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    Discover our new "Food for Thought" Facebook contest!
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    As we continuously testing what is implemented without blockchain cards, every campaigns is currently doable. Not so far ago, I remember players that was asking for more challenging stuff, you have it now guys, and more to come
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    Hi Stephy, Thanks for reaching out again. I will try to respond to the points you raise that are game design related (I'm the game Designer for SoG). I did one for the lack of spell and balance between card Is your point here that some ingame cards or spells are less strong than other ones? If so yes that is the case. We try to stay away from rebalancing cards, as we have the link to blockchain and changing the values of cards can feel unfair. It is up to the player to decide which cards are the best, and try to get those cards (this is part of what makes the game fun). What we can do (and did with the latest 5 campaigns) and will do with future content, is to change the level design and add new objects that promote other strategies. For example, in the last 5 campaigns, there were a small amount of enemies in each wave, as it was reported that spells that hit all enemies are too strong. In a wave with just one enemy, you have no extra use for all-spells. i did one for the fack that paying more than 20$ for a blockchain card that it far from good in my point of the game is a total wastew We have a broad diversity of cards. Some are good, some are bad. Without the bad, there would be no good ones. The same goes with all CCG's. It is up to the buyer to find out which ones they are going to buy, which ones are strong. It seems reasonable to me that you invest in a cryptocurrency where you know a little thing about. If you mean that they are too weak comparing to in-game cards, you must understand that we have 2 types of player groups. Those with a blockchainconnection and those without. We want to offer both groups a fair chance to get strong cards. If I watch the forums a bit, the winning formation consists out of blockchain cards. i did one for the lack of difficulties in the game It is a challenge to create the correct difficulty, as we have a diverse player group. I'm glad you like the higher difficulty of the latest content. i Did one for the in game soundtracks wich i found ultra boring after a year New soundtrack for the battle music is in production. It will arrive with our next expansion. i did one this blattan so called multiplayer that is actually not a pvp at all (wich is the core of TDG) Thanks for the feedback on the Raid game mode. I can understand that you had higher expactations. I agree that it can be more engaging and we are hearing the feedback. Keep in mind that when we release a feature it is not the end of that feature, in the case of Raid it is one that we can expand on. In this release we reduced the difficulty on higher ranks, according to player feedback. Also we are planning on other social game modes, but as you also suggest, we also want to focus on tweaking what we have. Looking at everything, I would like you to consider we are a small team. Not a company like Blizzard with hundreds of employees. We are trying our best to make the best game possible, and there are people enjoying it so far. But we can't do everything at once. It is not due to lack of ideas, but prioritization. So it is hard for me to explain why we didn't implement all suggestions that are made, as we have most of them in the pipeline and, believe me, I would love to have them in the game as well. I don't want to say that we don't make mistakes in terms of game design. But the core of the game is enjoyed, and we are progressing steadily. I see this huge amount of ideas as a positive thing, it means we can improve on a lot of things, on an already enjoyable game. - Moving on to your summarized suggestions - Jajabinks and Febo suggestion about challenge mode I agree that the challenge mode is currently not the most exciting mode. It was created a while ago, and we didn't optimize yet for a reason: it will be replaced by events These events will last a few days, have a special challenge level (with specific randomness, objects and enemies, rules and story). Players will compete a few days for the best scores, and at the end of the event the players are rewarded based on those scores. It has been designed, but will take some time before it is developed as we are currently focusing on other things. In the meantime we try to provide you with interesting new campaigns. The other suggestions are great input as well. We have features in the pipeline that reward players based on their gameplay, resources in levels and daily rewards. Kingslamma suggestion on objects In our next expansion there will be new objects, which makes for some more puzzle gameplay. And introduces new ways of play. The ideas on the elements were great actually, and we have actually implemented these ideas in the design of our new objects that are in production for the expansion. We have a fireball which can be hit by fire, and a bush that can be hit by earth (more details later). We're planning on making certain elements stand out in each expansion :). Tipmebits on prioritization and release I agree with him in the fact that we should have had blockchainization and multiplayer. On the other end this list can go on and on forever until you never launch a game. I do agree that it might have been better to launch later. But we needed to move forward and be the first mover. The only thing I can say is that blockchainization is in production, and we now have asynchronous multiplayer on which we will improve. We can only implement synchronous multiplayer if we reach a high player mass. Instead of looking at other CCG's, please look at a game like Clash of Clans. This game also has no synchronous multiplayer, but is very social and exciting. We're trying to move in that direction. Synchronous multiplayer(however cool it could be) is a bigger risk, especially on mobile as players can drop out more easily. I'm not saying it will never happen, just that it is not realistic now. Stephy (various) You're also concerned about launching early. I tend to agree with you on this (I'm the game designer, of course I want to ship the best product as possible). But there are other factors that lets a company make desicions. About the Raid, I touched the subject above and can let you know that it is not a finished feature. The feedback from the players gives us better insight in what needs to be improved. "i want to play more than 5 hour in the campaign... i want to have a hard time". I think it has been adressed already by the latest 5 campaigns, which required a specific strategy. This is the way we will contine with our new content, features and polishes. I want the same as you here. The poisoned example you provide is interesting. And I can assure you that these are exactly the things I want the game to grow towards. Element specific gameplay is coming in the form of special objects to interact with. We will also introduce "element exclusion", this means you cannot use certain cards in certain levels. The light card you mention at the end lighting up the room, is also a feature we want to implement like that. It will be in a future expansion. Card balance 2 I already talked a bit about card balance above. Rebalancing is not how we want to do it, but rather implementing new level design to make certain spells, stats and elements stand out more. I've seen some very strong decks with freeze_all btw.. Common cards are only feasable in the beginning of the game indeed, also as you get a lot of crystals back relatively if you crystallize them later. I have a social feature in mind where these cards have a strategic value in the game, but it is still in concept phase. "idk maybe try to combine some aspect, LIKE a ice card that slow, give +1 to the left companion attack, or