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    Hey everyone, I am still at it, as a day one mobile player. I have compiled the info about non-blockchain cards. I hope this helps some people as it has helped me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BatYz2A3pI1vSLIGLu5ZwaPHc-TLbDDKUBkN7PWivGY/edit?usp=sharing Okay document is updated with new total value figures.
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    Hi guest, It's not cool to loose on videogames, but please don't be agressive like that . Personally, I don't think the game is scripted. Sometimes the buff appears behind all the enemies, sometimes it appears in blackhole (bug? already reported on the forum) but in my opinion it is the randomness of the game (Maybe you are very unlucky) I already experimented the issue (once time) where sog didn't paid me for ad I watched, but all the other ads were paid. Finally about the ingame shop, I think too that it's a bit expensive compare to the other popular games, but you can totally play to SOG without buy any crystals. If you have any question about strategies or best cards to have write us a post on the forum with a less agressive title and i'm sure we could help you. <3 Nolan
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    L'aventure commence! Tout a commencé à la taverne d'Askian. Je venais d'arriver dans cette contrée mystérieuse en suivant la route des caravaniers. En chemin, j'avais croisé quelques rats de Weanara qui, attiré par l'odeur de mon or, avaient tenté de me dépouiller. Je les ait prestement passé par le fil de mon épée, laissant sur place leurs cadavres afin d'avertir les voyageurs téméraires qui me suivraient de bien veiller sur leur bourse et sur leur vie. La taverne d'Askian était une véritable auberge espagnole. S'y côtoyait tous ce que Moonga avait engendré de merveilleux et de monstrueux. Des tablées bruyantes de trolls s'enivrant de bière et chantant des chansons paillardes. Quelques valeureux guerriers aux mines sobres et aux armures rutilantes, prêts à vendre leurs services et leur protection pour une solde parfois considérable. Des dresseurs de dragons à la peau sombre, des sorciers maniant leur baguette comme des boulangers parisiens. L'aubergiste se faisait appeler Jan. C'était un curieux personnage, peu disert mais très attentif à tout ce qui se passait dans son établissement. Son air ténébreux contrastait avec la lumière de ses yeux. On aurait dit qu'il était habité par deux esprits. Et pour peu qu'on lui glisse une piécette sonnante et trébuchante, il pouvait vous révéler certains secrets sur les régions menaçantes d'Askian. Si par hasard ou par nécessité vous arriviez un jour dans cette taverne, demandez où se trouve la taverne de Jan. [à suivre...]
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    Hello Tychaeus, We're investigating. Did you try to quit and relaunch the app?
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    Hey Guys, Let me clarify some questions asked here: @Tychaeus There is no card reward for completing campaign 21-25. The card reward you got for campaign 20 was due to an old achievement and will be taken out soon(so the current players were lucky ;)). We are working on a new achievement to replace that one though, with epic and legendary cards as rewards as well. This achievement is based on the total amount of stars you collected in campaigns. Once we implement it, you'll get a lot of card right away due to your progression. @BenRPG Thank you for your report about the exploit. It is very unfortunate that this was possible and we apologize, our QA missed that one. The 4 latest ranks are Br(Bronze, Si(Silver, Go(Gold) and Ge(Genesis). We will investigate the genesis reward. The boost indicate the boost the enemy receives to their stats. We also implemented this in the challenge, to make sure the levels are challenging enough. The bigger the boost, the more % the enemies' attack, health and spellpower are increased. Thank you for the feedback that it was not clear. About the accounts, we are not using fake/generated accounts. We do have a few test accounts of our own, but these are not high in rank. When you win a game, you will always get 10 rank points. If you lose a game, you lose rank points. The amount of rank points you lose depends on your rank(the higher your rank, the more points you lose). Regarding the ideas about a synchronous pvp, I agree that it sounds really interesting and feel free to post your ideas, we read them. Unfortunately synchronous pvp brings a lot of implications to the table regarding design and development work. Also we need a very solid user base(substantial growth is needed for this, only the big boys in the industry really pull it off) as players of the same skill should be online at the same time, and real-time on mobile is not always ideal (bad connections, social interruptions etc.). We are not saying we won't ever do it, but right now we need to focus on rolling out the features we already have in the pipeline, as well as improving the current features. We are looking at more social types of gameplay, Good thing is that everybody has ideas, and there is a lot of room for new exciting gameplay and features, and improvements for years to come. Seeing how much the core gameplay is appreciated, we think SoG has a lot of long-term potential. I hope this clarified your questions, feel free to ask more if you have them.
