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    Hello everyone, I'd like to address from a technical point of view, and explain as best as I can, the problem of failed blockchainization we are currently facing. When you blockchainize a card, one of our server manages all the transactions behind the scene. First, it makes several verifications to ensure you are allowed to blockchainize a card: is the card blockchainizable, do you have a wallet linked to you account, is the card you want to blockchainize levelled-up / max fused ? etc... The request for blockchainization is then sent to our transaction server, which verifies: - The availability of the requested asset, then - sends the transaction over the blockchain network for verification In an ideal world, this operation would take minutes. However, when we launched our blockchainization feature, the price of bitcoin surged to more than $10,000, which was an unwelcomed event to all people that are dealing with blockchain activities. As a result of this increase, the fees required to execute and confirm a transaction soared considerably as well. It currently costs us between $30-$60 for *each* transaction. This situation is not easy to handle. This explains why some users have to wait days, or even weeks, before receiving their bitcrystals or cards in their destination wallet. When the fee associated to a transaction is too low, no miners *picks up* the transaction to verify and confirm it. To maximize their revenue, they only chose the transactions with the highest fees attached to them. Moreover, when a transaction stays too long with an unconfirmed status, the existing blockchain nodes (which are servers around the world) end up discarding these unverified transactions. Usually, unconfirmed transaction remain in the “mempool” until they are processed by the miners and verified. ie. The size of the mempool is the amount of pending transactions at a specific moment. But if the mempool size becomes too big (usually when the bitcoin rate is moving a lot), bitcoin owners may transfer a lot of their BTC to cash-out them into dollars. This increases the number of transactions and the size of the mempool, resulting in higher fees! Now if one of the node has a limited storage capacity and can't handle a bigger number of transactions, some of them simply disappear. Consequently, if your blockchainization transaction is in one of these small storage nodes, it is erased and your card disappears from your wallet and from the game itself. However, we are currently implementing a solution to mitigate the consequences of this regrettable situation. 1. We need to precisely track which transaction has been erased from the blockchain, for which player, the exact date/time it occured, in order to be able to send them back their missing card. I am currently programming a tool which will greatly simplify the management of all these transactions. 2. We are also considering moving to another asset management system than CounterParty, perhaps Ethereum, or something else. But this is a strategic decision with long term consequences. In the meantime, we can assure you we are keeping a log of every transaction so you will get back the card and/or the crystals you spent to blockchainize your assets as soon as possible ! I hope this helps you understand the issue we’re all facing. @Cheers.
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    The haters can say whatever they want, we just make things happen, no matter the talk...
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    It is all comprehensible except for 2 things: 1. Why is the block explorer you are sending the links to so crappy that it can't show an unconfirmed TX? 2. What is counterparty still doing on that chain? Or let me ask differently, how is SoG/EDS involved to influence where Counterparty is going? I mean you tell me you might go to ETH (which is now congested as well and not getting any better soon probably), Adam B Levine is telling me LTC (which will likely have the same issues very soon). And the elephant in the room BCH seems to be politically not feasible for many, although there Counterparty would be more than welcome and not be considered spam and it would be technically very easy. I just don't get people sometime. I actually don't care where it is moving either, but it has to move to a chain which is cheap for TXes and which has a great prospect to keep it that way.
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    Hello @Yeps Here you go: 1 2 50 3 90 4 170 5 290 6 460 7 680 8 960 9 1300 10 1700 11 2180 12 2720 13 3350 14 4050 15 4840 16 5710 17 6670 18 7720 19 8860 20 10110 Good luck with your spreadsheet!
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    That's good. I repeat. We have gone past politics. It is down to technology and reality now. We have BTC and BCH competing on the same mining algorithm. This is like 2 weights on a see saw. On the one side you have a 1000 pound gorilla and on the other you have a 100 pound human. The difference is that the human is attach to the board with a safety belt ( Emergency difficulty adjuster EDA). The gorilla is unattached. Now you have the see saw going up and down and all the time the human is gaining more weight ( adopters and users). So unless the gorilla also gets strap in (EDA) , it is inevitable that it will fall off under certain conditions ( price movement resulting in permanent loss of mining hashrate ).When and it is a when not if, then SOG which has it's card transactions expensive to use now will become totally unuseable. SOG cannot live on the BTC chain. It must move. BCH is the natural choice because that was what it was prior to 1 August, and even now after 1 August with an increase blocksize. It may change with the change in address format after 14 January however.