heal 1 all + icedmg all 1, for 1 turn upon death" I see what you mean. These mechanics are typical for CCG's like magic, hearthstone and the new Gwent. I love those games as well. But these mechanics can not work like that for SoG due to the reason that there is no random card draw in SoG (you make a team of 4 cards). We can implement things like it, but keep in mind that SoG is another type of game than the CCG's you're probably thinking of. In terms of team composition/deck building you can compare SoG more to a MOBA than a traditional CCG. Let me know if you want to discuss further. "What about tweaking the elenmetal gameplay like suggested in the past (make ice resist fire attack or be more powerfull vs fire and light kills dark)" What you are suggesting is I think a rock-paper-sciccors type of gameplay. We tested a bit with it, and it doesn't provide true strategy (which can be found more in the element based objects imo). Also with 6 elements it becomes hard for the player to understand (like lizard spock etc. instead of rock paper sciccors). But thanks for the feedback. We have 6 characteristics, indeed (or 12 if you count the All-spells). I can tell you that there will be 3 (or 6) new spells coming up. The strategical objects will create more strategic diversity. And there are a lot of things we could add to achieve this. "stop creating!! AYE START TYWEAKING!!". We have to find a right balance to entertain current players (new content) and improve the game (polishing, new features). I agree that we have pushed maybe too much on new content. But I am happy to tell you that we have in our planning allocated more and more time to tweaking, bugfixing and improving. I agree that now the focus should be to provide an engaging gameplay for a shorter period of time, instead of a less engaging gameplay for a longer period of time. I also want to say that sometimes creating=tweaking. For example with the new expansion, with the new objects we're adding strategies to the game. Woah that was a long post. In conclusion I want to say that I can completely understand all points you made about game design, and agree with you on quite some. As I mentioned before, it is not due to lack of not listening/wanting to implement, but prioritization and small team. I do really think we have long-term potential with SoG(even only talking about gameplay, not blockchain). I hope to have cleared things up for you a bit, and that we can continue the discussion. If you want, we can organize a skype call. Or a different way of communication. I would like to get you back on "our side". First because you have valuable feedback, and second because we want to move forward, and constant OPEN negativity will not improve the project (and also not increase the BCY price).
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    We are very glad to announce that "BenRPG", one of our top players of Spells of Genesis during the last weeks, is the first to reach 1'000 000 points on our Leaderboard. Warm congratulations from all the EDS team for this fantastic achievement! Moreover, he is also number one with player "Cdex" on the Spells of Genesis PvP leaderboard. Congrats to both of them for their success!
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    The email notification says: The overall leaderboard should never be reset. Monthly competitions are great, but they should have a leaderboard separate to the overall leaderboard.
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    Here's the distribution of Players by PvP Rank. :-)
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    Context: Levels of activity are generally a bit low, and this is amplified by the fact that there are loads of different sub-categories of discussion boards "game strategy", "general discussion", "bitcrystals economy", etc... Suggestion: Merge a lot of the forum categories together. I am not going to give specific suggestion on this, but I would say the vast majority can fall under "general discussion" for now, and then as activity picks up and it becomes difficult to manage - sub-divisions can be created. At the moment, the forum is just incredibly divided and it gives the impression that it's more inactive than it actually is.
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    Let's talk about marketing (or lack there of). EDS allocated 15 000 000 BCY for marketing and promotion from the original crowdsale. Can we please get an update on how this is being spent , has been spent? Let's talk about a facebook competition that was running for days before the community was notified by either Slack / Forum / Official Blog and was then only pushed out to the community 3 days after being complained about in Slack.. 3 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!! Let's talk about the fact that the last 2 promotions have been run on FACEBOOK ONLY... Not every SoG member has FB! Let's talk about the fact that SoG has a dedicated marketing person: Marketa, who I assume is @makosch on this forum. Let's talk about the fact that this post has been live since July 4 (created by a sincere SoG member trying to better the community) and since then no-one from SoG has even acknowledged it! Now let's talk about the official SoG twitter... Let's hypothesize that the SoG twitter is to promote the game to NEW PEOPLE not associated with SoG (fair right). Then let's discuss this tweet below, looking at it as someone who has no idea what SoG is... No mention of blockchain, bitcoin, or gaming! No one that is not affiliated with SoG will have any idea wtf SoG actually is! No mention that you can download it right now on mobile. No mention you can play for free. No mention that IT IS A F*CKING GAME! This is not an isolated occurrence - the word "gaming" has been used by SoG in ONE TWEET SINCE July 21. Seriously, scroll through the twitter as a noob, THERES NOT EVEN A DOWNLOAD LINK ASSOCIATED WITH ANY TWEETS! PEOPLE WON'T EVEN KNOW IT'S A GAME!!! FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU So, please, let us discuss marketing... @Shaban PS. I posted something like this in Slack and was requested to post on forum.
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    Context: Upon purchasing cards, those with slower internet questions will only seen the "?" symbol before it disappears off the screen and you have to manually see the card art design in your "team" section. This, in my opinion, dampens a lot of the initial excitement that comes with opening a new pack, and becomes a chore to actually find your card's art once you gain a number of cards. Suggestion: Create some sort of rotating loading screen in theme with SoG Lore (like a rotating coin or something) that builds anticipation, while in the background all the card images are loading. End result is the user experiences a lot more excitement when the "EPIC" or "RARE" message pops up with the art design present to boot. For incredibly slow connections, a hard cap or time-wait ceiling can be put at 10-15 seconds.
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    The Dark Creator level is honestly a bit too much. It's a chore, not fun, and just seems like devs were at a loss of how to otherwise make a level challenging. This isn't challenging, its drab and frustrating. so are the bear levels, then the campaigns after the bear are way to easy in comparison. The campaigns after the bear are at least more interesting, imaginative and fun to play though.
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    Simply turn off the game before you lost your last card. It's a bug, and if there is someone who is using it - it's honorable to tell the rest.
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    Dark Creator is hell. Finally passed 3rd star on about the 15th try. I will not be repeating that level over and over like I did with Sia and then Orc.
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    All time leaderboard monthly leaderboard pvp leaderboard that's what I was thinking to be optimal right now.
