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    Hey everyone, I am still at it, as a day one mobile player. I have compiled the info about non-blockchain cards. I hope this helps some people as it has helped me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BatYz2A3pI1vSLIGLu5ZwaPHc-TLbDDKUBkN7PWivGY/edit?usp=sharing Okay document is updated with new total value figures.
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    Several Spells of Genesis Partners expressed their wish to be able to resell their membership. We’ve been listening to the community requests and, after having considered all the advantages and risks of such an operation, we decided to give Partner and Premium rank members a possibility of transferring their membership, including Partner or Premium Merchant store access, under certain conditions. The cards are not a part of this deal. The initial owner can sell their cards separately, or make an arrangement with the buyer to include them in this deal. EverdreamSoft doesn’t handle this part of the deal. We appreciate the involvement and commitment of our early supporters. We think that those who followed the project since its beginning and who took a risk while backing Spells of Genesis back in 2015 have a good insight into the project. While acting as resellers, they help us promoting Spells of Genesis and spreading the concept of the true ownership of digital game assets. We value our Partners and Premium members and we consider them as important actors in the BitCrystals ecosystem. Nevertheless, if a Partner or Premium rank member can’t, or doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore, we assume that passing their status over to a new member will be more beneficial for the whole economy. Therefore we decided to set following rules for any future Partner or Premium status transfer: A membership can only be transferred once in a calendar year A certain amount of BitCrystals (see the chart below) is burnt as transfer fee The BCY to be burnt are sent from the current Partner or Premium rank member’s address The transfer fee in BCY needs to be sent directly to the BitCrystals burn address: 1BURNSogXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXW3ny2Y The buyer has to be a registered SoG user The seller will provide us with the buyer’s username and XCP address, together with the burn tx If any of the above conditions is not fulfilled, the transfer can’t be carried out or may be considered as invalid. One week is needed to operate the transfer The below pricing is valid for 2017. New yearly pricing for the following year will be announced by EverdreamSoft on December 24 at the latest.
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    I like the moving objects!
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    So I was thinking about what I would want to see in the multiplayer. Or what is missing in other mobile games. Created a google doc via the slack channels and here's the content so far (Thanks Daniel Brown(YMB)) (The original doc) Feature requests: Must haves: Search functionality Name (So I can search for friend and invite him to play against me) Level (or experience points) Push notification when someone wants to “challenge me” Dedicated ranking for multiplayer players Daily Weekly Monthly All time Decide on which “level” you are going to battle on Should haves: Lose experience or ranking if you lose a battle Wish Haves: 2 v 2 battles, whereby you and a friend can battle 2 other players Possible Flow of Real-Time (Turn-Based) Multiplayer Play: Player A is selected to start as the attacker (bottom of the screen, they can aim their shots) Player D is the defender (the same as the AI in the current game, their moves will be taken automatically, just like the computer does now) Player D gets to choose X cards to defend the field. X can be determined based on the current turn number, power-ups, or other factors Optional: Player D can choose where to place his cards in the field? Maybe they can also place obstacles? Player A chooses his 4 attacker cards and play begins. NOTE: Steps 3-5 could either happen privately (at the same time) or publicly (in sequence). If card selection and/or obstacles are public, the second person to choose cards can use some strategy. Maybe players could alternate selecting one card at a time, so both sides can use strategy? 6. BATTLE: Player A attacks player D with the current gameplay mechanics. 7. Players swap sides and the steps repeat. 8. WINNING: Both players are eligible to win each turn, so maybe there are X rounds and each win is just a point? Players could learn about the opposing deck throughout the rounds and rethink their card selection if they’re losing. Or play could just continue to X points. Or there could be sideout scoring (like in volleyball) where only the attacking team can get a point. Feel free to add more ideas. maybe interesting for you: @Jasper Damman
