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    Hi @Knight Thanks a lot for your report. We already contact the API dev Team, they are working on it. For the moment the mempool is also really busy so it does not help (https://www.blockchain.com/fr/charts/mempool-size?timespan=30days). Thanks for your patience, do not hesitate to give us more details about your issue.
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    Played all May without using gold. Finally pulled cards for 180,231 Gold. Results: 1,436 Common 345 Rare 20 Epic 1 Legendary (Merman's Trident) Not happy with the draw. All I wanted was a 4th Orc. Time to retire. I pulled off the one shot victory on February Fears. Can't continue playing. Thanks for a fun game for 2 years, but time to bow out.
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    I can feel you... I pulled 400k gold without legendary before... So yeah Very sad to see a good player leaving the game. I manage to beat Genesis level both main and minor account second time. For main account actually third times in the roll in May. But I always leave you team to the last when I see you in PVP. I have to wait for the right element enhancement to be confident to beat your team. Sometimes the waiting could be several days until I got the right team up. You got a rally strong PVP team there.πŸ‘ ☺️ I hope you stick around and just do casual playing. I can still see some good in the game and potential future. See if you can beat my main and minor in PVP πŸ˜‰ jckingjc bigfishhead
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    I was very close two times but not able to produce the one shot..You beat me on this one! Good effort!
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    Finally got the 1 shot!!!! February, March, April, May. 3.5 months of trying. What's funny is as I was shooting I was thinking "watch me get the one shot this time and not get the gold." Lo and behold that's what happened. Maybe time to retire now. Feel I have now 100 percented Spells of Genesis.
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    Damn even closer to the 1 shot wonder. It will happen.