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    Okay let me summarize the concern I hear here. People think we are not keeping our promise and thus voluntarily crippling the BitCrystals economy. Lack of incentive to purchase blockchain cards. And suggestions to reward players with BCY to improve the engagement. I tend to disagree with that. BitCrystals is game fuel and also a premium currency. Firstly every purchase in game result of a BitCrystals burn. Meaning each in app purchase has an influence on the BCY since they are taken of the market. In that sense BitCrystals are needed when someone makes a purchase. For simplicity and compliance with stores rules the user doesn't have to make the transaction himself but a burn transaction is effectevely made for the user. Moreover unlike most of the project coins out there SOG is among the rare one that has an effective use of the currency by offering constantly blockchain cards that people buy not for speculation but because they are useful for the game and it's a game currency in the sense it's only possible to buy those cards using BCY (in rare case some other crypto but will always linked to a BCY burn tx). And trade them on Book of Orbs The challenge with the stores policy where always in our mind it's not like we had to change. The business model has been tailored to be compliant to stores rules. This is the reason we chose to make the BCY burn and to have on-chain store for card that you can't get in game. Nevertheless I hear the feeling of people thinking we are not holding promises. Just to pass the message our goal is to maximize the reach of SOG and aligning the BCY value to the success of the game. We at EDS are working toward making Spells of Genesis and more largely the economy of true ownership driven by BCY. All what we do is based on prioritization and potential effect. The is a lot of things we could do but we have to select the ones with the most positive effect. Right now we think, bug fixing, blockchainization, push notification, leaderboard, events and Japanese localization are the most important. But I'm open to hear any suggestion or analyses from the community, on what might bring the most positive effect. 1. So apple tells you it's only possible that way. So why is it possible to buy gems in PlayStore as well? I have done both. Other games use Steam as well. So how can apple know where I got additional gems from? Are these services exchanging user data? Quite frankly this is non of Apples business or you are violating their rules already in the status quo. Can you please copy the relevant section of the terms which apply (Apple and PlayStore) with them in here? As for refund of course we don't do refund on the token sale (see the terms) and why would someone get a refund on the token sale as BCY price is about 300% higher against BTC not counting other gifts and other rewards. You are raising an interesting point. Your point is there is not enough incentive to buy new cards. First of all thanks for the ingame purchase the demand for BCY should be constant as long as there is a demand for inagame purchase. There are several ways to make purchase, blockchain and inapp = more monetization but this is not the priority right now. We are focusing on building our user aquisition and retention strategy first before going into monetisation. It's important to be able to scale because working on monetization has much more impact as the community become big. For the cards diversity we are working on new spells and capacities we will seriously think about bringing more diversity. For the ability to purchase gems with BCY we will put an additional thought. It could be possible if we do so we will have to delay other tasks. But it could be possible, personally I don't think this might have a massive effect (more than translating the game in japanese for example) but I might be wrong. Happy to hear your comments
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    From what I understand the problem is another one: They are not allowed to sell tokens in-game (app stores) which can be used or traded outside of the game. So that's why BitCrystals can not be gems. However, I think it should be possible to create a bot which lets you buy gems for BitCrystals. So you just enter the username, send some BitCrystals and get gems for them. I fully agree that it is terrible for investors (I'm not, but I would be quite pissed to say the least) to have dropped a serious amount of BTC into BitCrystals and still have to purchase gems to actually play the game properly. That is truly a shame and should not be that way. I mean you can buy all the BC cards you wan't, doesn't help you at all if you still can't play the game properly and develop the cards. I have stated it many times but I think it is an absolute must have to be able to buy gems for BitCrystals. From an investor standpoint but also from the BitCrystals economy standpoint. And I truly do not see why this should not be possible from a regulatory standpoint. 1. It's a one way thing, so the gems can not be traded afterwards. 2. There are thousands of games which give their players premium in game currency for recommending the game, watching adds, reaching goals in the games and doing all sorts of stuff. If it is truly a regulatory problem I as an investor would demand EDS to show me why this is not possible. And quite frankly, programming the thing can not be that hard. Even if it might not be used a lot it is very much an important missing piece of the game economy. Edit: Also gems can be purchased through AppStore or PlayStore and these stores probably don't see if gems which weren't purchased with them were purchased on the other store or on steam or somewhere else. They just want some of the business ban can't force you to make all your business there. Otherwise one could not create a multi platform game. Maybe it would be the easiest to included this bot into the browser version of the game.
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    You need to own full card. There are only few cards that you can buy parts of liek 5-10. Those are one of earliest cards, latter issued cards cant be traded in piecess.
