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  1. Here is a happy developer you guys having fun with campaigns extension
  2. carte non visible en jeu

    Bonjour Stephy. Il est possible sur de cours laps de temps que l'API que nous interrogeons régulièrement et qui est requis pour afficher les cartes blockchain en jeu soit 'down' pendant des maintenances. Rien d'inquiétant.
  3. No damage to enemy

    Ennemies have maybe been "buffed" by a spell (ie. shield) ?
  4. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    Corrected ! asked link : http://bitcrystals.github.io/
  5. Dark Creator Level is Ridiculous

    Sure, "flame all cards" helps for that kind of level but problem with that cards, even legendary ones is they don't have much life points. As finding a path to ennemies can be tricky and take few turns, it can be good to have one or more card with strong life well placed in your deck.
  6. Dark Creator Level is Ridiculous

    As we continuously testing what is implemented without blockchain cards, every campaigns is currently doable. Not so far ago, I remember players that was asking for more challenging stuff, you have it now guys, and more to come
  7. Just retested folks. Give me 245 as expected. If you still have a different amount, let me know below this.
  8. forum not using https

    Hello, Forum have been moved to another server yesterday, we will replace SSL cert soon. Thanks for report anyway, we are on this
  9. Game progres lost

  10. Pausing and resuming play

    Hello, ability to save games is on our list. Thanks for report. *** Moving this to suggestions ***
  11. WebGL Not Working

    Thanks !
  12. no reward for Mountain Miner achievement

    Montain Miners achievement will receive in a short term period a full rewrite. Please be patient
  13. The Lake - typo

    Thanks for report eddy
  14. Music in the background application

    Logged this problem, we're on it
  15. APP Android 4.4.2 v1.05 crashed

    Nice pixels, tried re-install the app ?