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    There are lots of stories going around especially in the Forum taverns, inns and guilds. SoG lore is meant to teach, entertain and as is true with most stories, get bigger over time. If you have heard or know of such stories and want to add to, what will become, the SoG Book of Knowledge (BoK) put them here. No doubt the these stories need work, Editing and approval for content and format by the wizards guild. For now, spelling errors and all, lets run with this. Have fun, document a battle with your battalion or game trivia. Join me on the road, less traveled. --- Warning Warning Warning, Danger Will Robinson --- Don't believe everything you hear or read. Parts of the stories are no doubt based in fact and are true SoG lore, other parts may be fictitious and not part of the official SoG approved history. Still, stories are fun to read, fun to share and if nothing else should be entertaining. Who knows, you might even learn something. Spells of Genesis Lore - The Book of Knowledge (BoK) - Maybe rename the thread Book of Stories (BoS) or just plain BS ... Tall Tails Ask Ian the Blacksmith A Talisman of Color On the Road Again The Family Jewels
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    Hi Robert! Good to see you're involved with the game this much. And thanks for the ideas. We're close to launching asynchronous multiplayer, comparable to what you are suggesting. How it will work is you will only actively take the role of attacker. You will be able to "attack" other players a limited amount of times per day. If you win, you will receive gold(based on your rank), and rankpoints. If you lose, you will lose rankpoints. If you have enough rankpoints you will "rank up" and be matched to stronger players. When you rank up you will also receive common+, rare+, epic+ and finally even legendary cards. The levels are generated randomly(random level from a campaign) filled with the strongest cards of your opponent. In this way both players don't need to be online at the same time, and you don't need to wait for the other player to challenge you. A friendly multiplayer mode will not be present (might be considered later). But we have features in the pipeline where you can cooperate with friends while playing SoG. Custom level design might come later, but it has a lot of implications. So we will focus on improving the game on other fields first
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    Since quite a few people have reached the final star on the final level currently available, I take this opportunity to throw in some suggestions for future levels. I encourage others to also post their ideas in this thread: Fancy labyrinths where you need to do precise trick shots to even get the shot to the enemy. So the difficulty will more be to actually hit then to make lots of damage. Of course if you have a flame all nearby there are other ways to solve it. Increase the difficulty by making the walls out of black hole material. Bosses which are kind of in vehicles (box of non-spiky bricks), moving over the field where there is only a tiny window of opportunity to hit them as e.g. a small door/part opens up only once in each movement cycle. Zones to the left and right of the screen which let the shot pass through to the other side. This may be on the same high as the window where you shot in or on a different hight. E.g. I shoot into this window to the lower right and the shot comes out on the upper left. Or also from lower left to upper left and things. Cool levels can be designed like this I assume. Spawn barrels. Objects which can be destroyed which are not enemies as such, but where a new enemy will spawn after each x turns (enemy surfaces and is pushed to the side of the barrel/spawn point). So you e.g. don't have to even destroy it to win if you are fast enough. If you aren't fast enough you will have to think if it makes more sense to destroy the barrel or an existing enemy. There could also be a randomization regarding which enemy will spawn, how strong it is and how many turns it will take to attack. Levels that suppress any special abilities of cards. Levels in water, where the shots will have more friction, also see point 7 Wind and Currents, making shots drift to one side or the other, maybe even circular winds (cyclones) in boss levels. Levels in Space with no friction, a black hole and many spiked walls. So you need to do a good trick shot and make sure it hits the black hole in the end or your card will die off spikes. Levels which are like a dark dungeon. Only a few torches to illuminate some objects, but others are in the dark and only visible once a shot flies there. Maybe even an enemy is hidden somewhere. This could be a level thing or a card thing: Split-Shot. So an object or item you can hit which will split your shot into two. These are some ideas to begin with. I hope others will add to it and I will do so too as we go along.
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    Glad to see that you are listening to the community. Motivating to post more ideas for sure.
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    Thanks for the great ideas. Quite some were not on our list yet. Keep them coming!