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    All right Since you are thinking the only thing i do is fud and repeat it. I have done a summarization on my post to the date on this forum. You know it not because the tone of my topic have a pessimistic sound that it only a FUD and repeat campaing. Every single of my topics has a different meaning! You HAD it coming.... I did one for the lack of marketing = you say i fud I did one for the lack of volume and thus the fear of a delisting = You say i fud I did one for the lack of spell and balance between card = you say i fud i did one for the fack that paying more than 20$ for a blockchain card that it far from good in my point of the game is a total wastew = You say i fud i did one for the lack of difficulties in the game = you say i FUD ( yeah you fixed the dificulty..and did hear me retalk about it ...no ? ....hell yeah because you fixed it!!) I did one for the very disapointing burnt report and the scale time for an ROI relatded to that = yuou say i fud I did one for the a roadmap, a call for progress (because you were silent for 2 month) and you plan for mass adoption = you say i fud I did one to say that All4 is the shittiest marketing studio i ever saw and you give 15% to them (still havent seen anything from them at all, you got raped EDS) = you say i FUD i Did one for the in game soundtracks wich i found ultra boring after a year = you say i fud.... I did one to the fact that the healty 2017 trend mean actully nothing = you say i fud i did one this blattan so called multiplayer that is actually not a pvp at all (wich is the core of TDG)= you say i fud i did a summarization wiht more tha 10 very nICE suggestion in feb = you certainly dont talk about it lol + i even saw a single one of every suggestion made here come to birth lol... (yeah i freaking watch every action here)....and you still tell us to give suggestion lol... and for what purpose you have ton of good suggestion to improve the game made by your core players...NOT MY FAULT IF YOU HAVENT DONE ANY CHANGE that was suggested IN 8 MONTH!!!!!! So say i only fud and repeat.....This is the funniest thing that show me just how much you dont give a fuck about us investor...and GAMERs AS YOU CAN SEE @Shaban & @Febo, i am probably more interested in bcy economy and the GAME than 95% of your players... and as i can see from your opinion of me...i'm maybe even more....Saying that i dont care about the game only the price and that the only things i do is repeat when i actually touch different aspect in all of my topic (yeah sometimes they cross over another)...Its rather insulting...So while you say im only fudding and repeating ....i feel that you dont even read my post to its full extent an try to answer me with a paper mache an see all of this as FUD-attacks-stupid garbage while every one (thus my negative tone) IS bringing every aspect that you should work on! Also since you are developping a mobile game and dont know at all the receipe for a succesfful assets games.... i wil do ANOTHER SUMMARIZATION FOR FREEE...because that the only things you can aford ...freee work...and my investor money to the day....because...seriously...if you had hire just one single fucking person for that those aspect would already been coverred.. I think i will call it, why EDS havent still done anything in a mobile game that make them, great (in money return and acheivements ;)) Its Not because i have pinpoint every shitty aspect of this project one next to another, that i'm repeating.. so i have posted all of my post here soo you can feel stupid about telling me i DONT CARE about the GAME and about the fact that i only repeat insatisfaction when.... , in fact, i'm trying to show you everything thats wrong with the project so far.... And for free!! Talk about dedication... nd i all have is... you repeat your insatifaction and you dont care about the game! Seriously?!?... shame on you...just try to answer to my vital question in my post with real strategy instead of we are working on the product and maybe, if i'm satified, i will stop showing you EDS LACKS AND Problems.... And you know what...when ppl are satisfied ...they sit on their ass and stop caring and doing stuff...You know why?....because they are satisfied!...maybe you should try to hire ppl like me instead of your 100% super satified slow throlltle peacefull hand in hands group ....and your stuff would actually get going.... (btw i never got any return on any of all those aspect i mention down there and up there...., All i have to feed upon the last 6 month is...we work on the product...we work on the product, Stop fudding ... ....True, you are working so hard that i havent seen anything worth mentionning except difficulty scalability in 6 month ) whos the one that havent done is homework...Me or EDS...and you will also have it coming in my next summerazing, be ready for a lot of other lacks for the EDS team.... YOU WANTED SUGGESTION... With this post and my next one you will be served!! ** I also did a post for in game bugs ...this is becoming relentless ...( shall i stop enumarating your poor work or what??) hmmm good question SO JUST BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi team, i think some of us has nice suggestion to make the game more appealing and to keep the player hooked. I will copy paste those text in the slack and then make suggestion in BOLD so you can access them easily. jajabinks suggestion : Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think the devs need to play from the start the whole game then play 1000 challenge mode games + for a month. As it is now I can see the reward season having a negative affect. I am bored completely out of my mind right now on 2nd day. If the game is released as is or even close without a bunch of side things like different packs to open, side bonuses going on while playing, dynamic play, blockinization etc something.... it is going to be a huge negative. Yes, I realize I am just one person and some players might enjoy hitting bubbles over and over but for how long? Honestly, ask yourself after even 50 games of challenge are you doing it because it is gun or you don't want to be left behind? How long can that last? I wouldn't say market this at all yet, not even mention it until there is even just one more dynamic that makes replay something you want to do. gun ='s fun If the even one dev can compete in challenge mode for 2 days straight and think yeah this is a blast and I can see people continuing to do so then fine maybe I am wrong :slightly_smiling_face: need some random events in game... or a more random rewards, or very rare random bcy rewards.... something... Maybe every damage you do to an orb fills a side bar, and when it fills up you get some random bonus that can be extra gold, bcy coin, a chance a a pack ( need packs to open not the way we spend gold now to get cards ) etc something eah and maybe if you hit 5 orbs with one shot gives x2 bonus ... anyways... :slightly_smiling_face: back to shooting some round orbs.... don't think I can take t another day though lol KINGSLAMMA IDEAS : Maybe have a hole at the end of the board you have to get your shot into you have to bounce it off obstacles to get it in the hole you only have a certain number of tries then the later OBSTACLE levels can have monsters in your way to make them more dificult or even some type of puzzle levels (puzzle and obstacle would be an awesome feature for hooking player) an obstacle setting could allow the better use of the element system, maybe need a fire card to destroy a section, or an ice card to freeze a moving object, or a water card to put out a flaming obstacle. Or a light card to light up a dark level and vice versa !! yes yes yes yes Febo suggestion : Challenge needs to or use more stamina or give less Gold or make it more challenging. Or most perfect combination of all 3. Tipsmebits suggestion and thought ; But I'm still worried about capturing the market at launch. I don't know the success rates of games that capture at launch vs those that implement their 'killer app' (if you will) after launch Please think that if there is NO BLOCKCHAINISATION OR MULTI-PLAYER AT LAUNCH THIS WILL JUST BE ANOTHER BUBBLE BOBBLE GAME SATURATING THE APP STORE Stephy suggestion and thought: Glad you said that jajabinks, that was my point yesterday... the game become REALLY quickly boring.... totally need something else that those nifty easy challenge that occupy you 2 day and then infinity 4ever lol (i mean really really really boring) doing a the full lunch like this and say... we will add later..its a terrible terrible terrible idea IMO, and to not catch the market opening (gulp) ... you will have losse 90% of the player when you game is going to be cool. i mean... just draw harder level that make player want to grind to beat those hard mofo and please god, i know i repeat myself, i want to compete against someone bright with a deck that give a hard times to beat and a rewardfull snesation