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    It’s been a month since Spells of Genesis has been released globally and it was a great success. We reached almost 17’000 downloads and are still working on new user acquisition and game promotion. Our developers have kept working hard in order to offer you new exciting features and content soon! The build for the next release is ready and it is going to be amazing! Our publisher thinks there is quite a big chance to be featured on the Appstore with our next game update, so we decided to postpone its release a bit to hit the right time slot and increase the possibility of being featured. The next game update will be released on June 21st. Multiplayer mode “Raid” is the name for the new multiplayer mode. Raid is an asynchronous Player vs. Player (PvP) mode. You won’t play against another player in real time but you’ll choose your opponent among other players from the same PvP rank and the cards from their Team will represent your enemies. If you win, you will gain some gold, points for Raid-rank and even more. In the highest ranks, you can win Epic and even Legendary cards! If you lose, you will lose some points, but not gold. There are currently 14 Raid ranks and the gold reward increases with each rank, as well as your element based bonuses and enemy boosts. Five New Campaigns We also have great news for those who’ve completed all the current campaigns and who have reached the Sia level. In the new build, you’ll discover 5 brand new campaigns, and others are planned for the next game update. Tutorial The tutorial has been completely revamped. All core features, such as crystallizing, leveling up and fusing, are now explained. This will help new players see and understand the deep underlying gameplay elements. If you don’t want to follow the tutorial you can quit it by opening the menu in the top-right corner and then pressing the button “Exit Tutorial”. Game Experience Improvement - new Raid and Challenge button directly on map - better font in battle - better background in gold reward - better placement of value in card upgrade - better sizing of text field for different languages - better placement of campaign icon on map - settings button now available on every screen (suggested by community) - boost value displayed in challenge mode - advance view in team page always by default - quest and achievement progression value display corrected - better collision with arena side in battle - possibility to go to connexion screen from settings menu - loads of bugs all around Wicked Werewolf Planning We still have plenty of work to do and it is difficult to decide which features to bring first, because we’re excited about all of them as you certainly are! For the next sprint, the “Wicked Werewolf”, first we need to evaluate the time necessary to implement different features. Then we’ll decide which ones will be included in the next update. For sure, we’re going to define the rules of in-game cards blockchainization. Blockchainization Specification Blockchainization of in-game cards is a big feature. Before implementing it in the game, we need to define precisely which cards, and in which conditions, can be tokenized, and also to review each step of the planned blockchainization procedure. Once we’ve decided the last details, we will schedule its implementation. We’ll keep you updated with next planned features announcement. Please stay tuned!
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    About the blockchain congestion and its impact on transaction high cost and cards delivery time, we are working on different points: adapt the new blockchain cards sale as the volume is low follow what Counterparty is doing for improving its transactions, e.g. CIP 9 & 11. review the technical and project aspect for a 2nd blockchain technology to support SoG blockchain card (selection is not done, but analysis of Ehtereum ERC20 token is started) synchronize these 3 points for the concept of (in-game) cards blockchainization The point of a 2nd blockchain technology is not a small one, needing several steps before implementation planning, so no delivery date is defined now.