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    Hello guys. More on status. I've updated php version on our server and made an improved update of this bug, where it affects: - in-app purchases for androïd and iOS - and tutorial progression statement Everything is now resolved with far better code. @cheers
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    In-game legendary blockchain cards are now listed on the site: CARNIATHCREA, HEAVENLYSHEP, TRANSCENDEN, TRIDENTQUEEN, DARKAODH, SLASHINGCRIR. Enjoy
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    Hi @joeychips, right now the site only lists cards created on the blockchain, not in-game cards that can be blockchainized -- I will have to take a look and see how frequently those are being traded (e.g. Heavenly Shepherd), I agree that they should be included as well. Thank you for your kind words!
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    Salut, bah moi ma carte favorite c’est Amber dragonling Et voilà le deck que j’aime bien jouer:
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    Petit topic pour se la péter qui est à quel niveau ? Quel est celui qui à la plus grosse carte ?, Quel est notre deck préféré... ...
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    @BenRPG@Shaban http://counterparty.cash/
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    bonjour @dda209, Nous avons en effet eu quelques problèmes avec les transactions sur la blockchain et cela explique pourquoi tu n'as pas reçu ta carte. J'ai eu confirmation ce matin par notre développeur que les transactions en attente avaient été confirmées. Tu devrais voir ta carte apparaître dans ton wallet sous peu. Nous travaillons aussi sur le bug relatif à la disparition temporaire des cartes blockchain du jeu. Cela m'est aussi arrivé et je sais que c'est très désagréable. N'hésite pas à nous contacter si tu as un problème ou des suggestions!
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    You're welcome! Sure: Rank Rank points gained victory Rank points lost defeat Rank points needed next rank Gold earned victory Pack reward first time rank up 1 10 0 25 10 com+ 2 10 0 30 15 com+ 3 10 1 40 20 2com+ 4 10 3 50 25 2com+ 5 10 5 60 30 rare+com+ 6 10 7 70 40 2com+ 7 10 10 90 50 2com+ 8 10 12 110 60 3com+ 9 10 15 130 70 3com+ 10 10 20 150 80 epic+2com+ Bronze(Br) 10 25 200 90 5com+ Silver(Si) 10 30 200 100 7com+ Gold(Go) 10 40 200 110 legendary+4com+ Genesis(Ge) 10 50 200 120 10com+
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    Pinging at @Shaban. Yes I am a bit disappointed with that too. I think I even asked them if they also want to get on the call with Adam and Devon I think I got no response. Counterparty is drawing dead if nothing happens within the next few month...
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    Devon seemed alive and kicking when we talked end of December. I think they need dev support more than anything else. Problem was Peters no-show didn't help to boost confidence. And personally I probably couldn't work with him anyway but I wanted to give it a shot since he actually offered support. But he has so far not responded to my summary so a dead end for me. To really convince Adam and Devon we would probably need to pay 1-2 ABC or XT devs for a year and have them work partly on the BCH implementation itself and partly on Counterparty portation. This is a rough estimate. So if you know people who would like to fund this I would happily talk to Adam again or get everyone in contact with the ABC lead dev. I currently dont want to fund this but would happily invest some time to coordinate a few things...
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    Look I know we have a lot of haters, so ok. To me it shows we are competition and competition is good. Just take it from a Bitcoin user (yes user) that BTC as you mentioned is dead for global fast and secure TXes. I used to do about 100 TXes a year since 2011. So almost all use cases except for speculation are dead on BTC. Remittance: spam, Counterparty: spam, Payments: spam.... The list goes on. So no value to you maybe. Everyone that wants TXes sees no value in BTC. Bitcoin was designed as medium of exchange and store of value. Not one or the other. Both. BCH tries to restore that and the nice thing is, we can not be stopped by talk about centralization or anything else, we just do it and will demonstrate it works also on large scale. Maybe it would all not be needed but with Lightning 18 month down the line (maybe) and other issues besides TtM I don't see it viable. I live in an aboslute core hub but even when asking my core friends some catchy questions, I only get non-answers. So for me I have to say not even feasibility is shown in that regard. And with the current fee situation it just gets worse. So even bringing up lightning as potential solution here (specially short term) is just not suitable. I see the same issue with LTC by the way. Once they hit the limit they will be as congested as BTC.