when i kick hes ass not a level that i know where they are (the ennemi) after 1 shot and just (modify 1 card in my deck) to get throu (edited) that is if i even need to change a card in my deck lol because blockchain card is OP vs AI the only way to have fun is like 5 times harder level minium and or playing with bastard (human) that are hard to beat i want to play more than 5 hour in the campaign... i want to have a hard time... i want to have to think a special builded de ck for a special mission (right now every good deck is fine) what about a level where the ennemi is soo OP you need a total deck of fire card and evolved to hope to go throu thats a gameplay lol i mean i have paid 300$ for my card lol i want to think a tactical way to use them not just you buyed them then your OP go complete the game what about a level where the 4 card you have is poisoned (-1 healt every turn) and you have to tink about a high hP with slow speed to get trough stephyzzz i mean there is so much possibility with your element system (u barely use it, i never have felt like oohh shit a water card) never ever i have felt the element in your game.... just those two idea i just gave and KINGslamma would improve the quality of gameplay by 200% and would certainly (KEEP THE PLAYERS PLAYING) maybe you need a experienced gamer in your dev or idk because you certainly didn't play alot of videogame and for a long times to think this project is nearly complete and that you dont need mp right now or a change in the gameplay you should totally listend advice from xprienced GAmers or at least your oldest beta tester! (they have played they know the flukes, they know the drill they know what is not okay and what need to be changed)....because hey you know...you are making a video game and i have often tose suggestio in the past from right to left...but i never heard EDS just start to talk about those TRIVIAL ASPECT (MP, CHALLENGE, DIVERSIFICATION, ****USE of ELEMENT****, BONUSE, PUZZLE, HR of GAMEPLAY). THIS is whats going to make the game great and then gonna make your blockchainisation idea to the top (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND) i beg you to trust me on that one. stephyzzz about marketing [11:05 AM] (just so you know i win my life with marketing and sale soo.. maybe...just maybe... i know what i'm talking about) just saying final fantasy 15 did 6 year of marketing lol and the game wasn't being programmed yet or so soo yess even without a official release marketing is something you totally need we don't care what is being sold, we are looking the way you sold it a very important sentence in the trading industries almost has important has the product itself Right now, like RIGHT NOW ...just a little marketing push could do a massive good to bcy, especially before the big day! (i know all4 is suppose to do it...but i never have seen any marketing from them since they signe up with SoG or so?) Maybe it's because i'm in canada...idk i'd like to see more from them as they are going to get a fair share of profit... i mean a short & very interactive youtube video isn't that hard to accomplish lol (pie dewpie) isk if that it name lol ...do it everyweek!that would surely be reassurging, motivating for old player and attracting new one. u need a massive amount of ppl if you dont want the game to be dead one year after release, make the maximum now whilke your are at the finishing line for dev and start line for reps ....I dont know, play the bcy song at the radio whatever Wink we are in 2017 there is alot of easy suppor tto make video and get heard especially when you are at this point in the dev and it's freeeeeeee (or almost) stephyzzz i feel like ALL 4 is like ( WE WON'T spend a cent for that) but hey if the game is a success after launch we will take the butter and make marketing THATS WHAT THE non action from ALL 4 says to me and to everyone in fact... isn'T it the other way around lol when you want to support and market something you beleive in? this is just telling me that even ALL v4 isn't ready to put like 20 hour of work but hey if the games is finally good ...well do a litlle something and GET 25% stephyzzz about difficulty and hour of gameplay i mean if only i had to play alot to get to the end... i never fail a misison with my deck ....ever so i just got throuht all mission 3 star like in 2 days (because i had to wait the timer lol) after that i played like 10 hour of infinity lol yayyyyyyy sooo i say it again... when mr. x find out that is 50$ and 200$ card dosent even give him a fun time imagine those who buyed card at 1 btc lol it like the mastr finger ever lol 1000$ for a 10 hour without multiplayer i would never ever pay 300$ for a 10 hour gAME THAT dosent satisfy me with gameplay... final fantasy was 80$ CD N and i'm still playing and liking it after 90 hours ... i pay 19.99 for rainbow moon and i have 120+ hour of gameplay and still playing and don't know when the end is!!!! after 120 hour of gameplay and a gameplay i had to use my brain lol!!! **forgot to mention** a light card could be use to (light up) the batle room with ennemies ( at zero you dont see the ennemies so you shot at random and hope for the best result (obviously less effective than seeing an X ennemy with X elemental type) at 1 you see them, at 2 you see the ennemy hp or (hit to be killed by the card you are playing in the turn x) at 3 of light (an improvised maximum) you see the hp, their weakness) maybe could add ad +10% chance of doing +1 dmg or those type of stat (you know the sort of lottery attribute that every gamer LOVE) and in the opposite could maybe darken a light boss room to make him weaker or to buff your card by a X chance of misses * another great element integration there! I really hope EDS will take the times to read this mail and give me and answer that i could share with the community. I also hope this mail helps you taking the right pulse of the situation and somewhat maybe (makes changes before the BIG DAY) Edited February 18 by stephy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stop creating new CARDs (ACTUALLY TRY TO REBALANCE EVERY CARD SO THEY ARE A LOT MORE COMPETTIVE) i feel like a lot of cards really dosent matter to level up and fuse at all ( and i mean a lot)is there is reallly ppl bothering to level up and fuse any of the common card, why is ice card so weak compared to other and fire is ultra op... have you play a lot with your card or you just throw random stats? why would i buy a ice blockchain card when fire bck card are mass murderer? (idk maybe try to combine some aspect, LIKE a ice card that slow, give +1 to the left companion attack, or heal 1 all + icedmg all 1, for 1 turn upon death)... i mean there is alot of CARACTERISTICS that make CARDS game fun to play!!! You are way under the number of acceptable(skill, trait, spell, thingy) look at heartstone or magic the gathering card .....they have lots and lots of different debuff-buff, cast on death, cast on draw, trample and i pass What about a card that does 5 dmg, and 1 dmg to all every time you hit a target? A card that goes +1 every turn?? a card that if 2 of your card dies on 1 turn... it has double turn..i have a hundred of idea just like this one... i can't believe you and your team as write down a low number like this What about tweaking the elenmetal gameplay like suggested in the past (make ice resist fire attack or be more powerfull vs fire and light kills dark) so that the lack of ice card stat is pallated versus OP fire decks... you know the kinds of stuff that will make ppl CRAVE to create a deck or a tactic!!You only have 6 caracteristic and 3 stats... its awfully easy to guess a tactic right now, buy 4 fire spirit of the druid and do 16 fire dmg to all every deck turn + 3 dmg with your normal ball.... nothing or almost except 2-3 over expensive card can beat that lol... why bother creating a tactic or investing in any other very too expensive card versus this??those kind of caracteristics would clearly makes the game wayyy better ....Because (break, protect, heal,fire dmg, slow, buff attack) wont do it for a 100 more card game with 5 elements!!!!etc etc stop creating!! AYE START TYWEAKING!! you already have everything!, the base, The cards, the levels, the multiplayer...after the werewolf updade, START tweaking and polishing in game caracteristic( this is a video game, make it super great and you be'll more than succesfull in your compagny mission) (nova can wait imo, create a wonderfull game then ppl will die to try craft things in it) if not...nobody will be appeal to craft over and over 6 caracteristics!!! Isn't it enought suggestion for you??? Mr. i'm only a fudder and repeater ( dont ask yourself why you lost jajabinks, tipmebits and Kingslamma ) 3 of you your most dedicated player and investor...Goosh what im i still doing here.....i'm clearly a stupid trader
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    I was just coming here to write a congrats on 1 million BenRPG post. Well done!
