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    Hello there, We are looking for players who would like to help us to create more content for Spells of Genesis. As example: Strategy guide, stories linked to SoG, videos, fan-arts, etc ... Do not hesitate to let me know if you are interested or need more information. You can send me a message through the forum, or our discord here : https://discord.gg/fg5Djcc Thanks, have a nice day and a good game !
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    I think we should redesign the SoG website for mobile user. When New players for iOS links wallet, they CANNOT link their wallet from mobile broser because of design.And also it's hard to view it.
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    Hello, Thanks for report, we're already working on this bug resolution.
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    Hello guys, I just repared, you should have the popup showing up again when you relaunch the game and just after you should get the automatic rewards. Cheers
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    @panosdada Only the gold earned in campaign mode is counted towards monthly point totals
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    Hello there, While 2 hours period this morning, changes have been made that brought an error and this have been corrected very quickly. It means : - Prior to this changes, the displayed data and user rank points was the correct ones - In between this changes and the problem resolution (2 hours period) september and october leaderboards was the same (september one) which explains your wrong positions if you had a look at this moment - Now the problem is resolved and october values are displayed back (as before this morning) That problem did not affected our values counting system in game, it was just a matter of display. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Hi @wachtwoord Sure! - If you have feedback on the roadmap in general you can post it here. - If it is about specific ideas or other things on the roadmap, please comment on that card in Trello. - If you have an idea that is not on the Trello roadmap, please open a topic on the forum about it in "bugs and suggestions".
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    And I can see what's the problem: The canvas element that holds the game drawing is <canvas id="#canvas" ...> but it should have id="canvas" without the #. The setFullscreen() and resizeChild() functions look for the canvas element by it's id using jquery $('#canvas') but the # in the jquery selector means 'look for ID canvas. So just remove the # in the <canvas> element id and you'll be fine. Regards, ptaczek update: well, the 50% centering also causes problems with the canvas fitting the window height. So yes, the main problem is the #canvas id but more work is needed to make it nice. But maybe the scaling is disabled on purpose.
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    And another problem, in the giant of the mountains, i somehow move my enemy under my players so i cant see and hurt him, but he is shooting and hurting me. I cant do anything but retreat or let it kill me. Probably is glich that the ball is bouncing under players and we cant see it? Thanks, android 7.1.1., game ver. 1.2.8.
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    Pretty simple. If you close the app before the conclusion of a raid/PvP match, you don't lose any points. This makes an easy cheat as you can just close the app when you're about to lose. No wonder I see so many poor players ranked Ge. Surely a simple solution would be to deduct 30 points upon the initiation of the game and upon a winning game award the player 40 points, resulting in the same +10 points for a win. Or is it not that simple? On an unrelated note definitely not related to the above post (totally related to the above post) I noticed that when I completed Ge level I didn't get awarded the ten Random cards. Totally don't deserve them anyway. Haha.
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    Hello, that's right. We limited the feature currently to partners.
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    Hello my SoG username is jesuscirino and I would like to collaborate with game guides, perhaps using discord, I have been looking for information for a few months but it is very little.
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    Wooot?! Thank You.
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    As I wrote. This error is showing when: Last enemy is killed by spikes and simultaneously my hero is changing. How to explain this to You, i dont know. Assume: 1. I have 2 cards (e.g. shield, troll) | 2. Only one enemy left. | 3. I cast spell (e.g. shield) into enemy | 4. He's still alive BUT my spell changed his position and now he's near spikes which are moving around - not killed yet | 5 FINAL ROUND: FIGHT! Card is changed, and at this same time (I cannot even start to aim) spikes are killing enemy! !!BANG!! Error. TO be honest It was 1 time when i got error always I get x2 gold OK. And one more thing, this bug is also occurring at SIA lvl. Sorry for my english
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    ・システム 事前予告の通り、シールド効果の上書き確認。targetは未確認だがおそらく同じく予定通り変更されていると思われます。 ・バグ ダンジョンクリア後、フィールドが表示されなく(黒く)なる事がある。パーティー編成画面やショップ、プロフィール等は通常通り表示される。待機で復帰せず。アプリ再起動にて復帰。 追記 現在、ダンジョンクリア後毎回ブラックアウトする。非クリア時はブラックアウトせず。 上記バグ暫定対策→オプションのログインから再ログインで復帰。 iPhone7 ios10.3.2
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    情報少ないので動作等の報告に使ってください。ご利用の環境も書いて頂けると幸いです。 iPhone7 ios10.3.2
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    This was only tested on IOS. Can be replicated 100% of the time.
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    When entering a battle without enough stamina you can refill with gems, but perhaps you will prefer to keep your gems to buy cards in the shop.
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    Hello guys, we are sorry, there was an issue with the distribution, but no worries, you'll get your rewards. Thanks for your understanding and for your patience!
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    Come on it's not so bad, I'm just reporting it. As long as it gets fixed it's not a big deal at all.
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    Hi ごっつ Thanks for the suggestion, I made a trello card about it, where you can follow: https://trello.com/c/I15es75s/289-redesign-mobile-website-especially-so-ios-users-can-link-wallet
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    Bonjour à tous, Nous recherchons des joueurs motivés, qui souhaitent nous aider à créer du contenu pour Spells of Genesis. Par exemple, écrire des guides statégiques, des histoires liées à l'univers du jeu, des vidéos, des fan-art ... tout ce dont vous pourriez avoir envie N'hésitez pas à me faire signe pour en discuter, ou passer sur le discord ici : https://discord.gg/fg5Djcc Bonne journée à tous, et surtout bon jeu !
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    Our community has been asking us for a long time to publish a roadmap. We’re glad to announce that our Public Interactive Roadmap is now online. Learn more
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    Thanks. I didn't know we had the right to comment on Trello cards. Will try to do so later.
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    Hi, You can find the burn report on our blog. Here is the link : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/september-2017-bitcrystals-burn-report/ Thanks have a nice day and game !
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    Hi @tipmebits We are currently working on it, when it will be available, you will be informed Thanks, have a nice day and game ^^
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    自分のサイトですけど・・・ SoGに関連した記事をいくつか書いております。 よろしければ是非ご覧ください https://virtualcurrency.up-income.com/category/game/sog/
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    Here's the new chart showing the number of players by PvP Rank.
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    This update brought more bad than good.
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    I've gotten this error before when my Internet crapped out (my ISP is upgrading in our area). How reliable is your internet connection?