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    Yes I also faced this problem, just cancel that withrawal... Also you should see if it's the right adress, How happened this thing to me like to you: I Thought I lost 150$ in bitcrystals one day on poloniex, but after a month or so, I saw that since I putted wrong adress(one letter less) bitcrystals hasn't been sended... after one month I canceled that withrawal but when I try to send them again on right adress this time, it hasn't sent, like you said... so I made a ticket on poloniex, they said they got the ticket, but after 7 days they didn't help, so I couldn't wait any longer so I sold bitcrystals on poloniex putted everything in Digibyte and transfer digibytes on other exchange bought them bitcrystals there and send them again on boo... Those 150$ in bitcrystals were somewhat corrupted or I don't know, some glitch in withrawal, so I suggest you use other exchange. But now I can withraw bitcrystals from poloniex... no problem... The exchanges are so full that it happens a lot ...
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    I'm not sure that this is a bug, but I would like to hear the developers answer. while I was on the 1-9 PvP level, I was given to the opponents with + - 1 pvp level. But when I reached the Si (Go / Ge) level - I get opponents at the random level (maybe 2 or 9), but not one higher level opponent. Tell me please - it should be so?
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    First off: BTC is making tbe exact correct decisions to maximize its value. Payments systemis hardly relevant. At the same time this means that a utility such as SOG assets is no longer cost effective with on chain transactions. Alternatives are either implementing the current system on top of lightning (feasible, but a bit complex and not adopted widely yet) or another block-chain, preferably one with niche functionality (if not niche at some point it will face similar scaling issues). BCH has no value whatsoever for any type of application.
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    Hi @rawlog Thanks for reporting us this. Our development team has been informed about the fact that you can face some raid opponent really low level compare to your. But this is not linked to the fact that you reach the Ge rank, it could happen even if you are rank 7,8 or 9 as example. The best for 2018!
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    I'm on your problem benRPG. Checking exactly why you don't see your blockchain cards (which work correctly for other players and your wallet is correctly linked) and come back to you upon resolution. @cheers.
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    Thanks Yzia for the quick reply
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    Yes, yes yes. Glad some more start to see it. I was was absolutely alone with this pre Aug 1st (except for @phanpp). I would prefer BCH a lot over LTC. Specially since they (Devon and Adam) mentioned to me that they could easily snapshot everything and have everyone in control of all their keys and such. This would be the huge advantage of using BCH. They tend to LTC as they kind of would like to stay in the core team politically. And they had some segwit plans (probably also not needed on BCH because we actually like TXes). They mentioned having better dev support on the core (and LTC) team. And unfortunately I could not show the otherwise, because Peter R was a no-show for this meeting although he RSVPed. Anyway here are my notes from this meeting: Summary from Chat with Adam and Devon from Tokenly/Counterparty 1. Adam B. Levine is a nice guy, Devon rather quiet introvert dev it seems. 2. Adam cares to much about politics by constantly stating he has to stay neutral. 3. For these reasons, they may go for Litecoin when they port the system over. 4. On BCH they could technically take everything over and get all people to stay with their keys in charge of everything. They seem to still see the political disadvantage bigger then the advantage. 5. They had some plans with SegWit which are not possible on BCH (I doubt they need SegWit, they were just hoping on it to improve scaling. 6. They need money and basically stated they go another direction unless someone would help them with funds. 7. Adam thinks bitcoin cash is like Roger in largest part. He does not seem to like Roger. 8. They would be very interested in token systems in general also on BCH 9. Basically for political reasons they dislike coming on to BCH but would maybe consider if they got serious support. I still see BCH as the perfect fit as you could easily port everything over. Clean cut for everyone, including polo and dex. But the problem is for political reasons this is not going to happen. Still to many who "hate" on the initial idea of bitcoin in practice.