  21. 1 point
    I am awaiting the creation of the "First King of SoG" card with that artwork. Can I choose the stats? Do I get a free sample? Lol!
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    Obligatory rework of that table and chart. The line will only be visible the next time I post it
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    It seriously makes me wanna punch someone in the face.
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    Hello. I do not know if im only one, who did this. When I wanted buy a pack of cards for 1k gold, my finger sliped (i was starting to rise from chair) and i bought 2 cards for 20 gems... I knew it will finally happen. Question to developers: Dont You think about any confirmation window when you try to buy cards for gems? - if the gems are so valuable. @Nicolas Sierro No, I dont complaining because i Got weak cards, it could be even legendary card and still be unhappy, lost 20 gems. its my fault but this window could prevent such mistakes
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    Yes, a couple of reasons. First, now we have a new URL, which is more clear and everyone knows at a first glance what is it and what is it about. Also, we struggled with tumblr a bit, it is not easy to customize the general look, sort the posts in different categories, have nice-looking posts.... The new blog is more handy for us and therefore nicer and more pleasant for you guys (at least, we hope ) The blog is not intended to be a place to discuss things, it is rather a showcase. You have the social media buttons, so you can share a on facebook or twitter, and add a brief comment, if you wish. Otherwise, for longer comment and discussions, copy a link and start a discussion in the forum would be better. I hope it replies to your concerns and questions.
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    Halle-god damned-lujah! Finally. Got a fire knight for the Legendary and will now be able to dual fuse. Aodh is still eluding me 😕
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    Where is the Honeybadger card? I't one of the most "obvious" artworks for a Crypto-trading game.
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    @zippy Cannot follow your argument. However Bitcrystal is an ingame currency so don't expect it to escalate in value. If you want that go for any of the other cryptocurrency. The investment value here is in the blockchain cards. That in the end depends on the SOG game and platform. Both are progressing nicely. EDS are a responsive team and I understand they are very busy and really a small team. So lets keep off the criticism for the team and give them our suggestions for game improvements.
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    I think a difficult level that may only be able to be beat with 1 element based on bonuses/deductions would be good. I also think it would be good if that element was randomly selected each time when you opened the campaign (similar to raid) so you'd have to change your deck and get a different experience on the same level each time. These comments could go in the Suggestions sub-forum, but we're on roll here.
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    Ok, filled out the form, then shared the post and liked it. I hope I shared and liked the right thing. I shared/liked the status update where it announces the contest, is that the correct one? I hardly ever really use facebook.
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    Crazy hard but doable. Even without Blockchain cards
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    shield all suffers form the same as flame all, the spell is often hidden away, the whole level you can't rely on spells, just luck and my selection of cards all are maxed blockchain /quad epics so it's not like I can farm and improve the deck
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    I thought you meant retreat. When that didnt work I figured it was fixed. I could have had that legendary days ago and now it will take days more lol. Thanks for sharing at least (both of you).
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    Hey everyone, I am still at it, as a day one mobile player. I have compiled the info about non-blockchain cards. I hope this helps some people as it has helped me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BatYz2A3pI1vSLIGLu5ZwaPHc-TLbDDKUBkN7PWivGY/edit?usp=sharing Okay document is updated with new total value figures.
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    @Shaban when you say you can sell your Bcy anytime you want....it's true....but I think the major point of @zippy here is that investor don't want to hold an asset for a years a sell them break even. When you say this @Shaban it's your like if are saying to your investors thanks for lending us YOUR money for two years so that We could develop OUR project, and have a living/income (because yeah your earn a living from this lol). Now you can take it back for nothing in return, YAY!, thanks I gotta go! Do you realize that your income in the last two year is strictly attached to your investors ? Who do you think buyed your cards? Gamers/Players?? Nope it was your investors that mostly buyed them! You realize that to this point.... Bcy is up 50%-100% compared to 1 year and after..... You realize that every single crypto Is like 700-800% at minimum and 1000%-2000% for the big majority of them.... You even frozen 30% of Bcy to create an health inflation that never came... What the heck is this 50-100% ?? You have to realize that from an investor point of view, you are the worst of the worst in the top 200 crypto still alive to have invested in since 2015..... How can we be happy as investor mr true ownership? can you tell me? Because right now we own something that has not proven its value yet.... And please don't mention it's price in usd....you know every single investor is investing to accumulate Bitcoin and the % I told y'a up there was for btc value... It even bigger in usd lol( 8000% and higher) soooo please found another argument that this one .... We want to make profit in btc and then decide if we keep it or fiat it....don't try to fool ppl by analyzing it's usd price because you are even less profitable in that optic versus other crypto's From a investor POV, What is keeping me to hold my Bcy versus every other crypto that are outperforming it in gain (and by a lot!!!)