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  1. Deluzi

    Book of Orbs Not Loading

    Hello!! BoO is not loading for me, and it's doing so for allmost a week now, not loading or if BoO loads I cannot even send cards to my friend or to make an offer on market. Also it's not working right on my friends phone...not just mine... EDIT: Well, we tryed custom fee and it worked for sending transactions.. if you use those recommended(low, normal, high) doesn't work.
  2. Hello! Yes still happening, also on my web browser (chrome) on my computer is the same thing...
  3. Hello @eds_Yzia, Sorry for my late reply I didn't check forum lately, busy much. Here is the info that I can provide: 1. Version of my game is up to date currently v1.2.12 2. Version of android: 7.0 3. It was and I checked now, still doing the same thing everywhere; raids, challenge, campaign, monthly campaign.
  4. Deluzi

    Buy and play with blockchain cards

    Yes if you have linked your wallet with your game account... If it's not linked then the card won't appear, but also you should know transactions maybe take some time so you won't have it immediately in your wallet/game... Until it arrives you'll have to wait. to link your game account with your wallet, go to Spells of genesis game, options(right, up corner) and tap/click on blockchain wallet and then your BoO app will open to confirm connection/validation.
  5. Hello, Don't know if this topic/bug is all ready ongoing or known, I just want to put out that when ice enemy attacks with a ice spell after my turn the spell effect doesn't go away, well effects goes away only visual still stays, it sticks till the end of whole game of 3 or 5 rounds or just changes if another ice spell if going over it, but the effects lasts only once that is correct, but shouldn't those minuses go away after one turn? One more thing that I would like to suggest is if you could add a button to ask you again, do you really want to blockchain this card? because, now in two months I blockchained two cards that I didn't want to blockchain by accident..
  6. Deluzi

    Card Pending for 5+ Days

    Hello @makosch @eds_Yzia Thank you for your help, I just thought to mention it, because other transactions who bought lucas got allready trough, or at least most of them. Thank you!
  7. Deluzi

    Card Pending for 5+ Days

    Hello, I bought 2 cards Lalabaster, 52 days ago on adress: 16pxRF.... and so on, and they still didn't come to my wallet. I payed 100 bitcrystals and are also gone from my wallet. If you click on swapbot merchant in BoO you can still see the thing pending. Can someone help me?
  8. Deluzi

    XP per Level

    Hello You don't need experience for new levels, you just need to play lower levels and also win them(one level/stage has 7 stars). If you want to progress then you should play levels that you all ready have and win some more stars to unlock new levels. I hope that helps
  9. Deluzi

    Bittrex issue

    Yes I also faced this problem, just cancel that withrawal... Also you should see if it's the right adress, How happened this thing to me like to you: I Thought I lost 150$ in bitcrystals one day on poloniex, but after a month or so, I saw that since I putted wrong adress(one letter less) bitcrystals hasn't been sended... after one month I canceled that withrawal but when I try to send them again on right adress this time, it hasn't sent, like you said... so I made a ticket on poloniex, they said they got the ticket, but after 7 days they didn't help, so I couldn't wait any longer so I sold bitcrystals on poloniex putted everything in Digibyte and transfer digibytes on other exchange bought them bitcrystals there and send them again on boo... Those 150$ in bitcrystals were somewhat corrupted or I don't know, some glitch in withrawal, so I suggest you use other exchange. But now I can withraw bitcrystals from poloniex... no problem... The exchanges are so full that it happens a lot ...
  10. Deluzi

    No ads video for stamina

    Hi @eds_Yzia I play on android, SoG version 1.2.10 But I hear that on 1.2.9 works but like this at the beggining very often but then less to nothing... I allways experience it something like this. When the update comes it's allways video but then is less and less showing. If that helps in any way... No problem, love to help
  11. Deluzi

    No ads video for stamina

    Hello, For me is happening same thing now, I play everyday and didn't even got one video... it's like that for few weeks now, I would tell, but I though that I play too much so, no video for me...
  12. Deluzi

    Book of orbs bug

    All praise to you admin makosch! daimlercs it's same for me and I looked on blockchain explorer and it wasn't even send to no one.. so looks like we will wait untill they send
  13. Deluzi

    Book of orbs bug

    I think you cannot fix it byyourself, that is like that for few days now. patience, now are still holidays.
  14. Deluzi

    Leaderboard Explained

    Yes I can, There are two types of leaderboard, first is Global leaderboard (how much wealth did you accumulate trough campaigns in all your gameplay) https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=game_leaderboard second is Monthly leaderboard, on monthly leaderboard you can get a reward, https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=game_leaderboard&leaderboard=467231 rewards are showed here: https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ At the end of month at 00:00 you get the reward of coins by itself and notifies you what rank you got and if you top 50 you get a card too, if the card hasn't arrived within 2 weeks I suggest you contact info@everdreamsoft.com or notify SoG Team on forums. on both leaderboards you can only rank up with gold from campaigns at least I think it's like that, I cannot tell you if quests and challenge is counted on global leaderboard, but I know for sure that on monthly leaderboard that is not the case. I would test this for global, but now global is not showing. Hello flowless Well the down side is really that for bigger score you need to pay to win and also you need time. If you don't have the time I suggest you to be top 10, eazyest, not time consuming, and also not so much spending for gems if you spend stamina properly(the goal is not to get full stamina)... The main reason why gems are in game is that SoG got on google apps. but now I cannot see SoG anymore without gems... If your desire is to be the first, then I suggest you go on your phone buy gems and start playing like crazy man...(but no need for that this month ;)) I play only the orc, and what's left for dragon or giant of the mountains. What do you think it was fair for me on beggining of previous month when I would be first but keirin got so much that I would never catch him even if i try, I also have such downfall in playing the game like you did....I would catch him or even better I would be first if that first two days of december I wouldn't have to work... Fair not fair? it is what it is... and also I don't think that because of this game is getting damaged, it only depends on individuals that will make this game toxic/damaged when they really start to cheat... I would also catch him if I had a bot like you say, but I would rather have a selflearning AI than a bot... And also why such need for cheating? You got cryptocurrencyes, money is only a tool and this is just a game.