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    SoG made the news! May 14, 2017 https://news.bitcoin.com/blockchain-based-mobile-game-sees-global-launch/ I added a comment about my experience and hope others will do the same. I have been playing Spells of Genesis (SoG) since I found out about the game, when purchasing my first Bitcion ASIC miner a couple of months ago. There is a lot more to SoG than meets the eye. It is definitely not easy or short. I like the challenge, collecting gold, crystals, gems, earning and fusing cards. Blockchain trading cards are available from other players, merchants and for sale in the Book of Orbs (BoO) a companion application. I am 19th on the leaderboard at the moment so there are many players who have built much better teams and know how to play, I am still learning. Check out the community forum at: https://forum.everdreamsoft... for more information and help getting started. The SoG application runs on PC, IPhone and Android so just about everyone can enjoy this innovative and challenging game. Congratulations to the investors, designers, developers, merchants and players for the successful launch. You have something pretty special in the Spells of Genesis (SoG.) This is really a neat way to introduce people to bitcoin wallets, exchange trading for bitcrystals (BCY), blockchain based ownership of in game resources and more. I am looking forward to learning more about the Lore of SoG, there is a story or mythos behind game play and characters on the cards that, I think, will be revealed over time. I expect there will be new challenges, tournament play, intersection with other games already exists and future releases. SoG v1.2.0 is not the end game. This is just the beginning, a genesis.
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    Two more: Bags of Gold that pop up, if you hit them you get some amount of gold These mushrooms you have in pinball machines. If you hit them they bounce the ball back accelerated and give you some points (gold?).
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    Yeah, I bet would save the team loads of time as well with users generating levels and keep engagement up among people like you that clearly are addicted already!
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    How about a separate online app that allows players to create their own levels and submit them in exchange for some coins/gems
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    It would be nice to see what changes before you spend crystals to level up a card. Currently you need to look it up externally through sogassets.com which is a bit annoying. Some kind of tooltip when hovering your mouse over the level up button could be an idea for example.
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    I think it was said it will not exist. But will be in May or Jully update. Check the last videos that did mention timeline and updates.
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    I have been trying to figure out how to make Bitcrystals playing SoG. One way is to set up your computer to mine bitcoin (article on this later) convert to bitcrystal and buy cards offered for sale at the market in the Book of Orbs. These can be later sold at a profit as the price of bitcristal increases over time or of course the demand rises because more people know about and play SoG. It will happen! Now we can also become a player or partner if someone wants to sell their spot. This gives access to new cards and the ability to set up an on line store, if you buy the cards too. There is a note about this in the forum but I don't have the link at my fingertips. (see below) It is a good write up from @Seb_degraff I understood that we could work in game to build, craft, fuse in game cards into Blockchain cards which can be posted on the Book of Orbs for sale. OMG - this is a lot of work. Now I know why cards are so expensive. I think this is correct and reasonable because it takes a lot of cpu cycles and hours of game play to make a blockchain card. From what I can tell not all cards can be quad fused. I was working on this one (for fun and to learn) He started as a ship builder but changed professions, never mind that for now. The message on the card is: "Card is at maximum level and evolution." Aww spent a lot of time and crystals building this guy. So maybe not all cards can be quad fused. Is there a rule? We see from research that it can be done. I have been working on a 'Life Fruits Grower', great card to have on the team, but it is a lot of work. Right now I am saving to level +120 then I will need to do the same for three more of these if and when I get them. Help me with the math (5+15+30+60+120) * 4 = 920 plus more once we get to the top (I presume like another 230) Say it becomes blockchainized at the 920. Today BCY is .4 USD so we are looking at a $368 USD card. Wow. Presuming someone is willing to buy this card. and Provided we could get four of these to fuse (rare? Epic? Legendary?) not going to happen any time soon. We need to be able to buy/trade regular in game cards too. Lets just say for example that my level 17 is 27 stamina. I get to play against 'The Prince of Ice' (6) or 'The Purple Dragon' (7) four times. Maybe I pick up a little over 100 each game. One new random card per game. If we are lucky we get a rare (that we already have duplicates of can crystalize 1/5 so lets estimate 4 regular and 1 rare or about 11 crystals per stamina fillup. I think the clock allows refresh about 1 in ten minutes or maybe 6 an hour (not got this quite figured out yet) I can get full up maybe 4-6 times a day. Being optimistic lets say 5 * 11 or 55 crystals a day. Okay there are opportunities to watch videos and pick up 5 more stamina once in a while. Lets say +11 crystals for watching the advertisements (some of which are kind of interesting actually.) Back to the numbers 920 crystals for a quad fused card / (55 crystals per day + bonus 11) = 13.939393939393... Call it two weeks. Yes this is guess work and estimation on my part. Two weeks of solid play not wasting any stamina for a blockchainized card. Humm, $184 a week $26 USD a day. Take in to consideration that we are not playing 24/7 but maybe 5-10 minutes every three or four hours that is not bad something like $3 an hour while playing. Hey, what can you say about being paid to play? Which cards are eligible to become blockchain cards? Is there a way to tell in advance? Or is that part of the fun of playing SoG? To put it another way, which cards can be quad fused? I know the numbers are messy and I may just be confused about how this works. Please don't quote me on any of this, I've just been thinking and wondering. Okay I am going back in game. At least having to wait for stamina to rebuild gives us a chance to do other things, chores, eat, sleep, etc. I say if you do your work you get to play. I use SoG as a reward for getting other things done. Now? Git back to work. Peace
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    hahaa I guess the 3rd place thing would have more meaning if it entail receiving a prize but yea I'm just trying to farm gold at the moment and I mainly play challenges as I prefer the gold ratio there. EXP seems to be better at the story stages though! The game has been very fun for me, I just wish that there was a guild or more communication between players to build a closer community for everyone!
