eds_Yzia

    Water cards not protected by Shields?

    Hi @NimbleBodhi Thanks, I will try to keep an eye on that when I will play !
  16. For some reason, it seems like when playing water cards on levels with spikes, they don't get the same kind of protection from the shield spell as other cards. Has anyone else noticed this?
  17. NimbleBodhi

    December Leaderboard?

    Soooo, we're going to get the December campaign in January then... seems like these should be ready to go by the start of the month... I don't know, that'd make sense to me.
  18. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Yeah man. Most card are pull through in game. Poor man's team😅
  19. Interesting deck you use.
  20. Hi @trebormag Here is a message we posted on telegram and discord. How to claim your ETHERMAGE card? Open Casa Tookan and go to the news tab. Then open the news related to the Ethermage card, and it will open a menu to claim it. If it does not appear into your news tab, please check the read menu. If you face any issue regarding the claim, please open through Casa Tookan your internet browser and copy / paste this link: https://claim.bitcrystals.com/?campaign=ethermage Then it should work correctly - Anyway if you need any further help, please send us a message on telegram or discord. Thanks a lot, have a nice day !
  21. Thank you so much @Knight! I was struggling several days with "webXCP" error: WebView was deactivated on my phone: and now activating WebView resolved it and got the ethermage card! :-))) @eds_Yzia
  22. eds_Yzia

    Problème de blockchainisation

    Bonjour @krueg1967 J'ai reporté à l'équipe dev le souci pour la carte Alrik qui n'apparaît pas dans Book of Orbs, ils vont regarder ça. Concernant ETHERMAGE, est-ce que tu as bien ouvert la news et entré ensuite ton adresse email s'il te plaît? En suivant ces étapes, tu dois recevoir un e-mail (il faut vérifier les spams au cas où), qui te donne un code-coupon à entrer ensuite dans Casa Tookan. Du coup est-ce que tu as réalisé déjà toutes ces étapes s'il te plaît? Merci, j'attends ton retour, et concernant la carte Alrik, je reviens vers toi dès que j'ai plus d'informalions de mon côté. Bonne journée et merci encore pour ton suivi
  23. Sigoan

    ETHERMAGE card coupon not found

    I got the ETHERMAGE card after a while. I was disoriented by the messages. After the first attempt to activate the coupon, I checked the availability of the card. Card was missing.
  24. Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  I am trying to get ETHERMAGE card. I received the email with coupon code. In this email button "Send me my gift" disabled. I copied the coupon code to form in Casa Tookan. But then I click "Claim your gift!' I see message "Coupon not found". Could I get ETHERMAGE card?
  25. Bigfishhead

    DEC Monthly Leader Board issue

    No. I was pretty lucky in the past few days got some nice amount gold piles triggered but shame it was not calculated in Dec leaderboard. Thats all. 😂
  26. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Yeah man. I want to see if anyone can break my record below.. 1456 ✌️
  27. Im in the same shoes as you. Pretty much same schedule to max out... But I do use gems in the last day to make sure I stay in the top 25 depends on the card. I believe in order to stay in top 50 you may dont need to use Gems. But you need some luck on Gold piles and free video reward to give you a boost. But for top 25 you definitely need to spend gems. Not much but depends on last day's position. 15-30 for me thats less than one month daily log in reward. So not too bad. ☺️
  28. cdex

    Cards drop rate

    My legendary pull rate is def well below expected
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