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    Hello, sorry for the delay, Actually the bot still crawling the leaderboard and I'm looking for the better way to expose this data. I will show you a prototype as soon as possible. have a nice day Nolan
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    Reported by another user additionally. Tested on iOS. When entering the SIA battle (already 2 stars on my test), the loading screen appears, and then back in the SIA popup window. The stamina total stays the same. We put it on our bugs list.
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    Hey, I just start the robot right now, it will crawl leaderboard every hours since now. I will try to build an interface that shows some meaningful graphics with this data. @BenRPG do you want some specific informations, specific graphics you would like ?
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    Hello, --- I'm a web developer and SOG player, I would like (i'm going to) create robot that crawl the leaderboard page of spellsofgenesis website (something like each hour) and store results in database. Actually, I don't know what to do with this (I thought about some figures or user stats like velocity etc..). If you want, I could share you this data. (EDIT: I have to ask to Everdreamsoft if they agree with this before) --- That was a bit off-topic, Actually I have 93'000 point, one more player at 100k soon Nolan
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    Glad it worked out for you. Awesome!
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    Hello, We had an interruption of service with one of our providers. The game should be back online now. Have fun, thank you for your help and sorry for the inconvenience !
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    Oh, Mon Dieu! Magnifique Jan Tres bien. Me likey ! For our English speaking friends The adventure begin! It all started at the Askian Tavern. I had just arrived in this mysterious country by following the road of the caravaners. Along the way, I had crossed a few Weanara rats who, attracted by the smell of my gold, had tried to strip me. I swiftly passed them by the edge of my sword, leaving their corpses in place to warn the reckless travelers who would follow me to look after their purse and their lives. The Askian Tavern was a real Spanish inn. There was all that Moonga had engendered, marvelous and monstrous. Noisy cheers of trolls drunk with beer and singing songs. Some valorous warriors with sober mines and gleaming armor, ready to sell their services and protection for a sometimes considerable balance. Trainers of dragons with dark skin, wizards wielding their wands like Parisian bakers. The innkeeper was called Jan. He was a curious personage, but little attentive to everything that was going on in his establishment. His gloomy air contrasted with the light of his eyes. It looked like it was inhabited by two spirits. And as soon as a sticky and stumbling coin was slipped, he could reveal to you some secrets about the menacing regions of Askian. If by chance or necessity you arrive one day in this tavern, ask where is the tavern of Jan. [to be continued...] Ah ha! So we learn that the Warana Thieves are kinky too. I thought it was funny that they were stripping you. They tried to anyhow. Maybe they should have bought you dinner first. A clue. Moonga had engendered. Please, tell us more about Moonga. Even I know about French bread but did not realize that magicians might be bakers by day. Humm, food for thought. Can we get a glass of wine too? Yea, there is more than meets the eye here. In the Tall Tails it seemed like paranoia but maybe it is possession. Time will tell.
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    The asynchronous multiplayer (named "Raid") will be launched in our next update, along with 5 new campaigns and an updated tutorial. Depending on the approval of the publisher, it will be next week or the week after. The multiplayer is currently quite defined as it is. But ideas are always welcome to improve it. I do read all suggestions on this forum, and note down the useful ones for future game improvements.
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    @Eddy They are quite secretive about the blockchainization prozess. However, I think it is already clear that only quad fused cards can be blockchainizated and no commons. Here are two more which I'd love to blockchainizate one day:
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    Hey there, I have to say more will come soon about multiplayer. Stay tuned !
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    Ive been playing for month and i did not See any option to do that. Im logging in like 20< times a day. So sad
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    This happens every so often Ive noticed. I think its either regular server maintenance or when devs are trouble shooting or fixing reported bugs and exploits. I know a pvp exploit was reported just this morning, so I am thinking they were fixing/investigating this.
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    How can i refill stamina watching vids? I have not seen this option
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    Or maybe have kind of a match up like they have for these quizz games. You fight player A and later player A fights yout team(locked in for the match up). If there is a draw both win 5 points. If one player wins both games he gains 10 and the other looses 10 or so. Anyway when I have an Idea crafted for a more round based PvP I let you all know. It's not that easy since the cards behave differently in offense and defense.