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    Hi @EverydayEarth We are really sorry for the inconvenience. About the blockchainization, it's still underwork on our side, unfortunately this issue is not so easy to fix. But this is a priority for our development team. I invite your to follow this post into our forum, as soon as we will have more, we will post more news. About the leaderboard rewards, you have to know that golds are automatically sent by our system. The blockchain cards are sent manually and like all blockchain transactions, it could take few times. All cards have been already sent, so you should received your into few days. About the survey, like written into the email you received : "The survey will be active until January 3rd. The rewards will be distributed afterwards." Thanks for your understanding, have a nice day and game. The best for 2018!
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    Hi @daimlercs As your two questions has been replied here, I am closing this post. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions. The best for 2018!
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    Whenever I lose a battle and it goes to the 'LOADING' screen, it freezes up and nothing happens, just stays on the loading screen. I have to actually shut the app down and restart game to play again. This is happening on 3 different android devices so I don't think it's a device issue.
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    Hey, regarding the lederboard rewards: the in-game rewards are sent automatically, while the blockchain ones need to be done manually, therefore sometimes it may take some time, sorry! We're gonna send the cards very soon... thanks for your understanding!
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    why are people cheating ? you play for example S.i.a 4 times at 10 energy a go which takes 6-7 minutes then refresh your energy for 2 gems. Rinse and repeat. I dont play as much lately but maybe 2 months ago did about 100, 000 pts in 1 day.
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    Guys. I decided to go back and play resolutely after a 2 month break. I think that in the seasons you can try to win something. But now, looking at today's statistics for the current month, the desire to srau disappeared. I understand that there are still a lot of bugs as before, but when I see a player who collected 12 thousand and 33 thousand points for the first place in 12 hours, I already want to cry .... Having legendary blockchain cards per day with a stamina of 36-40, I can knock out an average of 5-6 thousand points in a day (i passed all levels) .... since these guys were able to score so much? This is very damaging to the game in all plans. Answering the questionnaires that the players would like to see in terms of improvements, now I can definitely say !! Remove the cheaters from the game, fix bugs or prove how it is possible? If you can not do it automatically, then do it by hand. Then honest players will play then. And if you can not .... then the game will remain devs, cheaters and their bots .... then you can turn off the project. Thank you for attention.
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    You need to use a separate app for Android called Book of Orbs. That is what I use. There they have a marketplace where you can buy and sell cards with Bitcrystals. Go here for more info: http://bookoforbs.com/index_eng.html Or I think you can also buy cards through your desktop here: https://swapbot.tokenly.com/bot/spellsofgenesis/public-merchant#choose
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    My issue has been resolved as of a few days ago. Just wanted to update the community. Thanks.
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    Hello tweetious, normally you should receive your item A even after the offer has been replaced (if there still is a stock of the item A in the swapbot). The current issue is that some low fee transactions "disappear" from the mempool, they simply are not taken in account and it is like if they were cancelled. Therefore, unfortunately, no one can guarantee you'll receive your item. Sorry for not having better news
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    This is a really great tool. Thanks for making it. It would be nice if something like this was built into BoO marketplace.
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    Hi everyone - there's a new version of the website! I moved the url to http://xcp.cards because the website now also includes information for the blockchain game called Age of Rust. Here are some cool futures in the new version: - See which SOG cards you own (read only wallet functionality) - Recent trades page for all cards - all of the latest DeX SOG trades in an easy to read format Please let me know what you think of the latest release
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    Your quad leg cards are better than a lot of the best bc cards.
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    Pseudo in game : DDA209 Expérience : 26 Rang PvP : 11 10 9 Ma plus grosse carte : Transcendatal Firelord of Shadows - niveau 6 Mon deck préféré : Royal Trident - niveau 6 Papiigas - niveau 5 Zraol - niveau 5 Transcendatal Firelord of Shadows - niveau 6 Classement : autour de 60 Tableaux 7 étoiles : Jusqu'à "Sia"
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    I've made a BCY deposit on bittrex on Dec 22, but it's never confirmed. It appears as deposit pending on my account since 23/12 with 0 confirmations. Could you help me solve this problem? Thanks.