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    These achievements briefly show up when you load the screen then disappear. Had to be quick to screenshot. Excited for what they are! As previously discussed, there's also the Mountain Miners achievement that gives you a reward but never shows up in the Achievements section.
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    @Tychaeus Waves back ;-)
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    Oooh, honestly I thought whoever the XERELES guys was....who has been number 1 since launch was a developer or something. Hes waaaaaaaaay ahead of even Benrpg. Yeah my rank is listed as Rank 2 at the top as well even though im actually right below @BenRPG at number 3. /waves @BenRPG
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    Would never. Welcome down the rabbit hole. I read about this since 2011 and I think I do understand things. However others things I totally don't. The more I know the further this universe expands. Love it. Problem seems that there are too many. Maybe even too many good ones. I talked to another guy at a bitcoin meetup about the block size. He told me that he is for 1mb limit and that otherwise bitcoiners like him (and me) would no longer run their full nodes cause of ram and HD requirements. This might be true. I think that a. Bitcoin would be doomed and would not exist any more if it was solely based on people doing good deeds. b. The incentives within the hole system are set so well, that we can have no limit at all. I am not a bitcoin tech and I am not vouching for this as the solution to this debate, but I believe it. There will be a trade off in the magic triangle between fee total, size and network latency. I also understand that this in a way means, that the solo miner behind a 56k modem in Kapkupistan will not be able to fairly participate. As a miner without own node it doesn't matter. This thing is getting professionalized. It hurts to say, that when I looked at bitcoin way back from just after its total infancy I always considered scaling the biggest potential risk. I assumed another severity of the risk. Ironically I thought that it would happen kind of suddenly because a Country like Brazil or whatever would have some currency issue and then a sudden influx of masses. Then first thing that would happen is that it clogges up and all those new users who didn't have a clue as they just fled into the thing, had all their money "stuck" and bad press and whatnot. Ironically it seems to just be chocking on a organic growth. That's so sad. I am not as pessimistic as it sounds but it still makes me kind of sad. The value (not only monetarily) is drectly correlated to how secure, how usable, how affordable and how accepted this is. Scalability is an multipler for all of these other factors. Go for it! I think it it is too expensive. I am not saying this because I can't afford it. But because this kind of game, is something adults and kids love, the potential userbase (even without using blockchain cards) is huge. However, the gems run out quickly and in order to get hooked or "addicted" to a game you need to be able to play it a lot, almost unlimited (not that I would personally allow my kids to play unlimited ;-)). The game is very hard without using block chain cards I think. The game has to be kind of balanced for sure, also for players with bc cards. Not being able to play and try levels over and over is very frustrating however and will drive people away! Sure you want people to pay for e.g. those cards packages and bc cards and other stuff and also with adds (if it works reliably). Seriously, 2 gems don't actually last longer than a cigarette. That is actually a brilliant idea and I congratulate you for doing this role-play. As I mentioned above, I think they could be more generous with stamina and drop the refill to e.g. 1 gem. I love the idea however, that EDS should partner with a service, like e.g. the one you are using to mine, in order to receive gems or bitcrystals. It also confused the shit out of me in the beginning. I also thing these should beexchangeable, at least unidirektional which should be allowed. I think the app stores have issues if you allow to buy tokens that you can use elsewhere or trade. I think