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    Good idea, currently no. I put a task for review of our external API concept (planning with resource prioritisation is another point)
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    Hi, i have some ideas regarding asynchronous PVP, little improvement that probably will make PVP more competitive, but without making it fully synchronous(that would be great, but as a programmer i know how hard it can be). So, lets say that we have PvP in the form we have it right now. I'll add Home PVP rank and Away PVP rank(you attack someone, and someone attacks you). Then if someone attacks you, you do not have to play the game right now, but everything what was during the battle is recorded(.avi file? or just sets of variables describing fight, which can be replayed, and you can watch it when you log in to the game). This can spice the game, because players can compose different sets for away and home battles. You can watch how your deck was doing in Away PVP, and after you use all your stamina, you change your deck to another "deffensive" one, that do better in Away fights and log out. I hope you understood my idea, I'm not native eng speaker.
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    That would make sense, but ive looked for signs of such enhancements to health, and closely observed if my orbs had a dmg increase when it says any kind of boost at the top of the screen and no difference is seen in either. These kind of things need to be PLAINLY spelled out....ppl are not going to just KNOW this or wth it is through ozmosis. Why devs don't have ANY explanations of underlying mechanics, and before this patch even basic stuff like leveling cards and fusing... is ab....so....luuuutely beyond me. Seems like you would want your game to be as accessible as possible. I mean...till now...ive figured everything else out...cuz im just pro like that 🤓 😜
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    i thought boost meant the level of power up (+health or power) you receive based on element
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    The whole boost things is kind of unclear to me as well. I was under the impression that at first I gut 5 points per fight. Then i started noticing the boost thing. I checked and always got 10 points, no matter what. I think loosing caused me to loose 30 once. (3-4 ranks lower player). In gaining points I never noticed a difference 10 points. Let us start a thread an think of a possible PvP mechanic which is round based but sit in vs. So kind of real time. This is what this game needs. This is what engages players. It needs a firendly PvP that does not cost stamina and is just free too play. Then of course "official" vs. can also be played, maybe with a price. Not even MTGO charges for playing fiendly against each other. I have some vague ideas of a potential concept. Will sketch them once and post.
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    Yes I have rank 14. Ranks above 10 have strange letters when shown in Raid screen. See screenshots. There was an exploit they have meanwhile fixed. Not sure if by themselves or because I have contacted @Jasper Damman. since it doesn't work any more, I may as well talk about it publicly. This is the message I sent to him: And yes, I have lost in Raid, and you loose a lot of points if you loose against a significantly weaker enemy. Hence I found out about point 2 above. I assume that the accounts I mentioned in the above message in point 5 are sock-puppets to a certain extent. I was first under the impression that these were other players but the way they conveniently seemed to level with me seemed strange. I think the effects notices in point 6 are specially annoying. Kills lot's of the strategy that could be applied in the game. Regarding your questions if I have lost. Now this @BiggJayy mentioned above is even level 10 and gives me a very very hard time. CCMCARD is hard to fight against as it shoots after 2 shots and is significantly stronger than what I would expect by knowing the card. See point 6. I once wanted to check out the scores of the players mentioned above int he leader board but never got to do it so far...
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    Man, I really love the card art/style...all the cards...definately talented artists.
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    Yes this changed. I bought 2 satoshi lites a few weeks ago and only recently upgraded them all the way for +18 strength max. Now it's +12. It was overpowered (that's why I bought them) but a little waste of money now.
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    Yes the idea of a daily quest was "only once per day". Other behavior like in the beta was not intended. You need to login everyday to obtain a new quest. You don't need to finish it the same day though, you can save up to 3. But once you have 3 daily quests saved, you can't obtain new ones until you finish one.
