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    Hi @eds_Yzia! I am using a cheep 2 year old phone with Android 6.0 and a 3G connection. Please look at the video of the loading process.20180426_074341.mp4
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    Strategy: Pack lots of speed. Speed is most important. I think the weasels have between 9-11 health. Don't bother with a flame all. Even transcendental firelord won't oneshot the weasels on 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 I would skip the heals as well. If you don't kill the queen before the weasels get you at least on of. Your characters will die. Your 1st position character should be able to oneshot weasels and may queen. I recommend itlanking Your second position character should probably be a freeze all as well. plains golem or king itlan even a rare ice dragon is probably enough Position 3 I feel is best for plus atk cards. Luminatis, dwarf, plated knight, Position 4 probably calls for another freeze or a shield all. Could also be a atk all. King itlan golem dragon or Enchshield. Viable possibilities (unverified) king,golem,lumintis,king Dragon,dragon,dragon,dragon King,king,king,king Golem,golem,dwarf,dwarf Etc.... I do not own a plains golem yet but 2 golems should prove pretty strong.
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    Hey @Burning and @BenRPG Yes the Genesis rank is very challenging indeed. I would also say we can definitely improve the game mode and balancing/difficulty. It is something we want to do and are looking into, but it can take some time as we are working on some other features and bugs (and GDPR regulations) first. Thanks for the feedback and as of now there is not other way than to give it your best! Good luck!
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    @Grimm Sorry to hear that you're considering to quit! Yes this campaign is more challenging than the other monthly campaigns indeed, but with a strong deck of ingame cards you should be able to complete it. We take your feedback about the difficulty into consideration and hope you might be able to complete the future campaigns. Keep in mind though that a lot of players also enjoy the higher difficulty and that the rewards (legendary card) should be a challenge to obtain. We've been stable in amount of players over the last half+ year. We're now partnering up with a new publisher, European Games Group which will start to acquire some new users once we release the next build. They will do this for a couple of months to see how well SoG performs, relative to their other games. If they deem it profitable, they will do a bigger marketing campaign. @BenRPG The bug you mention is very annoying indeed. We solved it now and you can see the effect in the next update. We wanted to have the build live this week but were blocked by Apple's new policy regarding lootboxes. They wanted us to show the % of chance of getting each rarity per purchase so that caused some delay.
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    It occurs at all campaigns including the new May campain.
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    I've been playing this game for a few months now and just wanted to post a few general tips and tricks I've learned in the process. #1. Play often. If you Play often you will be awarded more missions. Completing missions will be your number one source of money for cards. #2. Never crystalize your Epic cards. At the beginning of your adventure you will be tempted to crytalize a few epics to get yourself over the hump and into new territory, resist this urge at all cost. #3. Blockchain the epic cards you don't use. The game system has to check the blockchain to authorize a cards use that has been blockchained. When this authorization fails your card will not be available and you will be stuck with playing without it. The best way to deal with this problem is simply don't use your blockchain cards for everyday play. #4. Make the most of your stamina. Most of the funds you get will come from finishing missions, using 4 stamina to win every time will often bring better results than the hit and miss of attempting to progress further in the campaign. Wait until you clear your daily missions to get your feet wet on the next levels strategy. #5. AoE is King. Slow all, Fire all, ect. are way better cards than a one off legendary in battle, even if it is a lowly rare. Find out what which cards get the AoE bonus and use them with prolific abundance. #6. Crystalize rares. Once you get the quad AoE rares your looking for, crytalize all the rares you you find, these will be your ticket to leveling the cards you need to progress through the campaign. #7. Don't give up. You will eventually progress through the game, but it is tough, it's not a game for the light hearted! Hope this helps, feel free to add more and I will post others as I run across them.
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    Flame All can get you through most levels easily. Some harder levels require different tactics. Focus on getting cards that Target All.
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    #8. Speed. When I first started palying, I didn't truly grasp the concept of speed. It's just how fast your billard rolls in a given time. The faster your team, the faster the billard rolls. This is the reason you will see a ton of blocks with spikes on them, it penilalizes your speed bonus. No need to worry though as usually these huddles are all in one mission of the campaign. Just remember to adjust accordingly. There is another speed as well though, something we call in chess the intiative. This is essentially having a boost in the board but not taking it until the moment is perfect. So for example, if you have a (guard all) shield on the board, it may benefit you more by not grabbing it until the moment you are about to take damage. Just remember, there is team speed, and the speed at which you enact the bonuses on the board. Utilize them both!
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    Hi, What was my total prior to the 101 gems. The initial card I had for the month was 200 crystals. This had no issues and went through normally. However a little while later I was on my second card and when I attempted to pay the 35 gems it hung. I then tried again and it went through. Pretty sure it was a total of 70 gems and not 35. Thanks for looking into it for me.
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    Pretty upset the ice card wasn't this month's reward. Sods law it would be the last one since it's the last card I need to have quad everything.
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    This is more a request than a bug report. Please add an operation confirmation to the ingame card store. The diamonds are removed immediately after pressing the button. One day I accidentally hooked the button. Because of this, I lost some of the diamonds that I planned to spend on blockchainization. It's not deadly, but unpleasant.
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    Hello TeknoRapture. So sad that problem we are aware of and currently managing make you leaving SOG. About explanation and after many reports we received, we use indiesquare API to query players wallets. Unfortunately, indiesquare service is a lot down these past days/weeks. We're not sure if it comes from updates on the Counterparty blockchain as it's moving a lot currently or if it can be also server problems on their side. Now, plans to resolve this matter are at follow and updates will arrive very quickly as we're taking that problem very seriously: 1. Bring our own Wallet API service 2. Continue to use IndieSquare API on a second hand if the first service falling down 3. Store player Counterparty assets on our database, if two above services no more responding. When the API's respond, database entries are refreshed 4. TBD (to be discussed) in the future, and in a more long-term manner, using what is called "Service Workers" to give us ability to put assets available offline (not only cards can be done using that technique), on a disconnection or a poor internet link for example. It could bring possibility to play offline for a while as well. Please be sure we're working hard at resolving this and bring stable resolution ASAP. @Cheers