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  1. eKyNoX

    R.I.P. SOG (Unusable Blockchain Cards)

    Hello TeknoRapture. So sad that problem we are aware of and currently managing make you leaving SOG. About explanation and after many reports we received, we use indiesquare API to query players wallets. Unfortunately, indiesquare service is a lot down these past days/weeks. We're not sure if it comes from updates on the Counterparty blockchain as it's moving a lot currently or if it can be also server problems on their side. Now, plans to resolve this matter are at follow and updates will arrive very quickly as we're taking that problem very seriously: 1. Bring our own Wallet API service 2. Continue to use IndieSquare API on a second hand if the first service falling down 3. Store player Counterparty assets on our database, if two above services no more responding. When the API's respond, database entries are refreshed 4. TBD (to be discussed) in the future, and in a more long-term manner, using what is called "Service Workers" to give us ability to put assets available offline (not only cards can be done using that technique), on a disconnection or a poor internet link for example. It could bring possibility to play offline for a while as well. Please be sure we're working hard at resolving this and bring stable resolution ASAP. @Cheers
  2. eKyNoX

    Leaderboard wrong page

    Could you do another check @Overtime ? It should be good now.
  3. eKyNoX

    Leaderboard wrong page

    Thanks for review, I'll dig a little more in this problem ASAP
  4. eKyNoX

    Leaderboard wrong page

    Hello, It is now resolved :=)
  5. Hello, I was about to ask the same question. We use an external wallet checking service to *load* blockchain cards. If that service is down at this moment (which could occur rarely like @eds_Yzia said), this could explain unavailibility of these cards both in deck / card list of a player.
  6. eKyNoX

    Google Play Store - Game Details

    Helo thanks for noticing this. We normally updated everything regarding publisher changes but obviously it's still on previous app details content. I'm making a follow-up to my colleague that managing that. @cheers
  7. eKyNoX

    Speed not showing cards

    Hello, a hotfix is on the way on official Playstore / Appstore Good Play!
  8. Hello, a hotfix is on the way on official Playstore / Appstore Good Play!
  9. eKyNoX

    Speed not showing cards

    Hello, thanks for the report. It's a matter of display, card speed functionality is ok. We're already on it.
  10. Hello @jjjj and sorry about your disapointment. I do not see anymore the minionSlayer quest in your account data, which means for me it have been achieved. I think I can retrace history in here. Around 15th February when I saw players reporting this problem, I resolved the minion slayer enemies count calculation problem and pushed these modifications on our development environment. All our code modifications and corrections generally occur on our development server, prior merging these changes on production. In this particular case, this have been pushed in production ***within the next 1.2.12 release*** following strictly our development process. On your message of the 3rd march, every players was on the previous 1.2.11 version of the game (and the minion slayer correction awaiting on our development branch for QA testers team being able to test it correctly before it is pushed in production). Means correction of the minion slayers quest was not live at the moment of your message; explaining why it was still not working. When @Yzia asking you which SOG version you are using, it is the 10th march, and at this time 1.2.12 went out (with the corrections). It explain why you said you were on 1.2.12 version of the game and surely the minion slayer problem was no more present at this time. And I suppose in the meantime minion slayer quest have been achieved as it is no more in your account. To be sure, I restarted testing the game from the very beginning untill having the two first minion slayer quests, the first with 40 enemies to kill goal and the next one with 100 enemies to kill. I achieved both of them without any calculation errors. I'm not managing anything about any conpensation about the encountered problems and any loss you faced because of it. But I'm sure @eds_Yzia will manage this fairly. Be sure we are taking our responsabilities very seriously and are very glad of it as every weeks brings new challenges for the development team that is very dynamic. Now, in every development team, developers produce bugs. I can say there is no bug free in any game or from any developers. If you know some (developers or games) that do not have or produce any bugs, I'll be curious to know them. Belong this, we try to follow strictly a precise workflow, from having Game Designer throwing ideas and mechanisms for the game, sent to the developers when design is achieved, these developers (including me) completing these tasks following the "Agile" methodology and finally QA testers being able to test every parts of these new features and check if this breaks anything else on the game. But far as we are taking care of the whole process, remaining bugs could belong here and we try to reduce this amount near zero and listen carrefully the community to correct it as soon as possible in the meantime. About corrections, It's important to know it's not resolved instantly in the period -> when we receive reports and -> when the correction occuring; because we are maybe involved on another important tasks and we need to prioritize every request we are receiving. I could add that it have been decided recently to rewrite the whole Quests System to improve it and it is currently on work at the time I'm talking about it. Be assured we always try to do our best and to be as reactive as possible. I apologize for the time required for this correction and hope everything will go well in the future on your SOG experience. Regards.
  11. eKyNoX

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    Yes, it have been fixed by me, no magics Glad it is now resolved. @cheers
  12. eKyNoX

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    Hello, can you give me a screenshot for you also please ? @Unotdog25 Looks like phawieze player is no more in your opponents list, can you confirm this ? --- For you to know, I patched the code responsible of the problem. Currently finishing some tests and should be good for the future.
  13. eKyNoX

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    Hello, I'm catching your problem and start resolving it. I will soon remove your slot wrong entry. For a quick explanation, we got a development environment to test cards / campaigns / levels prior to send it in production. This player is one of our testers that have cards in his deck from our development environment, reason why the match won't start in production. Multiple ways to correct this exists but I tend to chose the one where any opponents that can be chosen by our system *MUST* do not have development assets and if it's the case, jump to another one. I'll get you in touch about the status. @Cheers
  14. eKyNoX

    Global Leaderboard does not update

    Global Leaderboard now back counting your points. I corrected scrolling position as well. @cheers
  15. eKyNoX

    PvP is broken

    Hello, Other Raid bugs corrected planned for next release: - Ge rank rewards consistency - Opponents generation was returning players with too low ranks Additionally with the above points calculation; did deep tests and seem ok to me. I brought these bugfixes to QA-Testing team and like I said expect these two last bugs correction in upcoming 1.2.12 release. Points calculation bugfix is already live. @cheers