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    yeah man...its a bug...gee...sorry ;P It was a bug indeed. But it is fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience
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    There are no cards about people, but about events. Actually a 10k BTC Pizza card would be a nice idea.
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    @makosch I think you're still the boss of marketing operations correct? Could you have a look at the questions of @ANG ? (vanbex and channel 4) @ANG regarding volume: yes it's important. The only way to increase that is to bring regular updates. I think they are doing a great job with that. I've suggested to the team a weekly youtube video and to make the game also available so twitchers can stream it. I'm not sure if the latter already has been implemented. Do you enjoy playing the game? What are your thoughts about the upcoming update?
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    There will be a video posted on bitcoinlectures.tv once ready. It's the youtube channel of the BAS who organized the Meetup.
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    @Robert Here's something to add to your list :-) For the time being, you may enjoy our Instagram Channel. Lot's of nice stuff to discover. And don't forget to follow us! https://www.instagram.com/spellsofgenesis/
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    Whether on the website or in the app, you only need to and only can use a password to login, which makes me worried, what if my password got hacked/decrypted? Whether the blockchain cards, or the in-game cards (especially legendary and epic ones), they are expensive and important to me. While hackers are not able to crystallize the blockchain cards, but what if they crystallize the in-game cards? So, may I suggest to add 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security option in the future? It doesn't need to be a MUST option but just a choice for someone like me who care about security very much. P.S. The username can be seen on the leaderboard.
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    why not LITECOIN , CHARLIE LEE , know SOG games and i think it's a good guy https://litecointalk.org/t/satoshilite-spells-of-genesis-card-puzzle-giveaway/2290 also now it's FULL TIME LITECOIN DEV
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    Awesome! Thanks for the update, looking forward to the new update!
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    The situation summary: Mountain Miners Achievement is replaced by the “Askian Achievement” planned for our next sprint release “Wicked Wirewolf”: According to the total amount of stars you’ll achieved, you’ll get a random card of specific rarities (up to legendary). So the concept to reward people with cards based on stars is kept. All stars reached by playing the game will be rewarded, but later next month. When you will launch the new version of the game app, you will get cards corresponding of the stars you previously obtained. (In fact it could be a lot of popup messages with several cards rewards)
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    Appreciate this a lot! Number of players in the last 3 days would be nice to see make a prototype -> feedback -> repeat
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    thanks in advance for your free work !
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    I still have some questions: 1. Does me loosing a game passively have any influence on my rank, stamina, or score? 2. Is there a way to playtest how it is to play against my team? I assume in defense totally different strategies are working well then in offense. E.g. Speed is totally different in offense then defense. I am trying to find out if my team needs to be optimized for offense or also for defense. I also still don't understand if I can exchange the team between offense and defense. E.g. I play for a few minutes and use my offense setup and then exchange my team for defense so opponents will have a hard time winning against my team while I am asleep. 3. How are 3 waves of enemies generated out of a team of 4 cards an opponent has? All three waves against the same enemies? Will there be additional enemies added on top of the opponents team? 4. Ist Raid stamina refillable with gems?
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    OK nice. I just don't see why they would oppose it. If they did, they would have to change their leaderboard not to show all this data since it is currently publicly available. Getting a Snapshot every day would be awesome. There is so much Info to be harvested there.
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    Exactly, to be clear i'm developer but I'm not working for EDS . I'm personally interested by the types of information we could extract of this data, The question "What is the real rank I can claim on the leaderboard with my game time" or "What is my score evolution through the time", etc.. And finally it is a good and interested exercice for me to develop tools like that, pretty funny
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    Check out the latest BCY Burn Report and the Burn reports Overview! BCY Burn Report #5 May 2017.pdf
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    Have levels require to be played by certain elements. ie. 1 earth, 1 ice, 1 fire, 1 dark 2 ice, 2 water 3 fire, 1 ice 4 dark etc. This will require people to hold a good balance of all cards.