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  1. Hello and thanks for your help (and code example) in this disconnect state management. By the way it could be improved a bit and it's something we plan to upgrade in the future. There is requests sent by the client at the end of the match, if the back-end never receiving it (after a disconnection), result is considering match is not won, then no rewards and saved progression. A cool way of managing this problem could be to build an "offline" mode using service workers, group and cache the unsent reuests (when disconnect problem is identified by the client), then send it to the server when connection is back online. Remaining problem with this approach is many different use cases could occur with disconnection problems (depends where the player was located exactly in the game when he suffered about disconnection, how long was the disconnection problem and beside this how many requests do we keep in the cache, etc...). So this approach have limits that need to be defined and in some cases, you'll find gold and a specific level still not acquired. But we can do more and it's on the way
  2. PvP is broken

    Hello guys, Confirming I'm on it and checking everything currently from Raids feature. Just corrected a rank points calculation error at start / end of battle about what we did earlier to prevent a player leaving a Raid match when he see he is losing without decreasing points, which is a hack and like I said, this have been corrected. I'm still checking and correcting anything further problematic. @Cheers
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like to address from a technical point of view, and explain as best as I can, the problem of failed blockchainization we are currently facing. When you blockchainize a card, one of our server manages all the transactions behind the scene. First, it makes several verifications to ensure you are allowed to blockchainize a card: is the card blockchainizable, do you have a wallet linked to you account, is the card you want to blockchainize levelled-up / max fused ? etc... The request for blockchainization is then sent to our transaction server, which verifies: - The availability of the requested asset, then - sends the transaction over the blockchain network for verification In an ideal world, this operation would take minutes. However, when we launched our blockchainization feature, the price of bitcoin surged to more than $10,000, which was an unwelcomed event to all people that are dealing with blockchain activities. As a result of this increase, the fees required to execute and confirm a transaction soared considerably as well. It currently costs us between $30-$60 for *each* transaction. This situation is not easy to handle. This explains why some users have to wait days, or even weeks, before receiving their bitcrystals or cards in their destination wallet. When the fee associated to a transaction is too low, no miners *picks up* the transaction to verify and confirm it. To maximize their revenue, they only chose the transactions with the highest fees attached to them. Moreover, when a transaction stays too long with an unconfirmed status, the existing blockchain nodes (which are servers around the world) end up discarding these unverified transactions. Usually, unconfirmed transaction remain in the “mempool” until they are processed by the miners and verified. ie. The size of the mempool is the amount of pending transactions at a specific moment. But if the mempool size becomes too big (usually when the bitcoin rate is moving a lot), bitcoin owners may transfer a lot of their BTC to cash-out them into dollars. This increases the number of transactions and the size of the mempool, resulting in higher fees! Now if one of the node has a limited storage capacity and can't handle a bigger number of transactions, some of them simply disappear. Consequently, if your blockchainization transaction is in one of these small storage nodes, it is erased and your card disappears from your wallet and from the game itself. However, we are currently implementing a solution to mitigate the consequences of this regrettable situation. 1. We need to precisely track which transaction has been erased from the blockchain, for which player, the exact date/time it occured, in order to be able to send them back their missing card. I am currently programming a tool which will greatly simplify the management of all these transactions. 2. We are also considering moving to another asset management system than CounterParty, perhaps Ethereum, or something else. But this is a strategic decision with long term consequences. In the meantime, we can assure you we are keeping a log of every transaction so you will get back the card and/or the crystals you spent to blockchainize your assets as soon as possible ! I hope this helps you understand the issue we’re all facing. @Cheers.
  4. Nice to hear for most of your BC cards. Aodh have been blockchainized ? You got the TXID maybe you received by mail if it's the case ?
  5. I'm on your problem benRPG. Checking exactly why you don't see your blockchain cards (which work correctly for other players and your wallet is correctly linked) and come back to you upon resolution. @cheers.
  6. Hash error

    Hello guys. More on status. I've updated php version on our server and made an improved update of this bug, where it affects: - in-app purchases for androïd and iOS - and tutorial progression statement Everything is now resolved with far better code. @cheers
  7. Hash error

    More on the status of the shop bugs. iOS in-app purchases was broken too, it is now repaired. We were facing bugs also on tutorial progression and it have been repaired too. We will improve these bug resolutions at a later state.
  8. Hash error

    Shop repaired dudes (at least for Google In App, iOS have to be tested)! It's a temp fix before we go deeper and find the exact origin of the problem but you should be able to see validation of your awaiting transaction. We also got "Hash Error" in some other events, especially the tutorial actually. That's why we need to find the exact problem origin. We'll get back to you once investigation went further. @Cheers
  9. Hash error

    Yep, that's me! I'm going deeper in the code to find out what's wrong. Show that resolution coming soon
  10. Hash error

    Hello @Zzzaaakkk I'm in charge of your problem and just reproduced it. Maybe we have another side-effect of our recent server migration. All of that means I'm currently focused on this problem until resolution and I'm coming back shortly, normally later today or tomorrow morning. Regards.
  11. Server error

    We still have missing steps about our migration but game should be accessible now.
  12. Server error

    Hello @Windblaze we currently have a server migration occuring. It should come back quickly.
  13. Hello, are you using txid link from your email ? ie. https://walletapp.indiesquare.me/explorer/#/tx/<<>>
  14. Unkown error

    1.2.9 version on the way, it resolves a lot of previous bugs you've seen in 1.2.8.