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  1. I'm not sure if this has been proposed before (I'm sure others have had this thought), but it would be nice if something was implemented that allowed players to exchange epic cards for something greater, such as legendaries. People who have been playing for awhile likely have a large buildup of epics. They aren't really worth exchanging for 25 crystals with their rarity, but they aren't getting used either. I'm not looking to make 4 more Overarmed Dwarves, for example, but I've still kept the cards for them. With the difference in power and rarity it would need to be a high exchange, but I would love if I could trade in something like 20 random epics for a single unfused legendary. I personally don't think it would upset the player balance a whole lot other than making long term, non-paying players a bit stronger (as they haven't purchased powerful blockchain cards). Additionally, it would be another avenue for players to focus on when trying to improve their decks. Once all quests are completed the game feels quite monotonous as you're left waiting for the next monthly campaign or the very rare legendary drop to improve your deck. Just a thought.
  2. I can second this. Also it's nothing new, I've just never reported it. If you turn the sound on and off again, it stays off. It has become second nature to do this when I'm a passenger playing in the car while I have music playing over Bluetooth.
  3. I just reached bronze - no epic card reward I did receive a card, but unfortunately a common (ie random), not the epic that was shown prior to levelling. A bit irritating.
  4. Grimm

    Cards drop rate

    I definitely agree that some cards seem to have much less common drop rates within a rarity. I must have poor luck with legendaries because I definitely haven't averaged one per month (I don't pay to play either), but I've gotten three Aodhs, three Fire knights, one Shepard, one Alric, and one Carniath wanderer (over about a year). The disparity is even more obvious in epic drops. I have had 10 card merchants, 8 critter of flames, and 13 tough dwarfs, yet only two frozen plains golems and two virbulos. On another account I played for a bit I also had a much higher drop for merchants and dwarfs than any other epics. Anyone else with a similar experience?
  5. One of my blockchain cards has been missing for about a day now. I have had my account unable to access all blockchain cards in the past, but never only one. It is also no longer showing up on Book of Orbs. Please advise... Edit: After 2 days, the card has returned...
  6. Sorry about the long delay on response! Happy to report no problems lately :)
  7. Grimm

    Dawn of May is broken

    Thanks for the reply and update, I appreciate it. I think it's time for me to say goodbye. The campaigns were the only thing bringing me back, and if they're that challenging/costly from the beginning, it's not worth the frustration for me. I'm a free player, and after completing the game twice I have managed to blockchainize 3 epics and a few rares. Without spending a lot of money, the game has become too challenging to be fun. Good luck, I love the concept, but I think you all have a lot to learn about game mechanics and in-game community development if you want a successful product. Without a strong backbone of committed, non-paying players, I don't see the game going anywhere. Without spending cash I was able to pretty easily end the month in the top 150 - that says something about either my commitment, the lack of players, or both. Either way, two playthroughs is enough; I'm out. Good luck, the general idea surrounding blockchain is golden.
  8. Grimm

    Dawn of May is broken

    That's great, but regardless of your success, it should follow the way it was apparently designed.
  9. According to the blog post, statutes and ship of Amarantha are not supposed to cause damage unless buffed by Spring's Dawn (https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/mays-dawn-monthly-campaign/). This is NOT the case, they both do damage. Ship does 1 and the statutes quite a bit more. This is VERY frustrating. I started playing again in April because of the campaigns and was thrilled to be able to work towards more legendary cards. April was difficult at times but very doable for someone that has cleared Dark Creator. 2 days in and I haven't defeated the second battle on the first star in the new campaign. If you want to keep players, don't do crap like this.
  10. When I start a match, my fourth card is changed. There is a pattern to it, but I don't know what it is, or how to "trick" it. The game/my account seems to pick a card and that's what it plays until I crystallize the card, then it uses another one. I recently started a new game so this hasn't affected my progress so far, but it will catch up to me soon. Very frustrating! SoG Version 1.2.12 on a Galaxy S8, Android version 7