they have no issue if there are other means to quire that same token. <3 I think they know and it seems to be only on android. iOS was fixed, I think they stated. I have it too. I think it's something with the add provider as he is supposed to give the signal which triggers the stamina. Probably part of why I also think they are to stingy with the stamina. I watched dozens of stupid adds without getting the reward. Get it fixed or give us gems. PROTEST! Another way to fix this stamina problem would be to increase the amount of adds (if it works that is) I work in that field. Medical devices/diagnostics. Highly regulated with corresponding quality standards. Got a team, two test managers several testers. Know how to use issue tracking tools and such. Would love to file a proper defect / change request, attach log from time to time. I see more stuff in the game that I find strange than I dare to write in the suggestions board. Small movement glitches and stuff, like e.g. that when you hit an enemy dead and his ghost, which can actually pass through other enemies and hit an object behind them non the less. If this object is spikes, it will cause damage still. Or if a ball is sucked in by a moving black hole, his halo stays where it is and is left behind. Black holes will suck in light too when close enough ;-) Don't know just looks a bit weird. Double gold (display bug) is still there, at least in a variant I just reproduced. Multiplayer will be key. However, I hope the opposite. I hope to play against others. Although I would certainly play together with others also. Different formats would be possible, sure. Please guys, show us a screenshot, give us a faintest idea how this multiplayer mode is going to feel.
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    こんにちは。 回答ありがとうございます。 まだ実装されてなかったんですね。 どうりで色々試してもできないはずですね。 プロフィールの件、友達も同じような症状なんですよね。 ブラウザによってうまく登録できないとかあったのかもしれませんね。 ちなみにsafariを使って登録しました。 連携するボタンはあるのですが、うまくいかないんですよね。 試しに再度同じアドレスを設定しなおしてみると、「すでに登録されてる」みたいなメッセージが赤く表示されます。 DBには登録されているようですが、アカウントと紐付けされてない感じですね。 時間を見つけて運営の方に連絡してみたいと思います。 ありがとうございました。
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    @Eddy They are quite secretive about the blockchainization prozess. However, I think it is already clear that only quad fused cards can be blockchainizated and no commons. Here are two more which I'd love to blockchainizate one day:
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    It is not just about walking the path laid out in this release. From what I can tell the road goes on into the fog. Go back and play some more, improve your team, learn the in's and out's of each challenge. I still see new things every day. Once a spell got pinched inbetween the moving blocks and there were fireworks. Pretty cool. There are new and yes better cards to win. Grow, improve, enhance and fuse the ones you get. Manage resources, improve strategy. Sometimes I have to hurry and other times wait. When do we use speed and under what conditions is that maybe not so wise. There is a lot of stuff going on in game. I wonder if we will ever get a dungeon developer or scenario builder where the user community can make new mazes, stories and further develop the Lore. Personally I miss "The Gates of Askian" but am getting better acquainted with "The Giant of the Mountains." When will the first SoG book or novel come out? I look forward to what comes next but have plenty to do to keep busy with v1.2.0. Thank you.
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    Got into the same issue several times. Seems to be a server timing problem. If you buy card(s) and immediately switch to Team page it looks like the adding of the new card(s) hasn't finished at the server and the previous team is loaded and kept in memory. Switching between views or waiting some time doesn’t help because team page isn't reloaded until next action (playing a battle, restarting the app, ???)
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    I've also been having glitches where the screen goes black after watching and ad, and when I close the app and come back, I don't have the reward for watching the ad. It also glitched once after I clicked to play Sia, and it took my hearts but I had to pay an additional 9 hearts in order to play against Sia.