? So what I hold my Bcy for another two year an hope for X 2-3 ? Or put in any other crypto and have better result since Bcy is the worst of all in that optic? If you have no more investor, how do you intend to make your game viral? In six month you had 40 Facebook subscriber lmao....one hell of a chance you still have investor or you would be in the negative right now .... So @Shaban ...can you answer me from a investor point of view about your more than poor ROI %...what are the step coming so we investor don't get fully discouraged? Where the roadmap? How come blockhainisation isn't there yet...it was suppose to be done month ago.... You had delayed a release so you will be featured in all store...this never happened... You had promised 7 star campaign in WW release...didn't happen... We were supposed to have a multiplayer versus ...we only have this asynchronous shit that we can try 5-6 battle a day and then 20 minute of games,any in mission that consist mostly in farming (how can you make you player fervish and hooked with that) ...so didn't happen... Nicolas said you would start marketing two month ago I haven't seen anything yet... (Btw your Facebook concour is a good idea) but you need something way bigger his must took you 2 hours of job to come up with max.... The roadmap disappear because you were very late on schedule and not able to deliver on date..? If not where is it damn it investor shan't to know what's happening in the crypto develop fields not in the game field... So I ask once again ....from an investor point of view, all i see is thing not delivered or only chunk of it... No ROI in 2 year (50-100%) is absolutely the worst investment possible in crypto back from 2 year..... An alarming to volume compared to all good crypto project...no fan base developing that could tell me of an in game economy growth Stop thinking about gamerz, you are a project living with the blockchain which is living because ppl INVEST in it ...not the other way around....ppl INVEST in blockchain project because they know he potential of ROI!!!! Not because they want to encourage you so that you can earn a living nor because they have free spare money and just want to loan for free for fun for two year because we are good hearted feela that INVeST money so you can grow but give nothing in return and be break even aftrr 1 to 2 years of holding. Even my dad don't loan me money for free lol why would I loan it to you when every other project on the blockchain has better ROI Ohh and the be patient after two year...don't you think it's getting old? Especially in the cryptoworld I'm very looking forward your reply to decide weitheir I dump my 35k investment for any other crypto and be better next year .... Yes 35 k is enormous for a student lol...I dint not invest his money without knowing the risk or the ability to lose it...but if I would have invested in any other project I would be almost millionaire right now.... Very nice to grasp from a point of view investor to keep my Bcy longer lol, my only regret is to have put 35k in Bcy and 15k in the other alt I like.... I'm up x20 from all those investment ...yet still break even from Bcy and its my longest bet.... So once again what is nice for investor investing in Bcy because right now I absolutely see nithing but sh*t. A very annoyed investor AND disappointed gamer Regards, Steph
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    No crystals to fully upgrade yet.... But wow, I love that artwork.
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    Dear SoG Community Here is a blog post I have published a week ago. Thouse of you who are following Bitcoin's development might be interrested: https://www.bitcoinassociation.ch/bitcoin-association-switzerland/2017/7/14/proof-of-work-not-proof-of-stake BenRPG
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    Does it matter if CSW is Satoshi - NO DEFINITELY NOT . Does it matter if you believe CSW is Satoshi - YES. Under normal circumstances no, but these are not normal circumstances. We are getting a hard fork on 1 August. This means we will all have BCC and BTC in our wallet. You have a choice Sell one or the other or keep both. Where you end up depends on what you believe in. I believe that the BCC fork will survive and in the end will surpass the BTC chain. 1) CSW supports the BCC chain. He is nChain and they are introducing split chain and new op codes for Turing completeness 2) Replay protection on BCC chain These people are serious and responsible, plus the system they use makes it fraud proof and opens the way for sharding. These are enormous improvement to the Bitcoin protocol. Turing completeness was the whole reason for Ethereums' inception. Will this kill Ethereum? I believe it will. Means smart contract when they become useful can be perform on the most safe and secure chain. Ethereum is totally buggy. They are brushing aside the hacks and loss so far. But ask yourself. Will you put your bitcoin in a wallet if you know that there is a 1 in 1000 chance that you may lose your money? Even this possibility cannot justify any company to risk their shareholders money on the platform. They have a fiduciary duty not to take that kind of risk. 3) Sharding is the holy grail for Ethereum and they have not succeeded. Basically sharing the processing load on different computers. BCC adopts Bip143 style signature, which solves malleability and makes the system fraud proof, which is necessary for sharding. All these developments are on BCC and not BTC. Can they not be adopted? Sure they can, but Core have proven so far that they don't look outside their sphere. Plus they absolutely hate the big blockers. 4) What happens after the fork? The first thing is that BCC has bigger blocks while BTC will have 1MB for at least 3 months. So it will be cheaper to transact on BCC. This I believe is the biggest organic push by users to BCC and the miners and developers must follow the users. Also the people on the BTC side of the chain will always be arguing if the 2mb hard fork will be activated while te people on BCC will get on with business. You win by what you do not what you say. Will BCC chain survive? What if it has low hash rate behind it? It will survive because the community sees the benefit of having a second option in case the first option fails. Means the big miners will not attack the BCC chain. And there will be a second chain because the people behind it are willing to mine the chain even though it is less profitable to do so. So it is important on which chain you want to be on. You can sit and do nothing and all will be well but what if you want to spend some BTC? Are you going to spend your BCC or BTC? If you want to take a position, taking the wrong position means you will lose your money. So it is important if you believe CSW is Satoshi or not. Long term (6 months) both chain cannot survive one will wither and become an Alt. Why I believe CSW is Satoshi It really does not matter if he is or is not, except to satisfy one's curiosity. But look at it this way. What does it take to be Satoshi? He must have very good grasp of programming, cryptography, game theory, Maths, Economics and Philosophy. Is Satoshi one person or a group. I argue that it is one person and he solve the Byzantine Generals problem, help by small group of people after the release of the software. You will also need to have a connection to these small group of people. Solving the Byzantine General problem is what scientist call a hard problem. It is not obvious and the solution is worthy of the Nobel prize. So why did he release it anonymously? I think because he knew that if it did not get traction and adoption it will die either from within or without. He was worried about Wikileak using bitcoin before Bitcoin was ready. Attracting attention to it will surely get it stomp on by the authorities, and open himself to criminal prosecutions. Every other person who engaged in digital money up to then have had legal and criminal problems to content with. Can you count how many people dismiss it outright at first glance only to rediscover and adopt it later when it refuses to die. Lastly, this is a gift to humanity. It takes a special kind of person to do that. One must have "lived". Such a person will be a contradiction. A complex person. One where the Yin and Yang flares up easily.
