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  1. Bigfishhead

    future of SoG

    Agreed. Love your ideas. Especially able to make use of the epics to swap for legendaries. And get +1 bonus on skills or stats. But maybe in all these cases add that you need to use 1000 crystals as fuel to perform the swap or upgrade therefore the crystal become useful again. (Plus players would need to spend money to buy crystal then that fund the game to make the game profitable...) It might be too late for these ideas but please keep rotating the monthly campaigns so we still able to play the game... I just hope the game wont totally shutdown this year...
  2. Bigfishhead

    future of SoG

    +1 I like the game and spend a lot of time on the game every day or then. I would like to know as a player and supporter of SOG if this letter we received means "Officially SOG IS DEAD"?? 😭 No support no new monthly contents. At the end server closing down? Please let us know....
  3. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Hi Team, I understand RNG is a total random in game and some times just matter of luck... But from what I observed in the past couple of months the Legendary drop rate "going down" a lot recently? (Sep and Oct) I probably opened 200k at least gold each for the past two months on two accounts and not yet to see a single Legendary from gold pack? Probably just my bad luck?😫 Is there a total cap of how many Legendary to distribute through open packs per month?... Cheers
  4. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Thanks for testing it out Jasper! I guess my sample size is not big enough at the end... Also the 0.1% makes me think I should receive at least a Legendary within 100k gold draw. But the reality is that it may not be the case. I will keep drawing after accumulate to over 100k and see how it goes in the next couple of months...
  5. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    I just done another gold run on my main 72k gold. No Legendary but 6 Epics. On my other minor account I've done just about 70K gold. One Alrik! Well I need three more to make it useful... Over all it seems very bad luck on my main which close to 200K + gold at least with no Legendary. I am just wandering if the drop rate is calculated per account or per devices? @Jasper Damman Cheers
  6. I play 20 stamina monthly as well. On a good day. (Normally) the video ads shows up 3 time a day for me. Morning, lunch, evening or night. But recently I noticed it has not triggered for Dec and early Jan. I got it triggered literally started this week 2 days ago. (roughly 2 times a day randomly)
  7. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Your experience is inline with mine. Rare and epic looks close to what it should be. Despite some Epic/rare card has much much lower drop rate compares to others. At least they do drops in a reasonable rate. But for Legendary cards I have not receive any from gold pack for a while with constant large amount of gold opening on two accounts on two devices. It looks to me it definitely something wrong there...
  8. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Some updates for DEC and JAN. I did 5 gold pack run on two accounts on two devices in the past 4 weeks in Dec and Jan. Before and after the new updates. The results and drop rate is shocking low.... Each run I opens 100k gold plus. (We talking about half million gold plus here) No Legendary in ANY of these 5 runs on my two accounts on two devices. Epic and rare cards drop rate is below normal as well or barely close to what it should be. I think there are something wrong here.... Anyone has the similar issue?
  9. Same here. And also the gold pack card drop rate is shocking low!!,,,,,
  10. Bigfishhead

    Victory bonus is not added

    Tested and confirm it is working properly now~ BUT like what cdex said... lots coins missed!!!!!!!!!!!!😭
  11. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Hmmm. I thought I have the new record... 2623.. but seems you guys had better luckπŸ˜‚
  12. Hi Team, I tried very hard and approaching close to rank 12 (Si) in the game. (It is pretty hard due to if you lose one game you likely need to win 4 games or more in a roll to get back to where you were.... base on the current ranking system.) Today I am pretty lucky finally passed it!!! See attached... But I did not get any card draw rewards? Normally every PVP rank you leveled up to first time it should trigger the card draw as an reward? I believe the last level I had on rank 11 (Br) given me a epic card and some other random card. So I was looking forward for the next level reward... But some how this rank 12 (Si) did not trigger any card draws for some reason? Is the rank 12 the final level? That is why it did not give card draw reward? Or there more levels.... What happens if you reach the final level? Thanks for the help. Cheers
  13. Bigfishhead

    Raid 1/3 but no raid available

    This was an issue two release ago... They still havent fix it... The raid only shows up/refresh until you've done a normal campaign run. BTW, your PVP rank is insane.. I am stuck at SI and BR. Dont have a OP team to go higher : (
  14. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    There are some insane numbers here.... But so far trebormag still the best - 2433. I will need to do some catch up here!! πŸ™„
  15. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    hmmm looks like Dec monthly campaign has higher single gold pile drop rate. Limit was 500 in Nov. But in Dec campaigns you can get more than 1000 gold in one pile. Clearly trebormag has the highest score in Dec so far! 1751 ~ I will see if I can beat that πŸ™„
  16. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    I've got 1015 gold on my minor for A table ✌️ Not a completely op states but still quite a lot considering the base of the A table is only around 400 gold...
  17. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Agreed to all above. For me Aodhs, Sheppards and the fire shadow man drops the most. I completed two sets of each. But no sign of trident or earth card. Of course I am not even dream about to get the latest addition of Orc and Alrik... They never drop in the gold pack. I opened several millions of gold but cannot see any of these rare Legendary card. Yes, I would conclude the drop rate are set differently within legendary. Some card are much easier to pull than the other. This could be the same case for Epic and Rare.... But overall the drop rate still low. I've done a 50K run couple of days ago just after new release. Got no Epic and No legendary...
  18. Bigfishhead

    RAID gain new rank not trigger given card anymore?

    I just got my other account able to proceed to Silver rank today first time. And sadly no reward is triggered. I can confirm for SI rank the reward system is buggy... Cheers
  19. Bigfishhead

    no rewards from the adverts

    I havent able to trigger the video for a week or two now. Same on the new 12.20 version. Android 7.0 Sumsung S8
  20. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Yeah man. Most card are pull through in game. Poor man's teamπŸ˜…
  21. Bigfishhead

    DEC Monthly Leader Board issue

    No. I was pretty lucky in the past few days got some nice amount gold piles triggered but shame it was not calculated in Dec leaderboard. Thats all. πŸ˜‚
  22. Hi Guys, 1. The DEC monthly Leader board did not kick start at beginning of Dec like another months does which is first issue. So basically all of the campaign gold are not calculated into the new Dec month in the past few days. 2. Recently today on my first log into the game the Leader Board ranking/gold calculation refreshed again. I received a pop up shows that I finished in place of 281 for the month and 3500 gold reward... which clearly a mistake/bug. I was placed within 50 a few hours ago even with the past few days in gold not calculated correctly issue in above 1. Overall it looks like some bugs for Leader Board....
  23. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Yeah man. I want to see if anyone can break my record below.. 1456 ✌️