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    double gold is shown on the splash screen when you make spikes kill the last enemy as it is attacking, however does not actually give more gold anymore (maybe they fixed the bug)
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    It should work for you now ! Please confirm
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    yes it's possible ! I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. For now you don't need to do anything. I'll let you know one you can test
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    There are apparently protocol updates in the works for Computerparty. In theory something like Factom could also be used and would be much more economical. Currently you pay about 50c per Transaction (too high in my opinion too). However, if you compare this with e.g. how much you spend on trading MTGO cards or MTG paper cards, it's not a lot. In MTGO there is no decentralized exchange so there is always merchants who profit. If you compare ask and bid you will see a big spread. Paper magic card market is huge and there are shipping fees, marketplace fees etc. So basically you spend the fee for not having to to pay merchant fees. Plus you can be much more economical if you do send-many transactions which BoO currently doesn't feature (Look at e.g. CounterTool). At this time we are not ready for mass adoption but not only because of the fees, also because the game itself just doen't provide enough content to keep everyone engaged. I hope multiplayer and more levels will get engagement up.
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    Nice to see in-app purchases included!
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    not available yet...
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    Blockchainization of in game cards is a feature that will only be added later this year. I would also like to know more about the concept and timeline. However, they stated that multiplayer and blockchainization are next.
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    Quad fused shaman is a nice card when you get there.
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    Level 12 right now with 22 max stamina. Completed everything except Sia lvl 3. I am using mostly normal and rare cards and one free blockchain card we got yesterday. From left to right: 1.) Black Shaman (dual fused Spectre of Swamps) - rare card 2.) Viscula Tick (quad fused Tick) - normal card 3.) Carniath Celebration of Summer (quad fused Potion Seller) - normal card 4.) Spirit of the Druids - free blockchain card
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    Spirit of the Druids, our special global launch gift, is on its way to your blockchain wallets! I'm going to confirm you when the distribution is finished. If you feel like having fulfilled all the conditions (as described here) but you won't find the card in your wallet, please DM me and I'll double-check it.
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    I think it's good as is. Challenge gets me 400-500 gold for 10 stamina. It takes more time, but the gold/stamina ratio is better. Depending on how much time I have, sometimes I prefer to play Sia instead and gather the experience.
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    If you have 2 flame all cards, eg. x FA x FA - then you will for sure get a turn with a flame all before the bad guys shoot at you.
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    What about a "Interested in buying Blockchain cards" button at the SHOP View of the Game which opens a web browser and gets to https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=cards_blockchain or http://bitcrystals.com/store or to some tutorial?
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    Boxes shouldn't fade away - they should shatter into a million pieces and if you hit many in a combo the screen should shake. More action and destruction please! And we need dynamite objects that blows whole areas clean of junk when hit ASAP.
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    Flawless. I'm trying to recreate the 490 situation.
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    Takes too long as a new player, many will lose interest before they get enough stamina. I am persistent and a hardcore player, but I think many casual players will drop out because progress is too slow in the beginning. In the very beginning it's okay because you level up fast enough to restore all your stamina, but after you reach lvl 7 or 8 things become too slow in my opinion. I have been stuck doing boss levels for a few days now, I have 19 stamina and am lvl 9 and can do 2x Purple Dragon + 1x Wood Monster and then I have to wait for a few hours to do the same again. I'm glad they at least increased the gold income yesterday.
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    If you sell a leveled-up card, the buyer will get it on the basic level and will have to level it up again.If you get your card back, you'll get the levels back too.
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    112 gold from 3 star Wooden Monster (22.4 gold/stam) 158 gold from 3 star Purple Dragon (22.57 gold/stam)
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    You can withdraw the equivalent of $2000 USD per day there without going through any validation procedures.
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    You can get 4700 BCY per BTC on Poloniex right now. Might be worth creating an account there if you're looking for a good rate.
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    I think even if you just have 1 card and sell it, if you get a card back, you'll still have any upgrades you had. Don't quote me on that, but I thought I heard that.
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    Everyoen can buy from Public merchant. From Partner and Premium merchant can buy only those that war part of crowdfunding ICO fro game development 2 years ago.
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    Not sure what i your question. But please dont mix ingame Crystals with cryptocurency BitCrystals. They are 2 different things. All ingame things will get rested in 2 days.