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  1. Server error

    We still have missing steps about our migration but game should be accessible now.
  2. Server error

    Hello @Windblaze we currently have a server migration occuring. It should come back quickly.
  3. Hello, are you using txid link from your email ? ie. https://walletapp.indiesquare.me/explorer/#/tx/<<>>
  4. Unkown error

    1.2.9 version on the way, it resolves a lot of previous bugs you've seen in 1.2.8.
  5. Only 1 Epic Card for 45 gems

    Hello FreeNutz, with the other devs, we identified a typo problem in the localization file. This is corrected so thanks for problem showcase. Result: @Yzia will take contact with you and reward you according to what was indicated in the offer at the purchase moment. @cheers
  6. It's done, you should receive now the rewards. @cheers
  7. I'm currently integrating the feature, should be available soon
  8. Raid PvP 'hack'

    It's repaired server-side and live. No more twice popups. @cheers
  9. Raid PvP 'hack'

    Good catch. I'm taking care of that.
  10. Raid PvP 'hack'

    Hello guys, It's now live corrected on production. It have been corrected by: - Consider when a match start you already losed the match, so at start I'm decreasing the raid points - When raid match is won, I increase the lost points + the one you get when you win normally - If match lost, points already decreased and it stays like that @cheers
  11. This i huge bug

    Hello, Thanks for report, we're already working on this bug resolution.
  12. Any update soon?

    Hello, that's right. We limited the feature currently to partners.
  13. Hello guys, I just repared, you should have the popup showing up again when you relaunch the game and just after you should get the automatic rewards. Cheers