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    Guys this is still in and makes it hell to play the dark creator. Though it was because I play the 1.2.2 browser version. I just tired again on mobile and 1.2.4 has it too. The level is hell like that. @Jasper Damman
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    Why is everyone making poke references in all of this? Are all people in on this poker friends out of the casino past of CSW? Why can't everyone just go all in and pants down... ;-) I would be interested to know two things: Why are you convinced it's him? Why do you think it matters at this point? Is ist just that you play your cards accordingly? I think there will never be conclusive proof and that is not what CSW want anyway. He want's the benefit of the doubt. Even if you have the keys conclusive proof is hard produce. So what implications do you see? Why did people miss this point for so long? What is your wildest dream when it comes to this? I assume you are referring to the comment below the blog post? Yes, SDK for this will be good. Meanwhile I could ad a few more points to this bullet point list, but that was the state of my knowledge few days before the post went live. I intentionally did not offer my opinion on things, as I wanted it to be neutral. Just like a diary of events that lead me there. Specially because the BAS is neutral on implementations and Bitcoin politics. Non the less my colleagues wanted to post it as Op-Ed post, which was fine for me but it's not an Op-Ed in my view. I also intentionally left out a bit of information I got in PMs from CSW but rather wanted to report on what is out there anyone can look at/confirm. Last but not least: If you have any more info on this story, things I should know, please feel free. Also PM me if needed.
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    Hi Ben, I believe that Craig is Satoshi. Does that matter? Yes. He has surfaced and have laid out his plans and his vision for Bitcoin going forward. If you believe and you follow his lead you can get a leg up on all that is happening now. If you don't you can take the opposite action and benefit from that view. Play this card wrong and you can lose a lot of money. Turing complete. Yes I believe it is. Bitcoin uses scripting language which is very limited. The lowest level you can use is assembler but you have to build the op code. All languages compile down to machine code. That is as I understand it from my early days playing with Z80s. and 8080s. Split key - Nobody has ever come up with that suggestion and actually promises to release SDKs soon. This is a solution that I call "not obvious". Segwit is an obvious solution.
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    Hello Thanks for the ideas and discussion. Yes rewarding the players from their leaderboard ranking is something we started. The orientation is more for blockchain cards directly and other in-game elements (e.g. in-game cards, gold). We take care to avoid potential barriers for the player to receive the reward. For that, in-game elements are very good as they are available when you login in the game. The blockchain card requests that a counterparty (XCP) wallet is linked to the SoG player account. This is something additional that a player can do now in our site spellsofgenesis.com, but planned within the SoG app in the next release. Distribution of BCY is another option but more complicated, adding the buying process. Good to review this option later, after the analysis of the 1st leaderboard reward distribution, and after more players have linked their counterparty (XCP) wallet. So we plan to see how the initial reward distributions work, then we can better define the next ones. For buying gems with BCY, it is not possible as you must use the official app payment system of apple. Buying outside is anyway subject to apple analysis. For the understanding of gold/crystals/gems as in-game elements we prefer to keep buying one of these (gems) with in-game payment, separated for blockchain cards tradeable outside of the game with BCY. Naturally we follow the evolution of app/play store rule concerning payment & blockchain elements (especially crypto-currencies), to adapt when suited.
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    Hmm ok, not exactly the friendliest reply to someone making a suggestion wanting to improve the supporting economy to the game. I'll consider submitting some constructive well thought through marketing ideas via the post you've linked. Thank you for that. Players, and EDS, should keep in mind that people have invested in BCY and blockchain cards, and these people are watching and keeping files as to how this is all unfolding. Remembering that SOG was financed through the crowdsale of BCY with the promise that: " BitCrystals (BCY) are tradable Counterparty assets which act as the game-fuel and premium currency in EverdreamSoft’s free-to-play mobile game Spells of Genesis (SoG)". Since this has not happened due to legal/regulatory reasons as stated by EDS, EDS has gained financially but not delivered. BCY for all intents and purposes, are currently worthless given they are not the SOG game-fuel and the premium in-game currency. There is a school of thought that EDS have opened themselves up to civil and criminal claims since they did not buy back the worthless BCY once they decided they would not use BCY in-game. I'm sure EDS have a different opinion. But in case the day comes where there is a knock on the door from authorities, EDS are welcome to submit constructive well thought through answers as to why they were entitled to keep the crowd sale funding when they deviated substantially from the purpose of raising the funds which resulted in financial loss to people - who may make formal complaints in the near future. This could get messy.
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    Kayla "Les rumeurs, le goblin, le coq... rien que des pies bavardes. Il n’y a pas tant de crĂ©atures cruelles que cela dans ces contrĂ©es. Prend les dragons par exemple, ce sont des amis fidĂšles et loyaux. Enfin, presque tous les dragons... Il en existe bien un qui est impitoyable. On l'appelle le Dragon Pourpre. Mais je suis presque sĂ»re que tu ne le rencontreras pas sur ton chemin
" Kayla GrĂŒn semblait plutĂŽt sĂ»re d'elle-mĂȘme, mais j'avais quand mĂȘme un lĂ©ger doute. Je dĂ©cidais donc de garder l'Ɠil bien ouvert durant mon pĂ©riple. J'ai bien fait. Kayla a beau connaĂźtre les dragons du bout des doigts - elle en fait l'Ă©levage! -, je n'allais pas commettre la folie de prendre ses paroles pour cristaux comptants. Le Dragon Pourpre Peu aprĂšs avoir repris ma route, j'ai bien failli me faire trucider par le Dragon Pourpre. Cette sale bĂȘte se dissimulait au creux d'un rocher surplombant la route. En un clin d'Ɠil, il n'aurait fait qu'une bouchĂ©e de ma pauvre carcasse dĂ©charnĂ©e si je n'avais pas bondit de cĂŽtĂ© pour Ă©chapper Ă  son fiel enflammĂ©. La seconde d'aprĂšs, je lui envoyait un mauvais sort entre les dents, qu'il a eu beaucoup de peine Ă  dĂ©glutir. Ah! Ah! Ah! Mon Ă©pĂ©e a dĂ©finitivement coupĂ© sa faim et achevĂ© sa digestion. C'est qui le Boss maintenant?